Queen / Live In Rio / 1DVD+ 2Bonus DVDR

Queen / Live In Rio / 1DVD+ 2Bonus DVDR / Non Label
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Rock In Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 11th & 18th January 1985 Plus Bonus DVDR ” Rock In Rio 1985″ Live at Rock In Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 11th & 18th January 1985 Pro-shot

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QUEEN The greatest problem work in history is reprinted with the highest quality. The identity of “biggest problematic work” is the official video “LIVE IN RIO”. It is a multi camera / professional shot when I appeared in the 1st ROCK IN RIO, the biggest event of the century. Currently, Latin America is a huge market in the rock world, but “ROCK IN RIO” is its beginning and declares the opening to the world. It was conducted in 10 days from January 11 (Friday) to January 20 (Sunday), and it was a historical super-huge event that gathered a large crowd of 14 million people in total. QUEEN appeared in the headliner of the first day “January 11” and the eighth day “January 18” among them. Not only did the large crowd, which is said to have 500,000 people, gathered at the work site, as well as a television broadcast, it was a historic night witnessed by 200 million people worldwide.
That picture was released as software at that time, one legend that has been told with various sayings. Although unofficial reprints have been done with various forms in the past, this work digitized precisely from the Japanese mint quality disc of the mint quality which the core mania was treasuring. It was reprinted as a permanent preservation press here at the highest peak image beauty sound ever.
So why is “LIVE IN RIO” a problem work? There are various reasons for that, but first of all it is quality. Even in the 1990s, “South America quality” does not have a very good impression, but in 1985 it was even more childish. Because it is a South American unlocked on a huge scale that has not been experienced in Europe and the United States, that technology can not be said to be superb flattering also. Camera work to remove dark lighting, sweet picture quality, rough mix, highlight compared to other images of the same age …… It was immature that many bands did not officially release at that time while shooting. Nevertheless, although QUEEN’s biggest thing can also be seen in the vicinity of releasing, fans also have a reputation for fans such as “Official in this?” “Roger’s drum kit is salty” and so on. At present it can not hope for recurrence of single item …… It is such quality.
I have no idea whether I am complaining or disgruntled, is this work a bad work? That is not it. Compared with other official works, the sweet quality is also a special class if you look at the boot leg standards, and the image beauty / sound quality raised from the Japanese version of the laser disc must be the highest peak. Moreover, the “reality of South America” ​​drawn with that quality is also unique. What is amazing is the scale. The tremendousness of hundreds of thousands of flocks gathered in the field. And Freddie’s courage to manipulate the large crowd freely is a huge spectacle that is different from any other official image.
Its passion is not just a gimmick looking for a huge festival. Anyway, Queen of the time was a cliff. The cracks entered into the human relationship within the band, and the solo activity was also active, but the more decisive is the South African performance at the unfamiliar apartheid. Although the political consciousness of the members was thin, it is a situation where it receives a tremendous bashing from all over the world and even it is listed on the UN blacklist. “ROCK IN RIO” of this work was right after that, it was a big opportunity to return stigma. After all, Brazil was a parent QUEEN country next to Japan, and “I Want To Break Free” was a big hit among people suffering from tyranny. QUEEN who speaks for feelings of freedom is being hailed with great enthusiasm and it is the performance of the spirit of trying to recover at once.
Here may be some people who think “South America is a booing incident?” Actually, there is also a saying in that “I Want To Break Free”, on Friday “January 11”, Freddy is feminine like a promo clip. Although it appeared quietly, people who loved this song as “theme song for opening” feel insulted by the directing, throw things into the stage, big booing occurs. It is supposed to try to recover the stigma, but it has been put in a further dilemma … and it is engraved in history.
However, I can not see such a dark shadow in this work. The cause is in the composition of this work. Approximately the first day of the issue “January 11” is used, but three songs “Now I’m Here”, “Love Of My Life” and “I Want To Break Free” are on Festival Day 8 “January 18 Day “images are used. In “I Want To Break Free” here, there is no girlfriend, Freddie who is stoic and dandy will sing a song. In other words, this work has become a work that can taste plenty of only the spirit returning feelings without scenes said to have done “(You can enjoy the problem scene with the bonus DVDR).

