Bob Dylan / Toads Place 1990 / 4CD

Bob Dylan / Toads Place 1990 / 4CD / Zion

Translated text:
Toad’s Place, New Haven, Connecticut, USA 12th January 1990


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Not only the Hollywood Bowl should be called legendary live recordings of 1965, we will release another legendary live sound source. It Tozu Place. Dylan mania that comes with peen only mentioned this name will be folded a lot. So, Dylan and the band went in 1990, public rehearsal gig at the club. About half a year ago to the Rolling Stones have made a secret gig with this place, it would be the club who could name even for the lock-mania. Dylan is intended is also legendary because public rehearsal gig went here, it is also extends to what four hours. And then to the High honor of the 1990 tour the best of great performance, and in February the Hammersmith Odeon is ahead, important that headed to the peak of the band that we arranged GE · Smith, who has served the back from Dylan and 88-year It became the gig.
People of Hammersmith is released our shop as “FROM GRAND REX TO HAMMERSMITH,” but, in fact voice, “Do the Tozu Place issues?” I had been asked from the mania from that point. Of course ready for release even as our shop it was in place, but now again Dylan by big news that the award of the Nobel Prize is in the limelight, to achieve a release by finally limited the press CD.
This regard to the gig, but item called “TOAD’S PLACE VOL.1 & 2” was a well-known since ancient times, surprisingly, not that the item appeared in the then, does not appear even items that whole copy. About one month later to place the Hammersmith Odeon, not help but feel surprising and among them sound source on the last day of February 8 think that several items including the previous titles have been produced Hmm. This time, our shop get the master tape of the same audience and recording “TOAD’S PLACE ~”. Originally excellent clearness, closeness sound image also seems to club gig is the source of great charm. The sound quality is excellent from the time of the previous title, also I would say that it is the sound quality of the same level this time.

The maximum of the eyeball in rather this release, it is in the complete recording of the opening number, “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”. Speaking of what it, this sound source is a result of the volume adjustment in a hurry at the same song began, it sounds while a moment in the middle of the intro had interrupted. Furthermore, strident also the vertical movement of the level. But this time to adjust with a different sound source capture the same gig (this is very valuable), I had to completely eliminate the longer intro recording trouble of the same songs that say that chronic disease. If the person who has been come accustomed to listen in “TOAD’S PLACE ~”, should be surprised to absolute even in this part only.
As another big point of is that you have met with public rehearsal that took place divided into four sets on a single disk, respectively. “TOAD’S PLACE ~” does not exist is the Journal concepts and disk with more than 74 minutes at the time that have been released, and also a set of configuration with complete recording I have been recorded in the divided has been four discs regardless . .
However, because this time we re-recorded again from the master, not seen unnecessary cut between songs that occur in terms allocation of the previous title. It seems whether get to experience the recording from the master from this point. And because I can play back in the actual set the configuration of the gig, it was made possible a more realistic experience.

It also extends to four hours there is a gig, but a series of far from listening to the play content. That the rehearsal, in the live production cover songs that are not played absolutely has been showing off wealth. For example, came to be widely known in the Japan tour in 1997, “Oh Babe, It Is not No Lie” live showcase of to when this is the first, “Help Me Make It Through The Night of Kris Kristofferson attractive music selection, such as a familiar “Key to the Highway” is to “Clapton fan. This area is what make me remembered the roots of Dylan, on the other hand (also been transmitted to the state in which the audience is surprised) appeared to surprise the presumption of “Dancing In The Dark” of Bruce Springsteen.
Think Dylan’s own number of the song selection is also in a unique if whether, new songs such as “Wiggle Wiggle” from the album “UNDER THE RED SKY” after that has not yet been even recording at the time, presumption is of traveling Will Belize upper a condition that begin with a rehearsal to meet the “Congratulations” to the request. About But I am surprised and from was played in the first set, “Trouble No More” to the appearance of ultra-high-tension Dylan, it is even more surprised because of that lasted until the end of the rehearsal that also extends to the four-set you. Exactly worthy to be called a legend of the gig, in 1990 Tozu Place. The definitive edition of mania would wanted around the world is finally appeared. While marathon of four hours, not boring at all superb gig!

