Rolling Stones / Yokohama 2003 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Yokohama 2003 / 2CD / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan 12th March 2003.

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This time we will release a press CD promotion version of limited sound source which was released in the past on not only Keith’s solo but also the Stones’s live tone generator. Moreover, the target was Yokohama Arena in 2003. Regarding the Japan tour at this time, although there is a feeling that popularity has concentrated on the Budokan performance which does not yet know how to fade away, Stones has the concept of “LICKS” tour that selectively uses the theater, the arena, and the three venues of the stadium To make it realized in Japan, Yokohama Arena was the creator of the bullshit.
It is sandwiched between the legendary Budokan and the honorable premier of Tokyo Dome during the 2003 Japan tour Kanto Leg. The impression is unexpectedly impressive on March 12 at the Yokohama Arena. Not only was it still the only stone’s performance in Yokohama, but the fact that the Stones performed for the first time in the Kanto area outside of Tokyo was very epoch-making.
Furthermore, the selection of the day which extruded the arena concept was revolutionary. “If You Can not Rock Me” burst at the beginning of the show. On the “LICKS” tour, it was one of the big things that the song played a revival to the live repertoire that has been in existence since 1976, but this rare repertoire was unveiled in Japan later Only this time also. In addition, the performance at this time is wonderful. Unlike the wild live version of 1975 or 76 years, the faithful performance to the studio version was rather fresh. Doluru Jones’ bass solo is also featured in full intermission. It seems that it was confirmed that the Yokohama Arena will be a wonderful night after “If You Can not Rock Me” is shown now.
Rather it was about the performance that I wanted to play more, but on the “LICKS” tour this song seemed to be positioned as a theater or a repertoire for the arena from the beginning, so there was not much time to play many times. Because of that, it was only show in Yokohama in Japan.

Another rare number representing this day is “Loving Cup”. The good thing about the “LICKS” tour is that it did not tour for the promotion of a new studio album, but made it possible to introduce a wide range of repertoires from past numbers as it toured in conjunction with release of the best board I guess. In addition to that, even in the live performance with the support member introduction band structure that began in 1989, it was a tour that had regained the traditional Stones’ likeness than before.
Because of that kind of tour, this song was also able to fulfill the repertoire since the 1972 tour a few times. On the contrary the live performances of aggressive “Loving Cup” over 72 years have also been repeated “LICKS” tour Secretly a landmark episode. And at the Japan tour you can see the show off here in Yokohama. It seems that everyone is burning up if you were there, but singing enthusiasm which Mick’s spirit came in was truly wonderful.
Starting with this song, “All Down The Line” and “Tumbling Dice” were taken from the beginning, and “Happy” was also picked up at the Keith Corner, and the “Rogue of Main Street” color in the history of Stones Japanese performance is deep The point which became overnight should be handed down now.

Despite such a wonderful overnight, yet it is not reasonable not to give a strong impression to the two performances before and after, that it was not easy to release the audience recording of the finest quality at the time of 2003. First of all it was also the first time for Stones (and for the moment the first and last), and the sound that was ringing in the scene of the day seemed to be strong bass. Many of the items that were actually released also had bass bouncing back and forth, and in addition to that there was a so-called “donchary” -like finish that reflected the tide of the equalization wars that had been overheating at that time in 2003 There were quite a lot of Yokohama arena items. Furthermore, the taper itself could not secure a good position.
Among these situations, “YOKOHAMA 20 LICKS” was released on CD-R at the time of 2003. At that time, I anticipated that the high-quality items will be muddied with the press CD from now on, and it was released on CD-R as immediate release as selling. However, when I revived it as a gift / release after about 15 years passed since then, I heard many voices saying “Right now should be pressed out?” From the surprisingly high quality level I’m sorry. Clearly, the sound image on and the whole natural texture etc were better than any of the Yokohama items released in the past.
Therefore, it can be said that the promotion decision to this press CD was triggered by the previous gift release. Very refreshing sound quality and attractiveness of sound images are not faded yet, they are suitable for calling name sounds which were overlooked. As expected, there is only the taper that recorded the masterpiece “Orange Three” of the performance to Japan in 2014.
On that day, only the three songs of the B stage that were playing the sound from another speaker in the hall will be reflected in the sound quality that gave way back to that situation. However, if you were in the arena on the day, this change in sound quality and surrounding noises can be called real documents of that day. Increasingly this recording is a live story that does not pick up any surrounding sounds at all, because it can be heard in an extremely stress-free situation, it will convey that fearless B stage real. Please enjoy Yokohama Arena, which is suitable for calling back the hidden famous performance of the Japan Tour 2003, with the outstanding clearness that night!
さらにアリーナ・コンセプトを押し出したこの日の選曲がまた画期的。ショーの序盤にて「If You Can’t Rock Me」が炸裂。「LICKS」ツアーにおいては同曲が1976年以来となるライブ・レパートリーへの復活を果たしたことが大きな目玉の一つだったのですが、このレア・レパートリーが日本で披露されたのは後にも先にもこの時だけ。おまけにこの時の演奏が素晴らしい。1975年や76年のワイルドなライブ・バージョンと違ってスタジオ・バージョンに忠実な演奏がむしろ新鮮でした。間奏ではダリル・ジョーンズのベース・ソロがフィーチャーされるのも迫力満点。今思えば「If You Can’t Rock Me」が披露された時点で横浜アリーナが素晴らしい一夜となることが確約されたようなもの。

