Bob Dylan With Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / Budokan 1986 2nd Night / 2CD

Bob Dylan With Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / Budokan 1986 2nd Night / 2CD / Zion
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 10th March 1986

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The tour that Bob Dylan followed Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tends to be favored by enthusiasts in 1987 rather than in 1986 due to the change of the set list, and above all in the autobiography Dylan himself confessed that he had overcome the hesitation in 1986 the following year, so the 1986 tour tends to be even more neglected. However, more than 10 years have passed since the publication of the autobiography, and above all, items with a passionate performance that overturned the image were released in both the finest audience and sound board, so that it will finally be given a valid evaluation at this time. Isn’t it? The master plates that proved that were “MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1986 FINAL NIGHT” and “THE BEST SHOW:MINNEAPOLIS 1986”.
Burning halls on the last day, March 10th, are overwhelmingly popular when it comes to performances in Japan where live activities were held before the United States. The legendary day when Dylan’s big surprise that “Sukiyaki” played instrumental mentally. For that reason, the performance was so popular that “FINAL NIGHTS IN JAPAN 1986” was released from the MAIN STREAM label “SUKIYAKI PARTY IN BUDOKAN” and recently from the REVISITED HIGHWAY label. Especially, I think there are many enthusiasts who listened to this day with “SUKIYAKI PARTY IN BUDOKAN”.
“TRUE CONFESSIONS” from TRIAL has the feeling that it was quietly put out on CD-R using an audience recording master different from them. Most of the maniacs have forgotten the existence of this item due to the fact that it was not a title that suggested a Japanese performance, and above all it was released on CD-R.

However, this CD-R and the original recording of the audience were used, and there was a big advantage that the sound image was closer than those items based on the sound sources that were on the market between traders and on the net. It was In fact, at the time when “TRUE CONFESSIONS” was released, we heard people saying, “I don’t think this kind of recording is on a press…”. However, at that time, the era when the live sound source itself of 1986 was neglected for the reason above. And above all, the disadvantage that the finale “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” had a cut led to the release on CD-R.
But now, when I listen to it again, the sound quality is obviously wonderful, and what should I do without releasing this in the limited press CD release? I was surprised at the high quality. So, this time it finally became compatible with the press release.
At the time of release, there was no need to apply equalization (because the sound quality was originally very good), and rather the “SUKIYAKI PARTY IN BUDOKAN” source was used as a supplement factor. As a result, not only was the biggest decision “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” promoted to the full version, but even the “I’m Moving On” that was delicately cut off at the timing of the tape change was firmly Completion. The “SUKIYAKI PARTY~” source had a distant sound image, but the wide and delicate texture is still attractive, and I realized that the main “TRUE CONFESSIONS” sound source boasted even higher sound quality. You will receive it.

It is Dylan’s supple and flexible performance that surprises me again with this wonderful sound quality. It may be that he was enthusiastic because it was his first tour with Tom Petty. It seems that it is also a big factor that it is the last day of the so-called “down under” tour that took place from Australia in February for less than a month. Especially in the first half of the live until giving up to Petty, there is enough momentum to understand, and Dylan’s song is really powerful after that. Rather, there is no doubt that he will be surprised if he was performing so much.
“Mr. Tambourine Man” was performed by Dylan in a funny scene that proved that momentum. Dylan who was careful about the excitement of “It Ain’t Me, Babe” sung before that, forgetting that he had to exchange for a harmonica with a different key in front of “Mr. Tambourine~” I will start. Because of that, I’m going to play a harmonica. Of course, Dylan can’t go unnoticed, but he can’t stop playing. After all, it became a rare performance called “Mr. Tambourine-“, where almost no harmonica solo was included (laughs).

And in the latter half of the live, rare scenes continued while relaxing on the last day of the tour, but the old number cover “We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)” which is equal to zero in Japan. This was the typical example of Dylan’s then losing his concentration in singing his songs and instead preferring to sing a cover that returned to his roots. Actually (Heartbreakers) also opposed the performance of this song (which should not be received in Japan), but it is true that each person firmly supports Dylan when it starts. Thanks to him, he also sang very comfortably, and except that all the audience who were there was in a “?” state, I realized that it was a very wonderful performance when I listened objectively in this way. Will be made.
I wonder if this fulfills my own desires (laughs) This time, on the contrary, “Sukiyaki” played an instrumental song that anyone Japanese knows. It was a real instrumental version that Dylan started to play the melody of the song and the band also joined, but it was the audience’s impression that the audience gradually noticed that it was singing chorus .. Even now, I think it’s a really exciting scene for us. Not only the last day of such a legendary performance in Japan, but also the release that deserves to be called the definitive version of this day is the third name of the 86 year tour lined up in “MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1986 FINAL NIGHT” and “THE BEST SHOW:MINNEAPOLIS 1986” The board is born!

★Directly use the master cassette (SONY HF-S90x2) from the original Trial board “TRUE CONFESSIONS”. The missing part is filled with the existing CD source to achieve the longest record ever.

