Jeff Beck / Who Else In London / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Who Else In London / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, UK 9th October 1999 Ultimate Sound


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exactly ultra-high-quality sound board appearance of the questions asked! 9 October 1999 that was inherited directly from famous taper based in the UK familiar with Clapton, from DAT master that completely recorded in ultra-high-quality sound of angry waves, I record directly, the London Shepherd’s Bush Empire opening night. Comments street from the taper of “I think it’s best record with Beck of 1999”, to have at all, ultra ultra-high quality of non-experience pops up at the full speaker ever. (Anything, things, and have recorded, to secure the microphone in place of (5 cm) of 2-inch PA speaker) including Yokohama (5/25) from the Japan tour in May 1999, the best sound quality board it had been released a few, but what you say, the sound of this record is the sound of a totally different dimension. And that that venue has a small, that there are no spectators around, this was I recorded is brought close to odd to speakers microphone, REC level was also perfect addition to high-performance microphone, as a result of favorable conditions is overlapped and this I think, but like listening to home directly recording the club though, but, It is a recording of the Best of the Best of obtaining feel from firmly characteristics good Micron definitely, in every sense. Of course, sound, from the beginning, towards the show late venue sound has hardened so good, those who are considered as “? Wonder what sound”, by all means, please try to check the disk 2. It will be on the ball of sound like I’ve never heard of the bass sound of You Never Know, it would listened everyone is taken aback. Entangled with the guitar of Jeff coming cuts to jamming wind there is fierce. (Second half after I became a free form is great) Rice Pudding in this line-up that has not been played in the ’99 tour, Sling Shot as well, although it has been playing in the overseas performance, it’s possible to listen in this high-quality sound in Japan It is fresh. Sound quality if Sugokere, wow some people really playing. Continued to tour seven months from March the same year, the first day of the London 2 Days as a World Tour Finals back in London, UK home. Of course, the combination of the band, ensemble has reached its height, you can touch the performance of the ultimate 1999 line-up. This Talk about a full-length storm, the listening place. 1 large piece of exceptional enough to think that the Beck fan and ignore this board and, in the not allowed. If you listen, that we are not exaggerating it, you can see the first time around. Sound is good for It is a course, sense of scale and depth of sound is a rarity. One of the strongest, best is an appearance in the limited press CD. ★ 120 copies only the first will be the release of a sticker with numbering entered. 

Disc 1 (50:01) 

1. What Mama Said 2. Psycho Sam 3. Brush With The Blues 4. Star Cycle 5. Savoy 6. Blast From The East 7. A Day In The Life 8. Declan 9. THX 138 10 . The Pump 

Disc 2 (50:54)

1. Rollin ‘And Tumblin’ 2. ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 3. Rice Pudding 4. Blue Wind 5. Angel (Footsteps) 6. You Never Know 7. Sling Shot .. 8 Member Introduction 9 Where Were You . 10 Big Block

Guitar Jennifer Batten – – Guitar Synthesizer & Guitar-Jeff Beck Randy Hope-Taylor – Bass Steve Alexander – Drums 25日

正に問答無用の超高音質盤登場!!クラプトンでお馴染みの英国在住の有名テーパーよりダイレクトに譲り受けた1999年10月9日、ロンドン・シェパーズ・ブッシュ・エンパイア初日公演を、怒涛の超高音質で完全収録したDATマスターから、ダイレクトに収録。「1999年のベックでベスト録音だと思うよ」というテーパーからのコメント通りの、全くもって、これまで未体験のウルトラ超高音質がスピーカーいっぱいに飛び出してきます。(なんでも、PAスピーカーの2インチ(5センチ)位の箇所にマイクを固定して録音した、とのこと)99年5月の日本公演からも横浜(5/25)を始め、極上音質盤が幾つかリリースされていましたが、本盤の音は何と言うか、まるで別次元のサウンドなのです。会場規模が小さい事、周囲に観客がいない事、マイクをスピーカーに異様に接近させて録ったこ、マイクの高性能に加えRECレベルも最適だったことなど、好条件が重なった結果がこれと思いますが、まるでクラブの宅直結録音を聴いているような、しかし、間違いなくマイクロンの良い特性がしっかりと感じら得るという、あらゆる意味でベスト・オブ・ベストの録音なのです。当然のことながら、音は、冒頭より、会場音が固まったショウ後半の方が良いので、「どんな音かな?」と思われている方は、是非、ディスク2でチェックしてみて下さい。You Never Knowのベースサウンドの聴いたこと無いような音の玉に、誰しもが呆気にとられて聴き入ってしまう事でしょう。そこにジャミング風に切り込んでくるジェフのギターとの絡みは壮絶です。日本では99年ツアーでは演奏されなかったこのラインアップでのRice Pudding(フリーフォームになってからの後半が凄い)、Sling Shotも、海外公演ではプレイしていたとはいえ、この高音質で聴けるのは新鮮です。音質も凄ければ、演奏の方も本当に凄い。同年3月より7カ月間ツアーをし続け、ホームのイギリス・ロンドンに戻ってのワールド・ツアー・ファイナルとなるロンドン2デイズの初日。当然のことながら、バンドのコンビネーション、アンサンブルはその極みに達しており、99年ラインアップの究極の演奏に触れることが出来ます。全編、聴き所の嵐とはまさにこのこと。ベック・ファンで、本盤を無視することは許されないのでは、と思うほどの大別格の1枚。大袈裟に言ってるのではない事は、聴けば、一発で判ります。音が良いのは勿論なのですが、音の深みとスケール感が絶品なのです。最強・最高の1枚が限定プレスCDで登場です。


Disc 1 (50:01)
1. What Mama Said 2. Psycho Sam 3. Brush With The Blues 4. Star Cycle 5. Savoy
6. Blast From The East 7. A Day In The Life 8. Declan 9. THX 138 10. The Pump

Disc 2 (50:54)
1. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ 2. ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 3. Rice Pudding 4. Blue Wind
5. Angel (Footsteps) 6. You Never Know 7. Sling Shot 8. Member Introduction 9. Where Were You
10. Big Block

Jeff Beck – Guitar Jennifer Batten – Guitar & Guitar-Synthesizer
Randy Hope-Taylor – Bass Steve Alexander – Drums


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