BBM / Gary Moore Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce / Naked Flame / 4CD

BBM / Gary Moore, Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce / Naked Flame / 4CD / Wardour

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Live at Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland 23rd May 1994 & Live at Brixton Academy, London, UK 5th June 1994 .


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CREAM you’ve changed the rock music. For those who love beyond the dimension that is disseminated to the general public “band that Eric Clapton had a long time ago”, speaking of the most important figures of Kano name band, what not than a Jack Bruce. 2014 that the great man is has become a people that does not come back, I am facing one of the proposition. It “Does the music that I we have loved to bet the life, was what the heck”. Answer to the eternal question is hundred hundred colors, but the live album to be a hint to derive the answer is determined by the release luxury specification of the press 4CD!
This work, out of the BBM of live was only just 15 times in 1994, is a live album that was recorded two shows worth of audience recording of “best”. Once “CITY OF GOLD (MASTERPORT 176)” and “BRIXTON ACADEMY (MASTERPORT 113)” is released in, those that were coupled the name recording that has received rave reviews in the industry. At the time, “What, BBM or” because there was often also those who think lightly with, but did not forced to release in the CDR, precisely because now the spotlight hits the life itself of Jack, press CD specification (and modern the latest in technology remastered), we will introduce again to everyone.

First of all, let’s introduce from history of BBM, which became the history of Adabana. August 1993, Leave is guitar Blues Saraceno from Jack Blues Band was in Germany tour. From the fact that Gary Moore has been invited as the understudy, 1 page of history began. Originally Gary was a relationship of old friend and Jack in the session activities of the ’80s, was further hit it off through this work, both name and begins to move towards the formation of the unit to co-star. Gary has been eager to participate in Ginger Baker for this time Jack, the evil of the compromise of Jack and Ginger course well-known fact. Nevertheless, it grew up Gary hugging a longing to CREAM is not completely give up, pleading that “even in desperately non”. As a result, Jack invites Ginger to 50 comeback year concert of November 1993, I super unit “BBM” was born as a trigger it. They released the album “AROUND THE NEXT DREAM” in May the following year 1994, but implementation of the European Tour also announced over three months from May to July, the ginger has its own band, also and Jack since the relationship still was something that it is difficult to repair, and the quotient is canceled more. Result gig that was realized as the only 15 times of 23 in performance that has been scheduled, the band was also would be finished within the natural extinction.
This work is one that was coupled carefully selected two performances you can enjoy the best Quality longest time among the precious live. In particular sound of Glasgow performance of disk 1 and 2 is overwhelming. “Sound board-level”, etc., not to mention, I of the tremendous quality of about swallowable smoothly inconsistent expression “official class audience.” Separation of each instrument is also perfect, direct sense of perfection, balance perfect, treble also bass even want perfection Tsu …, How do I Tteyuu white referral! (Laughs)
At the time of its possible Glasgow performances and coupling, the sound quality of the London performance of disk 3, 4 also would like you guessed. Well, I find the shortcomings by force, but you will find extremely also inferior point than perfect Glasgow performances, is to whether the …… of such level of sound must be such a thing for what. (Strangely compared to direct Glasgow sound source, there is little sound the distance, but still we have significantly upgraded by the current remastered!)

It was long, but even this prelude. The main topic of the essential requirements is live itself. Where it played is of the finest blues-rock that combines the maturity and season. Speaking of 1994, Gary and successful career best in blues route, only Jack and Ginger Baker was “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” filled with CREAM. Had Gary / Jack / Ginger in the midst of praise while receiving the tailwind is, live to reproduce the most good music does not have should intends nasty.
In fact, yesteryear classics is also seven songs are Choice, BBM of the original also “CREAM” mark that will showcase eight songs. Exactly, I make me enjoy the heavy live that said not Terawa odd “Gary version CREAM”. Longing of two Gary of guitar work that freeze to back, feeling the presence and exceptional play said that “lead-based” Jack, sharp drumming you do not know the decline of ginger. However, Although it is BBM that had also received reputation of “rehash” to just straightforward representation of the sound that is too sought, it’s a sincere live to each person of flavor so much. Has been danced in prejudice of age sounds, but now that ’20 has passed, you sound the first time in its enhancement is in the mind to direct.
Many of Suponteniasu play that three people magnate unfolds is honed to tight as you listen in “I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean To Me?)” And “Glory Days,” “Naked Flame”, it’s called exactly hardball tour de force is appropriate. “Sitting On Top Of The World,” “Deserted Cities Of The Heart” excellent play CREAM number also to meet the expectations of the Old fans have been barrage. “Sunshine Of Your Love” in the encore the entire venue sang along with Jack, come decorated with great excitement. Indeed, I the highest of the hearing in the sense of realism 198 minutes to involve the hand.

