Black Crowes / Tokyo 1992 / 2CD

Black Crowes / Tokyo 1992 / 2CD / Zodiac
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Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 11th June 1992.


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The first visit to THE BLACK CROWES realized in 1992 in the heyday. It is the emergence of the finest live album that conveys the truth. This work is different from live recording of Sonjyosho. It is a stereo sound board album of the official leakage that our shop has independently obtained.
Such a work is contained in “June 11, 1992: Nakano Sanguraza Performance”. Nakano Sanguraza for the first visit to Japan was also a continuous performance for three days. First of all, let’s imagine the position of this work from the schedule.

· June 9: Nakano Sanguraza
· June 10: Nakano Sanguraza
· June 11: Nakano Sanguraza 【this work】
· June 13: Shibuya Public Hall
· June 15th: Sendai Sun Plaza
· June 17th: Kanagawa Prefectural Hall
· June 19th: Nagoya City Auditorium
· June 20: Osaka Festival Hall

Over all, 8 performances. This work is the last day of Nakano Sanguraza 3DAYS. The biggest point of such work is a superb sound that only the master of the outflow master can do. Directly CD from the actual master cassette recorded directly from the mix table in the field, its freshness and direct feeling is abnormal. Its direct touch is “feeling in the brain” which is reproduced in the brain’s muscles beyond “nearness”. All the notes of all the instruments are super vivid, but the most amazing thing is Rich Robinson & Mark Ford’s guitar. From the nuance of a little picking to the swing width of choking, the plug is poured as though it had been thrust into the ear. Of course, the hot singing voice of Chris Robinson is also a sudden clearing sound of the breath level.
Originally it is a place I’d like to say “Official grade”, but if I call it so I will be rude to the sound source. You can draw the wildest THE BLACK CROWES vividly with the polished up official boards and radio broadcasts. To be honest, the field mix is ​​rough as it is, but it returns and gives a delicious taste of the band’s muddy flavor.
Such a sound quality blows out the heyday THE BLACK CROWES is bad, there is no husband. Unfortunately, there are also missing due to tape change in the second half of “Black Moon Creeping”, but half are selected from the golden 2 top “SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER” “THE SOUTHERN HARMONY AND MUSICAL COMPANION” and the most delicious place You can taste it all. Moreover, the spontaneous mood of flow which decides one song one piece on the spot makes the bluesy groove even more delicious. In addition, cover songs that participate daily there is also good. THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS ‘Hot Burrito # 2’ and THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND ‘s “Dreams” are played on this day, but its choice is also horribly like THE BLACK CROWES. What is surprising is that “Hot Burrito # 2” is premiered worldwide. The performance performed at the level engraved in the soul is premature, even though he is familiar with playing as if he was playing every night for decades. Muddy and stinky man … tough, but sexy. Honky tonk piano rolling nicely, a dusty guitar, and a scat like singing directly to the heart … all of them are poured in a direct brain sound. Even with “Dreams”, the 13-minute jam is wonderful and juicy, and the rich & mark talking guitar also forgets the passage of time.

Unusual quality of outgoing sound boards involved in rabbits and corners exploring the finest. And it is a contemporary Blues / Southern Rock painted with that sound. This genre is heavyweight Yokozuna live is heavily used, but this work is different from a choot. The breath of the young people who are naming the world right now. That innocent passion is a live album spread through the desk directly through the stereo sound board.
It has nothing to do with whether it is a fan of THE BLACK CROWES anymore. If you love a hot rock, if a beat is engraved in that blood, it is definitely a hot one. Originally, the secret treasure that the official should have left. We will contain it in the press 2CD that will last forever and we will deliver it to you at this weekend.
全盛期の1992年に実現したTHE BLACK CROWESの初来日。その真実を伝える極上ライヴアルバムの登場です。本作は、そんじょそこらのライヴ録音とはわけが違う。当店が独自入手した、関係者流出のステレオサウンドボード・アルバムなのです。

・6月11日:中野サンプラザ 【本作】

本来であれば「オフィシャル級」と言いたいところですが、そう呼んでしまったら音源に失礼にあたる。磨き上げられた公式盤やラジオ放送ではあり得ないほどにワイルドなTHE BLACK CROWESを生々しく描ききる。正直なところ、現場そのままなミックスは荒っぽくもあるのですが、それが返ってバンドの泥臭い薫りを美味しく演出してくれるのです。
そんなサウンド・クオリティで吹き出す全盛期THE BLACK CROWESが悪かろうハズがない。残念ながら「Black Moon Creeping」後半にテープ・チェンジによる欠落もありますが、セットリストは黄金の2トップ『SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER』『THE SOUTHERN HARMONY AND MUSICAL COMPANION』から半々が選ばれ、一番美味しいところをまるっと味わえる。しかも、1曲1曲その場で決めていく流れのスポンティニアスなムードがブルージーなグルーヴを一層美味しくしてくれる。さらに、そこに日替わりで加わるカバーソングがまた良い。この日はTHE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERSの「Hot Burrito #2」とTHE ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDの「Dreams」が演奏されるのですが、そのチョイスも実際のアレンジも恐ろしくTHE BLACK CROWESらしい。しかも、驚きなのが「Hot Burrito #2」は全世界初演だということ。魂に刻み込まれたレベルの演奏ぶりは、何十年も毎晩演奏していたかのように馴染みまくっているというのに、初演。泥臭くて男臭くてタフ……でも、セクシー。軽快に転がるホンキートンク・ピアノ、ほこり臭いギター、そして心に直接歌いかけるようなスキャット……それらすべてが脳ミソ直結サウンドで流し込まれるのです。「Dreams」にしても、13分に及ぶジャムが素晴らしくジューシーで、リッチ&マークの語り合うギターに時間の経つのも忘れてしまいます。

これはもう、THE BLACK CROWESのファンかどうかなど関係ない。熱いロックを愛する方なら、その血にビートが刻まれているのなら、間違いなく熱くなる1本。本来であれば、オフィシャルが残すべきだった秘宝。永久に残るプレス2CDに封じ込め、今週末あなたのお手元にお届け致します。

Disc 1(46:56)
1. Intro. 2. No Speak No Slave 3. Sting Me 4. Twice As Hard 5. Thick ‘N Thin
6. Hot Burrito #2 7. Thorn In My Pride 8. Seeing Things 9. Hotel Illness
10. Black Moon Creeping

Disc 2(43:21)
1. Hard To Handle 2. Remedy 3. Stare It Cold 4. Dreams 5. My Morning Song
6. Jealous Again


Rich Robinson – Vocals Chris Robinson – Guitar Marc Ford – Guitar Johnny Colt – Bass
Steve Gorman – Drums Eddie Harsch – keyboards

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