Badfinger / Straight Up Rare And Unreleased / 1CDR

Badfinger / Straight Up / 1CDR / Beatfile
Translated Text:
Rare & Unreleased Collector’s Edition. Soundboard

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Rare and unreleased collection of the most popular famous board “Straight Up” as the greatest masterpiece of the Beatles debut from the Apple label, “Bad Finger” appeared!
The first 12 songs are a complete reproduction of the original album version that was in the collection before George Harrison and Todd Rundgren joined the producer later.
In the second half, including single hits “Baby Blue” and “Day After Day”, rare sound sources such as valuable demonstration sound sources, BBC live, and alternate mix are collectively recorded. Bad Finger This is the 4th collection of notable Collector’s Edition series!

01. Suitcase (early version)/02. I’ll be the one/03. No good at all/04. Sweet tuesday morning (early version)/05. Baby please/06. Mean mean jemima/07. Name of the game (early version)/08. Loving you/09. Money (early version)/10. Flying (early version)/11. Sing for the song/12. Perfection (early version)/13. Name of the game (al kooper overdub version)/14. Baby blue (us single mix)/15. Lean lean athena (instrumental)/16. Day after day (rough mix)/17. Take it all (demo)/18. Perfection (demo)/19. Take it all (bbc session)/20. Suitcase (bbc session)/21. Sweet tuesday morning (bbc session)/22. Day after day (studio live)

Rare & Unreleased collector’s edition

Beatfile. BFP-109

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