ボブ・ディランがトム・ペティ&ザ・ハートブレイカーズを従えて行ったツアーはセットリストの変化の激しさなどから1986年よりも87年の方がマニアに好まれる傾向があり、何より自伝の中でディラン自身が86年にあった迷いを翌年に吹っ切ったと告白したことで、なおさら86年ツアーが軽視される傾向があります。しかし自伝の発行からも10年以上が経過し、何よりイメージを覆すような熱演を収めたアイテムが極上オーディエンスとサウンドボードの両方でリリースされたことで、この時期もようやく正当な評価が与えられるようになったのではないでしょうか。それを証明してくれた名盤が「MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1986 FINAL NIGHT」と「THE BEST SHOW:MINNEAPOLIS 1986」だったのです。
この年はアメリカより先にライブ活動が行われた来日公演といえば何といっても最終日3月10日の武道館が圧倒的な人気を誇ります。まさかの「Sukiyaki」をインストゥルメンタルメンタルでディランが演奏するという大サプライズが起きた伝説の日。それだけに古くはMAIN STREAMレーベルの「SUKIYAKI PARTY IN BUDOKAN」、最近ではREVISITED HIGHWAYレーベルから「FINAL NIGHTS IN JAPAN 1986」がリリースされたほど人気の公演。中でも「SUKIYAKI PARTY IN BUDOKAN」でこの日を聞きこんだマニアが多いかと思われます。
それらとは別のオーディエンス録音マスターを使用してCD-Rでひっそりと出された感があるのがTRIALからの「TRUE CONFESSIONS」。日本公演を示唆するようなタイトルでなかったこと、何よりもCD-Rでのリリースだったことが災いし、このアイテムの存在自体を忘れているマニアがほとんどではないでしょうか。

ところが本CD-R、独自入手のオーディエンス録音を使用していたというだけにとどまらず、トレーダー間やネット上に出回っていた音源を元にしていたそれらのアイテムよりも音像が近いという大きなアドバンテージがあったのです。実際「TRUE CONFESSIONS」がリリースされた当時は「これほどの録音がプレス盤じゃないだなんて…」という声も聞かれたほどでした。しかし当時は先の理由から86年のライブ音源自体が軽視されていた時代。そして何よりフィナーレ「Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door」にカットが生じていたという欠点がCD-Rでのリリースという結果につながったのです。
そのリリースに際しては(元々が非常に素晴らしい音質ですので)イコライズを施す必要もなく、むしろ「SUKIYAKI PARTY IN BUDOKAN」ソースを補填要因として使用。これによって最大の決定だった「Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door」が完全版へと昇格できただけでなく、テープチェンジのタイミングと重なって微妙にイントロが切れていた「I’m Moving On」までもしっかりコンプリ化。「SUKIYAKI PARTY~」ソースは音像が遠めでしたが広がりがあって繊細な質感は今なお魅力的で、メインたる「TRUE CONFESSIONS」音源がそれ以上の音質を誇ることをその編集個所によって実感してもらえることでしょう。

その勢いを証明する微笑ましい場面がディランの弾き語りで披露された「Mr. Tambourine Man」。その前に歌われた「It Ain’t Me, Babe」の盛り上がりに気をよくしたディランは「Mr. Tambourine~」の前でキーの違うハーモニカに交換しなければならないことを忘れて同曲を始めてしまいます。そのせいで、さあハーモニカを吹くぞ…という場面で調子っぱずれな音が。もちろんディランが気付かない訳がないのですが、かといって演奏を止めるわけにもいかない。結局ハーモニカ・ソロがほとんど入らない「Mr. Tambourine~」というレアな演奏になってしまったという(笑)。

そしてライブ後半はツアー最終日ならではのリラックスした中でレアな場面が続出した訳ですが、日本での知名度はゼロに等しいオールド・ナンバーのカバー「We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)」。これこそ当時のディランが自分の曲を歌う集中力をなくし、代わりに自分のルーツに返るようなカバーを好んで歌おうとしていた典型だったのです。実際に(日本で受けるはずのない)この曲の演奏にはハートブレイカーズも反対したとのことですが、いざ始まってみれば各人がしっかりディランを支えているのはさすが。おかげで彼も実に気持ち良さそうに歌い上げており、その場に居合わせた観客全員が「?」状態であったことを除けば、こうして客観的に聞いてみると非常に素晴らしい演奏だったことを再認識させられるでしょう。
これで自身の欲求が満たされたのか(笑)今度は反対に日本人なら誰でも知っている曲をインストながら演奏してくれたのがかの「Sukiyaki」。ディランが曲のメロディを弾き始めたところでバンドも加わるという実質インストゥルメンタル・バージョンだった訳ですが、それに気づいた観客が徐々に合唱している様子が伝わってくるのはオーディエンス録音ならではの感動が。今聞いても我々には本当にグッとくる場面だと思います。そんな伝説の来日公演最終日というだけでなく、この日の決定版と呼ぶに相応しいリリースは「MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1986 FINAL NIGHT」と「THE BEST SHOW:MINNEAPOLIS 1986」に並ぶ86年ツアー第三の名盤の誕生です!

★Trial盤「TRUE CONFESSIONS」の大元のマスター・カセット(SONY HF-S90x2本)をダイレクトに使用。欠落部を既発CDソースで補填し過去最長盤を実現。


Disc 1 (77:51)
01. Introduction
02. Justine
03. Positively 4th Street
04. Clean Cut Kid
05. I’ll Remember You
06. Trust Yourself
07. That Lucky Old Sun
08. Masters Of War
09. Straight Into Darkness
10. Breakdown
11. It Ain’t Me, Babe
12. Mr. Tambourine Man
13. Girl From The North Country
14. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
15. I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know
16. Just Like A Woman
17. I’m Moving On
18. Lenny Bruce

Disc 2 (79:41)
01. When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky
02. Lonesome Town
03. Ballad Of A Thin Man
04. So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star
05. Refugee
06. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
07. Seeing The Real You At Last
08. Across The Borderline
09. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)
10. I And I
11. Member Introduction
12. Like A Rolling Stone
13. In The Garden
14. Blowin’ In The Wind
15. Uranium Rock
16. Sukiyaki
17. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Bob Dylan – Vocal, Guitar
Tom Petty – Vocal, Guitar
Mike Campbell – Guitar
Benmont Tench – Piano, Keyboard
Howie Epstein – Vocal, Bass
Stan Lynch – Drums


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