Aerosmith / Video Scrapbook / 1DVD

Aerosmith / Video Scrapbook / 1DVD / Non Label

Translated text:
The Silverdome, Pontiac, MI (May 8th, 1976), Capital Centre, Largo, MD (November 9th, 1978. Pro-shot


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Highest official video plenty Ogameru the ’70s it was a dangerous and sexy to be revived in the world’s best quality! Official work was released in 1987 to “VIDEO SCRAPBOOK” is the emergence of the press DVD was reprinted from the Japanese edition laser disk !!
Last year is also reprint DVD of “LIVE TEXXAS JAM ’78” was the continued very popular, this work is aligned with that large masterpiece video, valuable footage of “70s AEROSMITH”. Original VHS is “PERMANENT VACATION” of, but was released in 1987 along the large revival, contents 70s itself. In about half of the video is 1976, “Lightning Strikes” juice 70s or even this except! It’s a masterpiece video to overflowing with. While it is is such a delicious “VIDEO SCRAPBOOK” is not even officially on DVD now, it was buried in the darkness of history. This work, one of I, which was realized by the “world’s best quality” to take every means in order to overturn the situation. The …… a reprint series usual commentary from here.
I wrote and “any means”, but become its Omoto is the Japanese record laser disk. But it has passed a considerable amount of time from the DVD appeared, all of the video masterpiece of rock history has not been transferred to the official DVD unfortunately. If you try to pursue the source of revive the finest such a video, and I end up in the laser disc was a DVD previous high-end media. “Japan Edition” is special among them. The even look in the world was keen on the latest technology and media from that time, my Japan. Early spread also laser disc, the finest the world in number of titles and manufacturing quality both. “MADE IN JAPAN” among enthusiasts around the world has become a brand now. In fact, the more by the band to some cases that the official DVD of the video can not find the master from Japan board laser disc, if you are aging also found master tapes, there is also the fact that after all those of laser disc was good It is.
Of course, just by simply using the Japanese edition is not “any means”. The carefully selected ones of the finest state in which the core collector had been treasured, which was entrusted to the professional overseas manufacturers has turned into DVD. The consumer machines are you pulled out the video and audio laser disc had been contained by different dimension of the environment and equipment to the limit. Quality that has been produced by such a stroke, just the ultimate. Of course, it is not a magic analog shooting garbled in digital quality, beautiful color development, it has been vacuum-packed as it is at that time, nor is there traveling unevenness or distortion, such as a video tape. “‘S Uchi players, this quality is not! Be seen” even you have a kind of laser disks and, it is about also come many customers us become a repeater of the series.

Well, let’s get back to business. Kind of world highest peak was revived in Quality “70s AEROSMITH” is really fresh! “VIDEO SCRAPBOOK” has a hot raw stage video eight songs in all 12 songs, live clips that two songs were patch a variety of video, two songs configuration that promo clip. Video clip except for the only previous song “DRAW THE LINE”, live video, especially occupies the entire half of those of the “May 8, 1976 Pontiac performance”, a whopping five days after the release date of Daimyo board “ROCKS” ! Exactly even in the golden life in the golden age, and the most vigorous had moment itself that I !! its six songs “Toys In The Attic,” “Same Old Song And Dance”, “Sweet Emotion,” “Adam’s Apple”, “Train Kept A Rollin ‘, “” SOS (Too Bad) “. This is the representative song to be played today, but the glue from bleeding from the video, Abuna is not the ratio. In addition, various live converse the video “Dream On” Pontiac performance in “Walk This Way” is then you are Fichua, “Chip Away The Stone,” “Draw The Line” in the video of 1978 be set to. Yet seems to sum up the ’70s, it’s the fact of the look try the stage, which was shining most fire.
In addition to such delicious main “VIDEO SCRAPBOOK”, in this work was promo video also will add recording of “Chip Away The Stone,” “No Surprize” “Lightning Strikes”. Promo of “Lightning Strikes”, which has been recorded in this volume, special edition there had sprinkled the video of the 1987 Texas jam. This bonus is the original version. This additional recording, but is not original PV of four songs worth in conjunction with the “Chiquita” in the main recording is seen, it is all of the initial music video of AEROSMITH this 4 Tsukoso was directed by Arnold Levine. Of course, both of which were used in carefully selected the highest quality version transmitted to the present.

Following the “LIVE TEXXAS JAM ’78” section in the release last year, this work has revived the official video of “70s AEROSMITH” in the world’s best quality. Their official video cool to best without Abu is not only these two. Moreover, this time “TOYS IN THE ATTIC” “ROCKS” large Fichua the era. Was huge in the rock world’s largest monster is their wonderful, but what they to be displayed in this work nature. While ambition also passion also to bare, 70s AEROSMITH fly Bukkake without calculation plans. Official video vent the lock of the essence to direct, by all means at the beginning lock of 2016!

