Beatles / Reminiscence Revisions 4 / 2CD

Beatles / Reminiscence Revisions 4 / 2CD / Digital Archives Promotion

The Beatles On Digital Revisions 4.

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“Since the 1980s, new remixes and remastering work for the video have been carried out with the release of video works such as” Anthology “and” Eight Days a Week: Touring Years “, including the conversion of the Beatles starring movie to video / DVD. Many unique mixed sound sources different from the official album have been produced up to this point. Video works such as the movies “A Hard Days Night”, “Help!”, “Magical Mystery Tour”, and “Yellow Submarine”. Has been updated several times so far, and there are many different mix variations from monaural to stereo to multi-channel surround mix. In 1995, the new songs “Free as a Bird” and “Real”・ Love ”was announced and became a hot topic all over the world. Time-consuming video LD and DVD in 2003, but each has its own remix work for video, and many of the sound sources themselves are different from the official album and can not be heard anywhere else. It contains a lot of interesting mix difference sound sources. In this “Digital Revisions” series, it was disbanded from the beginning, reunited in “Anthology”, and the documentary after that was recorded almost in chronological order. For major songs, you can record multiple variations of different mixes in succession and immediately listen to and compare the differences in the remix work. Remixed and remastered sound sources that cannot be heard on the official album, including sound sources that are now out of print and cannot be easily listened to, and unreleased sound sources that have been released in recent years, have been made into CDs. Not only the audio is extracted from the video, but also the restore editing unique to this series is applied. The ultimate latest editing collection that summarizes the Beatles’ digital work that has been done a lot since the analog era in chronological order!

* The fourth in the “Digital Revisions” series, “Reminiscence,” is “Anthology,” which was realized from the 1970 movie “Let It Be” to the final “Abbey Road,” and the three of them reunited to announce a new song. Special session at, and even outtakes excavated in recent years. The difference between the old and new remixes from “Anthology”, including the stereo remastered sound source of the movie “Let It Be”, which was remixed by Ron Farmek in 1992 and was stored without being officially released, and “Come Together” “Here Comes the Sun” contains a total of 59 songs up to the newly discovered outtake.



1. I ME MINE (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
2. FOR YOU BLUE (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
3. YOU REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
4. RIP IT UP / SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
5. KANSAS CITY / MISS ANN / LAWDY MISS CLAWDY (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
6. DIG IT (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
7. TWO OF US (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
8. LET IT BE (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
9. THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
10. GET BACK (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
11. DON’T LET ME DOWN (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
12. I’VE GOT A FEELING (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
13. ONE AFTER 909 (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
14. DIG A PONY (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
15. GET BACK – Reprise (Movie Stereo Remix 1992)
16. GET BACK (Anthology Video 1996)
17. GET BACK (Anthology DVD 2003)
18. GET BACK (Love Remix 2006)
19. DON’T LET ME DOWN (Imagine Movie 1988)
20. DON’T LET ME DOWN (Anthology Video 1996)
21. DON’T LET ME DOWN (Anthology DVD 2003)
22. LET IT BE (Anthology Video 1996)
23. LET IT BE (Anthology DVD 2003)
24. THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD (Anthology Video 1996)
25. THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD (Anthology DVD 2003)

1. THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO (Imagine Movie 1988)
2. THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO (Anthology Video 1996)
4. OLD BROWN SHOE (Promotion Video 2007)
5. SOMETHING (Anthology Video 1996)
6. SOMETHING (Anthology DVD 2003)
7. THE END (Anthology DVD 2003)
8. FREE AS A BIRD (Anthology DVD 2003)
9. REAL LOVE (Anthology DVD 2003)
10. DERA DUHN (Anthology DVD 2003)
11. BABY, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO (Anthology DVD 2003)
12. RAUNCHY (Anthology DVD 2003)
13. THINKING OF LINKING (Anthology DVD 2003)
14. BLU MOON OF KENTUCKY (Anthology DVD 2003)
15. AIN’T SHE SWEET (Anthology DVD 2003)
16. OUTTAKES MEDLEY 1 (Anthology DVD 2003)
17. OUTTAKES MEDLEY 2 (Anthology DVD 2003)
18. GOLDEN SLUMBERS / CARRY THAT WEIGHT – Take 1 (Anthology DVD 2003)
19. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS – Take 1 (Anthology DVD 2003)
20. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS – Final Take (Anthology DVD 2003)
21. A DAY IN THE LIFE – Fragment (Anthology DVD 2003)
22. SOMETHING – Playback (CNN Music Room 2003)
23. COME TOGETHER – Playback (BBC 2009)
24. HERE COMES THE SUN – Playback (2011)
25. HERE COMES THE SUN with Lost Guitar Solo (2012)
26. COME TOGETHER (Love Remix 2006)
27. SOMETHING (Love Remix 2006)
28. OCTPUS’S GARDEN (Love Remix 2006)
29. HERE COMES THE SUN (Love Remix 2006)
30. POLYTHENE PAM – Playback (Bonus Track)

compiled by DAP 2020”

Digital Archives Promotion. DAP-B048

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