So, if those who loved the CREAM, you’ll see another you. Kano true value of name band, was it what the stage rather than in the studio work. BBM aimed at its reproduced, also versa. It is listen in the best sound of the full-size, it is what’s the value of this work. Indeed, Gary guitar might be “excessive” than Clapton. However, please remember. CREAM is, precisely because it was “excessive” than black blues man, should was great. (And, human relationship of the person who) era of the mid-’90’s BBM that disappeared without occupy know therefore own. Of course, it does not say and listen to impossible to those who they feel is in the “I do not mean ‘s not Clapton,” “What’ll either BBM”. However, those who kindly relationship you here to the Dabun is, should you are kindly interested and “did you How was the place of true?”. The such everyone, to have absolute confidence, we recommend this press 4CD.

 本作は、1994年にわずか15回しかなかったBBMのライヴのうち、2公演分を「極上」のオーディエンス録音で収録したライヴ・アルバムです。かつて「CITY OF GOLD(MASTERPORT 176)」や「BRIXTON ACADEMY(MASTERPORT 113)」でリリースされ、業界内では大絶賛を受けた名録音をカップリングしたもの。当時は「なんだ、BBMか」と軽く考える方も多かったため、CDRでリリースせざるを得ませんでしたが、ジャックの人生そのものにスポットライトが当たる今だからこそ、プレスCD仕様(そして、現代の最新技術リマスター)で、皆様に再度ご紹介させていただきます。

まずは、歴史の徒花となったBBMの経緯からご紹介しましょう。1993年8月、ドイツツアー中だったジャック・ブルース・バンドからギターのブルース・サラセノが脱退。その代役としてゲイリー・ムーアが招かれたことから、歴史の1ページは始まりました。もともとゲイリーは’80年代のセッション活動でジャックとは旧知の仲でしたが、この仕事を通じてさらに意気投合し、両名は共演するユニットの結成に向けて動き始める。ゲイリーはこの時ジャックに対してジンジャー・ベイカーの参加を熱望しましたが、ジャックとジンジャーの折り合いの悪さは当然周知の事実。それでもなお、CREAMに憧れを抱いて育ったゲイリーは諦めきれず、「是が非でも」との嘆願。その結果、ジャックは1993年11月の50再起年コンサートにジンジャーを誘い、それをきっかけとしてスーパー・ユニット“BBM”が誕生したのです。彼らは翌1994年5月にアルバム「AROUND THE NEXT DREAM」をリリースし、5月から7月まで3ヶ月にわたるヨーロッパツアーの実施も発表しましたが、ジンジャーには自身のバンドがあり、またジャックとの関係もなお修復し難いものがあったため、ショウはキャンセル続き。結果として実現したギグは予定された23公演中の15回のみで、バンドも自然消滅のうちに終わってしまいました。

三人の巨頭が繰り広げるスポンテニアスなプレイの数々は「I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean To Me?)」や「Glory Days」「Naked Flame」で聴けるとおりタイトに研ぎ澄まされ、まさに真剣勝負と呼ぶのがふさわしい名演。「Sitting On Top Of The World」「Deserted Cities Of The Heart」のCREAMナンバーもオールドファンの期待に応える秀逸なプレイが連発しています。アンコールの「Sunshine Of Your Love」は会場全体がジャックと共に歌い、大変な盛り上がりで飾ってくる。まさに、最高の臨場感で聴き手を巻き込む198分間なのです。


Live at Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland 23rd May 1994 

Disc 1 (48:53)
1. Introduction 2. Waiting In The Wings 3. City Of Gold 4. I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean To Me?) 
5. Sitting On Top Of The World 6. Glory Days 7. Naked Flame 8. Deserted Cities Of The Heart 
9. Can’t Fool The Blues

Disc 2 (47:24)
1. High Cost Of Loving 2. Tales Of Brave Ulysses 3. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ 
4. Why Does Love (Have To Go Wrong)? 5. Politician 6. I Feel Free 7. Sunshine Of Your Love

Live at Brixton Academy, London, UK 5th June 1994 

Disc 3 (50:46)
1. Introduction 2. Waiting In The Wings 3. City Of Gold 4. I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean To Me?) 
5. Sitting On Top Of The World 6. Glory Days 7. Naked Flame 8. Deserted Cities Of The Heart 
9. Can’t Fool The Blues

Disc 4 (51:57)
1. High Cost Of Loving 2. Tales Of Brave Ulysses 3. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ 
4. Why Does Love (Have To Go Wrong)? 5. Politician 6. I Feel Free 7. Sunshine Of Your Love

Jack Bruce – Bass, Vocal Gary Moore Guitar, Vocal Ginger Baker – Drums
Tommy Eyre – Keyboards


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