ハマースミスの方は当店が「FROM GRAND REX TO HAMMERSMITH」としてリリース済みですが、実はその時点から「トーズ・プレイスは出すのか?」という声がマニアから寄せられていました。もちろん当店としてもリリースの準備は整っていたのですが、ノーベル賞の受賞というビッグニュースによって再びディランが脚光を浴びている今、遂に限定のプレスCDによるリリースが実現します。
このギグに関しては、昔から「TOAD’S PLACE VOL.1 &2」というアイテムが有名でしたが、意外にもその後でアイテムが登場することはなく、丸ごとコピーしたアイテムすら現れません。約一か月後に行われたハマースミス・オデオン、中でも最終日2月8日の音源は先のタイトルを始めとして何度かアイテムが生み出されてきたことを考えると意外な気がしてなりません。今回は当店が「TOAD’S PLACE~」と同じオーディエンス録音のマスター・テープを入手。元々クリアネスに優れ、音像もクラブ・ギグらしい近さが大きな魅力の音源です。音質的には先のタイトルの時から素晴らしく、今回も同レベルの音質だと言えるでしょう。

むしろ今回のリリースにおける最大の目玉、それはオープニング・ナンバー「Walk A Mile In My Shoes」の完全収録にあります。どういうことかといえば、この音源は同曲が始まったところで慌ててボリューム調整を行った結果、イントロの最中で一瞬ながら音が途切れてしまったのです。さらにはレベルの上下動も耳障り。ところが今回は同じギグを捉えた別音源(これが非常に貴重)を使ってアジャストし、もはや持病と言えた同曲のイントロ録音トラブルを完全に解消してしまったのです。「TOAD’S PLACE~」で聴き慣れてこられた方であれば、この部分だけでも絶対に驚かれるはず。
もう一つの大きなポイントとしては、四セットに分けて行われた公開リハーサルをそれぞれ一枚のディスクに収めていることが挙げられます。「TOAD’S PLACE~」がリリースされた当時は74分を超える収録の概念やディスクが存在せず、完全収録ながらもセットの構成とは関係なく分断されて四枚のディスクに収録されてしまいました。。

4時間にも及んだギグではありますが、演奏内容は聴きどころの連続。リハーサルということで、ライブ本番では絶対に演奏されないカバー曲が豊富に披露されました。例えば1997年の来日公演で広く知られるようになった「Oh Babe, It Ain’t No Lie」のライブ披露はこの時が最初ですし、クリス・クリストファーソンの「Help Me Make It Through The Night 」クラプトン・ファンにはおなじみな「Key To The Highway」といった選曲が魅力的。この辺りはディランのルーツを偲ばせてくれるものですが、一方でブルース・スプリングスティーンの「Dancing In The Dark」という極めつけのサプライズまで登場(観客が驚いている様子までも伝わってきます)。
かと思えばディラン自身のナンバーの選曲がまたユニークで、当時はまだ録音すらされていなかった後のアルバム「UNDER THE RED SKY」からの「Wiggle Wiggle」のような新曲、極めつけはトラベリング・ウィルベリーズの「Congratulations」をリクエストに応えてぶっつけ本番で始めるというアッパーなコンディション。ファースト・セットで演奏された「Trouble No More」からして超ハイテンションなディランの姿に驚かされるほどですが、それが四セットにも及んだリハーサルの最後まで持続したというのだからなおさら驚かされます。正に伝説のギグと呼ぶに相応しい、1990年のトーズ・プレイス。その世界中のマニアが望んだであろう決定版がようやく登場です。四時間という長丁場ながら、まったく飽きさせない絶品ギグ!

Disc 1 (1st set) (54:56)
1. Walk A Mile In My Shoes 2. One More Cup Of Coffee 3. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
4. Trouble No More 5. I’ve Been All Around This World 6. Political World
7. Where Teardrops Fall 8. Tears Of Rage 9. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
10. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 11. Everybody’s Movin’

Disc 2 (2nd set)(40:02)
1. Watching The River Flow 2. What Was It You Wanted 3. Oh Baby It Ain’t No Lie
4. Lenny Bruce 5. I Believe In You 6. Man Of Peace 7. Across The Borderline
8. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 9. All Along The Watchtower

Disc 3(3rd set) (69:53)
1. Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love) 2. Political World
3. What Good Am I? 4. Wiggle Wiggle 5. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
6. Pay The Price 7. Help Me Make It Through The Night 8. Man In The Long Black Coat
9. Congratulations 10. Dancing In The Dark 11. Lonesome Whistle Blues 12. Confidential
13. In The Garden 14. Everything Is Broken

Disc 4(4th set) (79:48)
1. So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye 2. Where Teardrops Fall 3. Political World 4. Pretty Peggy-O
5. I’ll Remember You 6. Key To The Highway 7. Joey 8. Lay Lady Lay
9. I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) 10. When Did You Leave Heaven?
11. Maggie’s Farm 12. I’ve Been All Around This World 13. In The Pines 14. Highway 61 Revisited
15. Precious Memories 16. Like A Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), G. E. Smith (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Christopher Parker (drums)
Zion – 099

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