“First ROCK IN RIO” became a major turning point not only for QUEEN but also for popular music around the world. QUEEN was shining all over the place. It is one that focused on its “glow”. Although it is “South America quality”, it is a definitive edition reviving the performance with the highest peak quality with superb huge scale with visual beauty which can not be based on boot leg standard. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.
QUEEN史上最大の問題作が最高峰クオリティで復刻です。“最大の問題作”の正体とは、オフィシャル映像『LIVE IN RIO』。世紀の一大イベント、第1回ROCK IN RIOに出演した際のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。現在、ロック界において南米は巨大な市場となっていますが、“ROCK IN RIO”はその端緒であり、幕開けを世界に宣言するもの。1月11日(金曜)から1月20日(日曜)までの10日間で実施され、合計1,400万人もの大群衆を集った歴史的な超巨大イベントでした。QUEENが出演したのは、その中でも初日「1月11日」と8日目「1月18日」のヘッドライナー。現場には25万人とも50万人とも言われる大群衆が集っただけでなく、テレビ放送もされ、全世界2億人が目撃した歴史的な夜でした。
では、なぜ『LIVE IN RIO』は問題作なのか。それには様々な理由が挙げられますが、まず第一はクオリティ。90年代でも“南米クオリティ”と言うとあまり良い印象がありませんが、この1985年ではさらに稚拙。欧米にとっても経験がないような巨大スケールの上にロック未開の南米ですから、その技術はお世辞にも極上とは言えない。同時代の他映像と比べても、暗めの照明、甘い画質、荒っぽいミックス、見どころを外してしまうカメラワーク……当時、多くのバンドが撮影しながらほとんど公式リリースしなかったのも頷ける未熟さ。それでもなお、リリースを敢行した辺りにQUEENの大物ぶりもうかがえますが、ファン達も「これでオフィシャル?」「ロジャーのドラムキットがしょっぱい」等々、さんざんな評判。現在となっては単品再発は望めまい……そんなクオリティなのです。
その熱演は、単なる巨大フェスに臨む気概だけではありません。何しろ、当時のQUEENは崖っぷち。バンド内の人間関係にヒビが入り、ソロ活動も活発になっていたわけですが、さらに決定的なのが悪名高きアパルトヘイトでの南アフリカ公演。メンバー達に政治的な意識は薄かったわけですが、世界中から猛バッシングを受け、国連のブラックリストにさえ載ってしまう事態。本作の“ROCK IN RIO”はその直後にあたり、汚名返上の大チャンスだったのです。なにしろ、当時ブラジルは日本と並ぶ親QUEEN国で、「I Want To Break Free」が圧政に苦しむ人々の間で大ヒット。自由への想いを代弁してくるQUEENが大熱狂と共に歓待され、一気に挽回しようという気迫のパフォーマンスなのです。
ここで「南米と言えば、ブーイング事件でしょ?」と思われる方もいらっしゃるかも知れません。実は、その「I Want To Break Free」にも曰わくがありまして、初日「1月11日」には、フレディがプロモクリップ同様に女装。意気揚々と登場するのですが、この曲を“開放のテーマソング”として愛していた人々はその演出に侮辱されたと感じ、ステージに物を投げ込み、大ブーイングが巻き起こる。汚名挽回を図るはずが、更なる窮地に立たされた……と歴史に刻まれているのです。
しかし、本作にそんな暗い影は見えません。その原因は、本作の構成にある。おおよそは問題の初日「1月11日」を使用していますが、「Now I’m Here」「Love Of My Life」「I Want To Break Free」の3曲はフェス8日目「1月18日」の映像が使われている。ここでの「I Want To Break Free」では女装もなく、ストイックでダンディなフレディが熱唱する。つまり、本作は“やらかした”と言われるシーン抜きに、汚名返上の気迫だけをたっぷりと味わえる作品になっているのです(問題のシーンはボーナスDVDRでお楽しみ頂けます)。

QUEENだけでなく、世界のポピュラー音楽にとって大きな転換点となった“第1回ROCK IN RIO”。その現場で一際輝いていたQUEEN。その“輝き”に焦点を絞りきった1本です。いかに“南米クオリティ”とは言え、ブートレッグ基準ではあり得ない映像美で超・巨大なスケール、熱演を最高峰クオリティで蘇らせた決定版。今週末、あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。
1. Machines Intro * 2. Tie Your Mother Down * 3. Seven Seas Of Rhye *
4. Keep Yourself Alive * 5. Liar * 6. It’s A Hard Life * 7. Now I’m Here **
8. Is This The World We Created…? * 9. Love Of My Life ** 10. Brighton Rock *
11. Hammer To Fall * 12. Bohemian Rhapsody * 13. Radio Ga Ga * 14. I Want To Break Free **
15. We Will Rock You * 16. We Are The Champions * 17. God Save The Queen *