この日を代表するもう一つのレア・ナンバーが「Loving Cup」。「LICKS」ツアーの良いところは、新しいスタジオ・アルバムのプロモーションの為にツアーを行うのではなく、ベスト盤のリリースに合わせてツアーを行ったことから過去のナンバーからの幅広いレパートリー導入を可能としたところでしょう。それに加えて1989年から始まったサポートメンバー導入バンド構成でのライブにおいても、それまで以上に従来のストーンズらしさを取り戻していていたツアーでした。
そうしたツアーだからこそ、この曲もまた1972年ツアーで数回試して以来のレパートリー復帰を果たすことが出来たのです。それどころか72年以上に積極的な「Loving Cup」のライブ演奏が繰り返されたという点も「LICKS」ツアー密かに画期的な出来事だったのでは。そしてジャパン・ツアーにおいてはここ横浜での披露が実現。その場におられた方であれば誰もが焼き付いていることだと思われますが、ミックの気合が入りまくった熱唱が本当に素晴らしかった。
極めつけはこの曲を皮切りに「All Down The Line」と「Tumbling Dice」、とどめにキース・コーナーでも「Happy」が取り上げられたおかげで、ストーンズ日本公演史上においてもっとも「メインストリートのならず者」色の濃い一夜となった点は今をもって語り継がれるべきでしょう。

こういった状況の中で2003年当時にCD-Rでリリースされていたのが「YOKOHAMA 20 LICKS」。あの時はこれから高音質アイテムがプレスCDで乱立することを予想し、あくまで即効性を売りとしてCD-Rでリリースしていたもの。ところが、それから15年近い歳月が経過したところでギフト・リリースとして復活させてみたところ、その意外なほどのクオリティの高さから「むしろ今こそプレスで出すべきでは?」という声が多く寄せられてしまいました。何しろクリアネスやオンな音像、そして全体のナチュラルな質感などは過去にリリースされた横浜アイテムのどれよりも優れていたのです。
Disc 1 (61:44)
1. Intro. 2. Street Fighting Man 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. If You Can’t Rock Me
5. Don’t Stop 6. Monkey Man 7. You Got Me Rocking 8. Ruby Tuesday 9. Loving Cup
10. All Down The Line 11. Tumbling Dice 12. Band Introductions 13. Slipping Away 14. Happy

Disc 2 (47:58)
1. Sympathy For The Devil 2. Start Me Up 3. Honky Tonk Women 4. Satisfaction
5. Mannish Boy (B-stage) 6. When The Whip Comes Down (B-stage) 7. Brown Sugar (B-stage)
8. Jumping Jack Flash

Mick Jagger – Vocal, Guitar, Harmonica Keith Richards – Guitar, Vocal
Ronnie Wood – Guitar Charlie Watts – Drums

Darryl Jones – Bass, Backing Vocal Bobby Keys – Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Leavell – Keyboards, Backing Vocal Lisa Fischer – Backing Vocal, Percussion
Bernard Fowler – Backing Vocal, Percussion Blondie Chaplin – Backing Vocal, Guitar, Percussion

The New West Horns
Tim Ries – Saxophone, Keyboards Michael Davis – Trombone Kent Smith – Trumpet