最高に危険でセクシーだった70年代をたっぷり拝めるオフィシャル映像が世界最高峰クオリティで蘇りました! 1987年にリリースされた公式作品「VIDEO SCRAPBOOK」を日本盤レーザーディスクから復刻したプレスDVDの登場です!!
昨年も「LIVE TEXXAS JAM ’78」の復刻DVDが大好評を賜りましたが、本作はあの大傑作映像と並び、“70年代AEROSMITH”の貴重映像集。オリジナルVHSは「PERMANENT VACATION」の大復活に沿うように1987年にリリースされましたが、中身は70年代そのもの。約半分の映像が1976年で、「Lightning Strikes」以外は70年代ジュースがこれでもか!とあふれ出す傑作映像なのです。そんな美味しい「VIDEO SCRAPBOOK」ですが、現在は公式にDVD化もされず、歴史の闇に葬られたまま。本作は、その状況をひっくり返すためにあらゆる手段を講じて“世界最高峰クオリティ”を実現させた1枚なのです。ここからは復刻シリーズお決まりの解説を……。
“あらゆる手段”と書きましたが、その大元となるのは日本盤レーザーディスクです。DVD登場からかなりの時間が経ちましたが、残念ながらロック史のけっさく映像の総てが公式DVDに移し替えられたわけではない。そんな映像を蘇らせる最高級のソースを追求しようとすれば、DVD以前のハイエンド・メディアであったレーザーディスクに行き着くのです。その中でも“日本盤”は別格。当時から世界的に見ても最新技術・メディアに熱心だったのは、我が日本。レーザーディスクについても早くから普及し、タイトル数・製造品質共に世界最高級。現在も世界中のマニアたちの間で“MADE IN JAPAN”がブランドとなっている。実際、バンドによってはマスターが見つからない映像を日本盤レーザーディスクから公式DVD化するケースもありますし、マスターテープが見つかっても経年劣化していて、結局レーザーディスクの方が良かったということもあるほどです。

さて、本題に戻りましょう。そんな世界最高峰クオリティで蘇った“70年代AEROSMITH”は実に瑞々しい! 「VIDEO SCRAPBOOK」は全12曲中8曲が熱い生ステージ映像で、2曲が様々な映像をパッチしたライヴクリップ、2曲がプロモクリップという構成。ビデオクリップ以外は「DRAW THE LINE」以前の曲ばかりで、特に全体の半分を占めるライヴ映像は「1976年5月8日ポンティアック公演」のもので、なんと大名盤「ROCKS」の発売日から5日後! まさに黄金期中の黄金期でも、一番勢いのあった刹那そのものなのです!! その6曲とは「Toys In The Attic」「Same Old Song And Dance」「Sweet Emotion」「Adam’s Apple」「Train Kept A Rollin’」「S.O.S. (Too Bad)」。現在でも演奏される代表曲ですが、映像から滲むノリ、アブナさは比ではありません。そのほか、様々ライヴ映像を交える「Dream On」「Walk This Way」でもポンティアック公演がフィーチュアされますし、「Chip Away The Stone」「Draw The Line」にしても1978年の映像。70年代を総括しているようでありながら、実際に見てみると一番輝いていたステージの連射なのです。
そんな美味しい本編「VIDEO SCRAPBOOK」に加え、本作には「Chip Away The Stone」「No Surprize」「Lightning Strikes」のプロモビデオも追加収録いたしました。「Lightning Strikes」のプロモは、本編にも収録されていますが、そちらは1987年テキサスジャムの映像を交えた特別版。ボーナスのこちらはオリジナル版です。この追加収録により、本編収録の「Chiquita」と合わせて4曲分のオリジナルPVが見られるわけですが、この4つこそがアーノルド・レヴィーンが監督したAEROSMITHの初期ミュージックビデオの総てです。もちろん、いずれも現在にまで伝わる最高クオリティ版を厳選して使用しました。

昨年リリースの「LIVE TEXXAS JAM ’78」に続き、“70年代AEROSMITH”の公式映像を世界最高峰クオリティで蘇らせた本作。最高にアブなくて格好いい彼らのオフィシャル映像は、この2本しかありません。しかも、今回は「TOYS IN THE ATTIC」「ROCKS」時代を大フィーチュア。ロック界最大のモンスターに巨大化した彼らも素晴らしいですが、本作に映し出される彼らこそが本性。野心も情熱も丸出しにしながら、計算も計画もなくぶっ飛ぶ70年代AEROSMITH。ロックの真髄をダイレクトにぶちまけるオフィシャル映像、2016年のロック初めにぜひ!

1. Toys In The Attic (Live at Silverdome, Pontiac 8th May 1976)
2. Same Old Song And Dance (Live at Silverdome, Pontiac 8th May 1976)
3. Chip Away The Stone (Live at Capital Centre, Largo 9th November 1978)
4. Draw The Line (Live at California Jam 2 18th March 1978)
5. Dream On (Various Locations) (Live at Silverdome, Pontiac 8th May 1976, Landover 22nd December 1977, etc)
6. Sweet Emotion (Live at Silverdome, Pontiac 8th May 1976)
7. Chiquita (Music Video)
8. Lightning Strikes (Music Video) incl. Texxas Jam 1987
9. Walk This Way (Various Locations) Pontiac 1976 , Largo 1978, Worcester 1984, Texxas Jam 1987
10. Adam’s Apple (Live at Silverdome, Pontiac 8th May 1976)
11. Train Kept A Rollin’ (Live at Silverdome, Pontiac 8th May 1976)
12. S.O.S. (Too Bad) (Live at Silverdome, Pontiac 8th May 1976)


1. Chip Away The Stone 2. No Surprize 3. Lightning Strikes (Original Version)


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