* 11th January ** 18th January


Queen / Rock In Rio 1985 / 2DVDR / Non Label
Live at Rock In Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 11th & 18th January 1985 PRO-SHOT


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One big event “ROCK IN RIO” which expanded the world of popular music. This press DVD is an official image that draws its historical performance with the highest quality. However, the official image is “good takeaway” to the last. That is why it is also an entertainment work, but the thing that wants to know the fullness and the truth is humanity. This work is a pro shot picture that responds to such feelings. ROCK IN RIO It is a 2-pack set which the full pro shot of the first day “January 11” performance is on disc 1 and the eighth day “January 18” performance is placed on disc 2. Let’s introduce each in detail.

【Disc 1: Performed on January 11】
First of all, the full pro shot of the first day “January 11”. Pro shot has been known for a long time since this live, but that broadcast was also an excerpt version. However, this work appeared in the 21st century full length version. I digitized the local broadcast master that I got independently at our shop, and both the quality and the length have been wiped out the already-released one big picture.
To be honest, its image quality is far from the official work, and “80’s South America” ​​is really Moro. However, the dimensions are also different from what is like “backside video” like dubbing marks that have been circulating since the video era. There is almost no noise, no distortion, no bleeding of coloring, and even now it does not yield the seat of “the highest peak of full images”.
More than that quality is glad, there are a number of official unscheduled scenes covering 11 songs. Although there are songs such as Brian’s solo unstable “Killer Queen” and a guitar’s trouble trap “Dragon Attack”, there are also songs such as cuts, but most of the songs are performances filled with the spirit of returning stigma as well as official images. Freddie’s parenthesis is good at hurting the piano in the scene to connect to that “Killer Queen” and shouting “Common!”, At the beginning of “Dragon Attack” and in the second half of “Crazy Little Thing” Improvisions that let you listen at the beginning of ‘It’s a Hard Life’ and ‘Love Of My Life’ set change are also the best. The explosion scene at “Jailhouse Rock” ending is also impressive.
Do not miss the official recording songs. Although I mentioned in the commentary of the main part, the official version is “take a trip to January 18”, “Now I’m Here”, “Love Of My Life”, “I Want To Break Free” three songs, Take can only be seen in this work. Especially must-see “I Want To Break Free”. You can witness the historical performance with multiple cameras that Freddie wears a big boo as a shemale. Freddie show off balloons breasts like mid strips (discourage blowing mouth as a nipple) and show brassiere and hit the hips. That barely humor is cold and cool for us knowing history. When you hold the sweat with hands … when you throw in the bottle, surprising and nothing happens. No, actually I’m stopping women’s clothes on January 18th and should not be a historic anecdote if there really is nothing. Was it true that the anecdote was wrong, or was the riot occurred where it did not appear on the screen ……… Anyway, this is the actual performance record that remains in history.

【Disk 2: Performed January 18th】
Subsequently on Disk 2 it is a pattern of “January 18th” on the 8th day of Fes. Unlike Disk 1, it is not a full picture, but the quality is incredibly wonderful! Of course, the shooting environment does not change, and its beauty is comparable to the main press DVD which is the highest version of the official video. Although there are scenes in which the sound mix becomes unstable in part (the reason why this was officially low), the sound is also wonderful, it is a very vertically master.
And rain in the scene which can not be seen in the official here as well. Although there are officially adopted “Now I’m Here” “Love Of My Life”, other 13 songs can only be seen in this work. The recording time is 52 minutes and less than half of Disk 1, but the response is a beautiful professional shot more than that.

Disk 1 which can witness the full show of “January 11” plentifully in the historical scene as well. And a disc that can taste the unrecorded scene of “January 18th” in official-grade quality as a chunk. Scenes that can not be seen in the press DVD of the highest peak quality are 2 sheets of heaping piles. A pro shot set that collects one big picture carved in QUEEN history with both fame and infamy. Please, please enjoy it altogether.

