Eric Clapton / Detroit 1975 / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Detroit 1975 / 2CD / Beano
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Live at Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI. USA 1st July 1975

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This week we will release Eric Clapton’s first release source! Although we have two lineups, we will introduce the first edition of this main board. It will be a high quality title with complete collection of the Detroit performance on 1 July 1975 with a very good stereo and audience. To say the 75th annual tour in the US, many nominations, name sounds have been released so far, but it is the main board that can not be caught by them as well. Because that JEMS recorded with recording equipment of eight tracks. It is perfectly clear and it is a realistic sound image that feels the depth of the depth as well. Before explaining the performance of Clapton of this day, let’s see in time series how this performance was in this national tour.

«April 1, 1975: Release of album ‘THERE’S ONE IN EVERY CROWD’»
· April 1975: Hawaii & Oceania Tour
· May 1975: Rehearsal for a national tour starting from the following month (During this time, when I returned to the UK I got a collision accident with a truck while driving a Ferrari.With cars wrecked, miraculously Clapton is a major injury I did not owe it)
– 14th June – 30th August 1975: Tour of the whole country over 47 days ← ★ Coco ★
· September 1975 ~: Off

Although it was Clapton who was experiencing such as losing his life with a major accident nearly ahead of the long-term tour from the next month, on a tour that began without any doubt, listen to the crispy leather play which can not be mistaken for the previous year’s drunk play I did. Of course, even in this performance of the main board, sharp cuts are made, and the slow-hand playing technique to be convoluted is bursting everywhere. The most interesting thing is that on this tour that Layla is supposed to be opening, the set list is different like “freaky”. The head is Fayido from Satoshi of former master, but it is an unexpected development that it starts with Motherless Children. Fans of the venue that had listened to the set list at the review would be surprised. It is pushed by the next song. What is it and I’m got into Ray Charles’ I’ve Got A Woman. This rare set will continue, and it is the cream Sunshine Of Your Love that will be played without intervening from Layla! . Clapton shares George Terry and vocals like the original version of Jack Bruce. Intermediate solo is also not swinging out since 1986, not playing thrilling! And what a medley to Crossroads. I give up. What a day it is to do it to Little Wing on top of that! (What a day!). Carlos Santana, a best friend who nominated for opening act, flew into Encore, and it has expanded Clapton and a guitar battle (to be precise, George Terry ‘s slide is also involved in a three – way battle). This is also listening. Because it is JEMS sound source of the trust 8 track masters, mastering given by our shop was kept within the necessary minimum range. I tightened the sound image and gave a sharp contrast. In the second half the left channel was falling high, so I picked up and balanced with the right channel. And since the left and right balance was subtlely coming back and forth, it was adjusted optimally. As a result of these, sound quality that was originally pretty good improved further, the impression should have improved considerably. It can be said that it is a famous sound source that understands the magnitude of Clapton in 75 years. If I think, it was this year that Santana, who was nominated for the opening act, was stimulated and developed freely, with a passionate mind, a magnificent performance. And maybe it can be said that it was Clapton of this year that demonstrated the best as a “live artist”. Please appreciate it perfectly.


≪1975年4月1日:アルバム「THERE’S ONE IN EVERY CROWD」リリース≫
・1975年6月14日~8月30日:47日間に亘る全米ツアー ←★ココ★

翌月からの長期ツアーを控えて、危うく大事故で命も失うかというような経験をしていたクラプトンでしたが、無事始まったツアーでは、前年の泥酔プレイとは見違えるばかりのキレッキレッのプレイを聴かせました。もちろん本盤のこの公演でもシャープに切り込み、畳みかけるスローハンド奏法が随所で炸裂しています。何よりも面白いのは、Laylaがオープニングだったと思われているこのツアーにあって、セットリストが「気紛れ」のように異なっていることです。頭は元マスターの上智からフェイドインですが、Motherless Childrenで始めるという意外な展開です。口コミでセットリストを聞いていた会場のファンは驚いたことでしょう。それは次曲でダメ押しされます。何とレイ・チャールズのI’ve Got A Womanをぶち込んでくるのです。このレアなセットは以降も続き、Laylaから間髪入れずに演奏されるのは、クリームのSunshine Of Your Love!。クラプトンが、オリジナル・バージョンのジャック・ブルースとのように、ジョージ・テリーとボーカルを分け合います。中間のソロも86年以降のイマイチキレのない構成ではなく、スリリングに弾き捲っています!そして何とCrossroadsへのメドレー。参りました。その上にLittle Wingまでやってくれるとは、まったく何て日だ!(What a day!)。アンコールには、オープニング・アクトに指名した親友カルロス・サンタナが飛入りし、クラプトンとギターバトルを展開しています(正確には、ジョージ・テリーのスライドも加わっての三つ巴戦です)。これも聴きものです。信頼の8トラックマスターのJEMS音源ですから、当店が施したマスタリングは必要最低限の範囲に留めました。音像をタイトにしてメリハリを付けました。.後半は左チャンネルがハイ落ちしていましたので、持ち上げて右チャンネルとバランスを取りました。そして微妙に左右バランスが行ったり来たりしていましたので、最適に調整。これらの結果、元々かなり良好だった音質が、さらに向上し、印象はかなり良くなっているはずです。75年のクラプトンの凄さがよく分かる名音源と言っていいでしょう。思えば、オープニング・アクトに指名したサンタナにも刺激を受けて、自由に、気の赴くまま雄大なパフォーマンスを展開したのがこの年。そして最も「ライブ・アーティスト」としての本領を発揮したのがこの年のクラプトンだったと言えるのではないでしょうか。是非そのあたりをじっくりご鑑賞ください。

Disc 1 (42:46)
1. Motherless Children 2. I’ve Got A Woman 3. Ramblin’ On My Mind 4. Singin’ The Blues
5. Layla 6. Sunshine of Your Love 7. Crossroads

Disc 2 (46:33)
1. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 2. Further On Up The Road 3. Little Wing 4. Tell The Truth
5. Eyesight To The Blind *

Eric Clapton – Guitar / Vocals George Terry – Guitar Dicks Sims – Keyboards
Carl Radle – Bass Jamie Oldaker – Drums Yvonne Elliman – Backing Vocals
Marcy Levy – Backing Vocals Carlos Santana – Guitar*


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