Beach Boys / Keep And Eye On Summer 1964 Brian Wilson Production Vol 2 / 2CD

Beach Boys / Keep And Eye On Summer 1964 Brian Wilson Production Vol 2 / 2CD / Big Beat Production

Translated Text:

Brian Wilson Production Vol 2. Stereo / Mono

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Brian Wilson Production vol.2 by BB 5’s enthusiastic fan compilation appears in a two-sheet press board! It is a new definitive compilation title of 1964 Realismies that thoroughly recorded on 2 CDs with focus on session sound sources and realities. This project started with “I want this BB 5 item” (planner talk), finished in a item that draws a line with the Bimme cheap half board rolling on the street!
Front Jacket uses Shut Down Volume 2’s out take photo, and delivers it with content that is fulfilling with delicious grin of preference. Jake has four facing spreads, a color and picture disc specification specially smiling board.

A note from the compiler
★ There is no stereo mix of “I Get Around”
For the live album (Beach Boys Concert) I Get Around and Fun, Fun, and Fun were planning to use live recording in the studio (session on August 31, 64) and use it (this book Disc 2 Tracks 19, 20), but I still did not like it, eventually I decided to dub cheers to a regular studio version.
However, at that time I overwrote the vocal track and I made it impossible to make stereo with double track. That is why it is single-tracked only by the a cappella of “I Get Around” (see the main board Disc 1 track 25) for this reason.

★ The Christian calendar is stated in the stereo mix because there is a history that stereo mix has gradually been dispensed every time you issue the best board.
2007 · · · “Warmth Of The Sun”
2009 · · · “Summer Loves Songs”
2012 · · · “Made In California” and so on.

★ Johnny B. Goode (Unreleased Live Single Version)
(See Disc 2 track 33)
With this single, it turned out to be live recording other than August 1, 1964.
It is believed that “In My Room” and “Little Deuce Coupe” not playing on August 1, 1964 played December 23rd, 1983

BB5の熱烈なファン編纂によるブライアン・ウィルソン・プロダクション vol.2が、2枚組プレス盤で登場!セッション音源、レアリティーズを中心にCD2枚に徹底収録した1964年レアリティーズの新たなる決定的コンピレーション・タイトルです。「こんなBB5アイテムが欲しい」(企画者談)と始まった当企画、巷に転がるビミョーな廉価ハーフ盤とは一線を画すアイテムに仕上がりました!
フロントジャケはShut Down Volume 2のアウトテイクフォト使用で、通好みの思わずニヤリとする仕上がりで充実した内容でここにお届け致します。ジャケは4面見開き、盤も思わずニヤリのカラー・ピクチャーディスク仕様。

★”I Get Around”のステレオミックスがない訳
ライブアルバム(Beach Boys Concert)のためにI Get AroundとFun, Fun, Funはスタジオでライブレコーディングをして(64年8月31日のセッション)、それを使用する予定だったが(本盤Disc2 トラック19、20参照)、それでも気に入らず、結局通常のスタジオバージョンに歓声をダビングすることにした。
しかし、その際ボーカルトラックに上書きしてしまい、ダブルトラックでステレオを作れなくしてしまった。”I Get Around”のアカペラ(本盤Disc1 トラック25参照)だけシングルトラックなのはこういう理由からである。

2007年・・・「Warmth Of The Sun」
2009年・・・「Summer Loves Songs」
2012年・・・「Made In California」等々。

★Johnny B. Goode (Unreleased Live Single Version)
(Disc2 トラック33参照)
64年8月1日は演奏していない”In My Room”、 “Little Deuce Coupe”は63年12月23日演奏と思われる。

Disc 1
01. Fun, Fun, Fun (Sessions)
02. Fun, Fun, Fun (Instrumental)
03. Fun, Fun, Fun (A Cappella)
04. Fun, Fun, Fun (New Stereo Mix)
05. Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Sessions)
06. Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Instrumental)
07. Why Do Fools Fall In Love (New Stereo Mix)
08. Don’t Worry Baby (Sessions)
09. Don’t Worry Baby (Off Vocal)
10. Don’t Worry Baby (2009 Stereo Mix)
11. In The Parkin Lot (Sessions)
12. In The Parkin Lot (A Capella)
13. The Warmth Of The Sun (Sessions)
14. The Warmth Of The Sun (Off Vocal)
15. The Warmth Of The Sun (2012 Stereo Mix)
16. Pom, Pom Play Girl (Sessions)
17. Pom, Pom Play Girl (Off Vocal)
18. Pom, Pom Play Girl (New Stereo Mix)
19. Dennys Drums (Sessions)
20. Dennys Drums (Alternate Version)
21. Keep An Eye On Summer (Off Vocal)
22. Endless Sleep [Jody Reynols] (Previously Unreleased)
23. I Get Around (Sessions)
24. I Get Around (Instrumental)
25. I Get Around (A Cappella)
26. All Summer Long (Sessions)
27. All Summer Long (Intrumental)
28. All Summer Long (A Cappella)
29. All Summer Long (2007 Stereo Mix)
30. Hushabye (Off Vocal)
31. I Get Around (Label Original Stereo Mix)

Disc 2
01. Girls On The Beach (Sessions)
02. Girls On The Beach (A Cappella)
03. Wendy (Sessions)
04. Wendy (A Cappella)
05. Don’t Back Down (Alternate Version New Mix)
06. Little Saint Nick (First Version, Sessions)
07. Little Saint Nick (First Version, New Stereo Mix)
08. Untitled Jam (Sessions)
09. Let’s Live Before We Die (Sessions)
10. Little Honda (Alternate Version, Sessions)
11. Little Honda (Alternate Version, New Stereo Mix)
12. Little Honda (Unreleased Single Mix)
13. She Knows Me Too Well (Off Vocal)
14. She Knows Me Too Well (A Cappella)
15. Don’t Hurt My Little Sister (A Cappella)
16. Christmas Eve (Arranged by Dick Reynols, Christmas Album Out Take)
17. Jingle Bells (Arranged by Dick Reynols, Christmas Album Out Take)
18. When I Grow Up (A Cappella)
19. Fun, Fun, Fun (Unreleased Live Sessions for “BEACH BOYS’ CONCERT” 31st August 1964)
20. I Get Around (Unreleased Live Sessions for “BEACH BOYS’ CONCERT” 31st August 1964)
21. I’m So Young (Alternate Version, Sessions)
22. I’m So Young (Alternate Version, New Stereo Mix)
23. All Dressed Up For School (Sessions)
24. All Dressed Up For School (New Stereo Mix)
25. Dance, Dance, Dance (Alternate Version, New Stereo Mix)
26. Dance, Dance, Dance (Instrumental, Take 1)
27. Dance, Dance, Dance (Instrumental, Take 17)
28. Dance, Dance, Dance (A Cappella)
29. I Get Around (BBC Top Gear 6th November 1964)
30. The Little Old Lady From Pasadena (BBC Top Gear 6th November 1964)
31. Graduation Day (BBC Tpo Gear 6th November 1964)
32. Surfin’ USA (BBC Top Gear 6th November 1964)
33. Johnny B. Goode (Unreleased Live Single Version, The Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA. 21st December 1963)
34. Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Label Original Single Edit Stereo Mix)

Big Beat Production. TBB-006/7 

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