ポピュラー音楽の世界を広げた一大イベント“ROCK IN RIO”。本編プレスDVDは、その歴史的パフォーマンスを最高峰クオリティで描くオフィシャル映像です。しかし、公式映像はあくまでも“良いとこ取り”。だからこそのエンターテインメント作品でもあるわけですが、その全容・真実も知りたいのが人情というものです。本作は、そんな気持ちに応えるプロショット映像。ROCK IN RIO初日の「1月11日」公演のフル・プロショットをディスク1に、8日目「1月18日」公演をディスク2に配した2枚組です。それでは、それぞれ詳しくご紹介していきましょう。

そんなクオリティ以上に嬉しいのが、11曲に及ぶオフィシャル未収録シーンの数々。ブライアンのソロが不安定な「Killer Queen」やギターがトラブる「Dragon Attack」のようにカットもやむなしといった曲もありますが、ほとんどはオフィシャル映像と同じく汚名返上の気迫に溢れた熱演。その「Killer Queen」へ繋ぐシーンでピアノを叩いて「カモン!」と叫び、「Dragon Attack」の冒頭や「Crazy Little Thing」の後半で客の目の前まで近づき煽るフレディのカッコ良さ。「It’s a Hard Life」の冒頭や「Love Of My Life」のセットチェンジで聴かせるインプロヴィゼーションも最高。「Jailhouse Rock」エンディングでの爆発シーンも凄い迫力です。
オフィシャル収録曲も見逃せない。本編の解説でも触れましたが、オフィシャル版は「Now I’m Here」「Love Of My Life」「I Want To Break Free」の3曲が「1月18日」のテイクとなっており、初日テイクは本作でしか見られない。特に必見は「I Want To Break Free」。フレディが女装して大ブーイングを受けるという、歴史的なパフォーマンスをマルチカメラで目撃できるのです。半ばストリップのように風船おっぱい(吹き込み口を乳首に見立てる懲りよう)とブラジャーを見せびらかし、尻まで叩くフレディ。そのギリギリなユーモアは、歴史を知る私たちにとっては冷や冷やもの。いつ、ビンを投げ込まれるか……と手に汗握っていると、意外や何事も起こらない。いや、実際に「1月18日」には女装を止めていますし、本当に何事もなければ歴史的な逸話にはならないはず。果たして逸話が間違っていたのか、それとも画面に映らないところで騒動が起きていたのか………ともあれ、これこそ歴史に残るパフォーマンスの実録なのです。

続いてディスク2に収められているのはフェス8日目「1月18日」の模様。ディスク1とは違ってフル映像ではありませんが、クオリティは段違いに素晴らしい! もちろん、撮影環境が変わるわけではありませんし、その美麗ぶりはオフィシャル映像の最高峰版たる本編プレスDVDにさえ匹敵する。一部、音声ミックスが不安定になるシーンがあるものの(これが公式で少なかった原因?)、サウンドも素晴らしく、まさに頂点的なマスターなのです。
そして、こちらもオフィシャルでは見られないシーンの雨あられ。公式に採用された「Now I’m Here」「Love Of My Life」もあるものの、それ以外の13曲が本作でしか見られない。収録時間は52分とディスク1の半分以下ですが、見応えはそれ以上の美麗プロショットなのです。


Disc 1(109:19)
ROCK IN RIO 1st Night
Rock In Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 11th January 1985

1. Machines 2. Tear It Up 3. Tie Your Mother Down 4. Under Pressure 5. Yeah Yeah Yeah
6. Somebody To Love 7. Killer Queen 8. Seven Seas Of Rhye 9. Keep Yourself Alive
10. Liar 11. Impromptu 12. It’s A Hard Life 13. Day-O 14. Dragon Attack 15. Now I’m Here
16. Is This The World We Created? 17. Love Of My Life 18. Improvisation 19. Guitar Solo
20. Brighton Rock 21. Another One Bites The Dust 22. Mustapha Intro 23. Hammer To Fall
24. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 25. Bohemian Rhapsody 26. Radio Ga Ga 27. I Want To Break Free
28. Jailhouse Rock 29. We Will Rock You 30. We Are The Champions 31. God Save The Queen
32. Rock In Rio Theme

Disc 2(52:02)
ROCK IN RIO 2nd Night
Rock In Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 18th January 1985

1. Tear It Up 2. Tie Your Mother Down 3. Under Pressure 4. Somebody To Love 5. Killer Queen
6. Seven Seas Of Rhye 7. Keep Yourself Alive 8. Liar 9. Impromptu 10. It’s A Hard Life
11. Day-O 12. Dragon Attack 13. Now I’m Here 14. Love Of My Life 15. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 161min.(total)

Special Bonus 2DVDR for limited numbered stickered edition of “LIVE IN RIO”(DVD)

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