Led Zeppelin / Newcastle 1969 Plus / 2CD + 1 Bonus CD

Led Zeppelin / Newcastle 1969 Plus / 2CD + 1 Bonus CD / Graf Zeppelin

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City Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear, UK 20th June 1969 & Merriweather Post pavillion, Columbia, Maryland, USA 25th 1969.

Bonus CD “Led Zeppelin” US Promo White Label.



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★ ’69 years Rare Live compilation title appeared in the press CD!
★ main of Newcastle and Birmingham is not a net source, CD of receiving the offer from overseas collectors!
★ comes 1st press CD with US Promo Edition of the album is limited bonus! (4 Side Jacquet also included)
200 limited edition numbering filled with stickers ★ (attached to the front of the front case)

Ying Newcastle performance of 69 years June 20, in the main, and three songs from March 22, the British Birmingham performances, rice Columbia ZEP’69_nenrea Live compilation board was recorded one song than performances at press platen is the appearance!
Is what originally had been postponed despite the release info to a few years ago, except for changing the title of the release decision in the form of the original planning street! Of course also press the bonus disc included (see below)!

Part of the main of Newcastle, but is a source of extremely enthusiasts, production received the offer from overseas collectors. Less some songs between the cut than the net sound source (Pat’s Delight ~ How Many among the first full-length recording) there are advantages, such as, but strictly to the original sound quality, is the sound source for very advanced users. Playing itself in mono audience recording is sound captured at close range, but the conspicuous collapse of the bass in the recording time, also a hiss often sound source. Mitigate the low frequency in some Ikoraingu processing Upon this CD of, but we are also slightly removing hiss, too spear musical tone becomes unnatural sound, such as your ups and downs, because that would deteriorate to the contrary, within a range that does not appear affected, since the processing is slightly kept, it takes a certain amount of patience in relation to the collapse of the hiss and low frequency. In addition, digital distortion of sound, which said that he had been frequent in its outstanding “crackled”, because there is no deterioration, the point is always finished in a polite mastering of the required minimum of this label of the street. 6 song is Pieces featuring Robert of harmonica. Do not lend me a harmonica in the MC? So hot is the venue are crazy pitch of harmonica, it seems to say that like.

Birmingham performance was recorded in the second half of the Disc2 will be spared a short Duration, but edge with no sound too release, yet high-quality monaural audience recording at that time.
Here also use the sound of the collector provides overseas rather than a net source. In the underground is not a net, two sound sources of Newcastle and Birmingham had been distributed is coupling. The sound source, although it is almost the same as the net version, and raise the fine point, to the extent tape noise is long some of both ends of the sound source, which has been fading in the net version, playing the end of the dazzle is playing itself the difference is in the degree to which a cut-out rather than a fade-out. Is carefully correction here also pitch that was mad in its outstanding we have recorded in no equal- Ing.

Although quite a mania for the sound source, because these days recording decent boot was not out thing which has been subjected to terrible equalizing does not come out at all, this is the decision board.

Disc2 last of Colombia performance also only one song full breasts that have been released since the 1990s, is a monaural recording audience and say tolerably good. Carefully remastered recorded net sound source.
It was in the original sound source, as much as possible carefully repair a little sound out. Localization Besides due to the left at the monaural Rashiku onset is you can watch in a stable localization at the center. This is the finish that it can be said that the current situation best.

Furthermore 1st US Promo White Label LP reprint board of the album comes with a press CD as a bonus disc (see below bottom of description).

City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK 20th June 1969 (Good – poor sound)

★1stアルバムのUS Promo盤を収録したプレスCDが限定ボーナスで付属!(4面ジャケも同梱)


メインのニューカッスルの部分は極めてマニア向けの音源ですが、海外のコレクターから提供を受け制作。ネット音源よりも一部曲間カットが少ない(Pat’s Delight~How Many間は初のノーカット収録)などのアドバンテージはありますが、元々音質的には厳しく、極めて上級者向けの音源です。モノラル・オーディエンス録音で演奏そのものは至近距離で捉えた音源ですが、録音時点での低音の潰れが目立ち、またヒスノイズも多い音源です。今回のCD化にあたり低域を若干イコライング処理で緩和、ヒスノイズも僅かに除去してはいますが、やり過ぎると楽音が浮き沈みおするなどの不自然なサウンドとなり、逆に劣化してしまいますので、影響の出ない範囲で、処理は僅かにとどめていますので、ヒスノイズと低域の潰れに関してはある程度の忍耐を要します。なお、既発で頻発していた「バチバチ」と言ったデジタル的な音の歪み、劣化はありませんので、その点はいつも通りの必要最小限の本レーベルの丁寧なマスタリングで仕上がっています。6曲目はロバートのハーモニカをフィーチャーした小曲です。MCではハーモニカを貸してくれないか?会場内が暑くてハーモニカのピッチが狂っている、などと言っているようです。




さらにボーナス・ディスクとして1st アルバムのUS Promo White Label LP復刻盤がプレスCDで付属します(説明は別記下部参照)。

City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK 20th June 1969 (Good – poor sound)

Disc 1 (45:34)
1. Introductuon
2. The Train Kept A-Rollin’
3. I Can’t Quit You Baby
4. Dazed And Confused
5. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
6. Unknown Song
7. You Shook Me ★演奏後曲間カットあり。

Disc 2 (56:08)
1. Pat’s Delight
★ネット版にはあったPat’s Delight〜How Many More Timesの曲間カットは本盤ではノーカット収録
2. How Many More Times
3. Communication Breakdown★ネット版よりもフェードアウト開始が遅い。

Mothers, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK 22nd March 1969 (Excellent – Very good sound)
4. The Train Kept A’ Rollin’ ★演奏はフェードイン
5. I Can’t Quit You
6. Dazed And Confused ★演奏は序盤でカットアウトで終了(ネット版ではフェードアウト)

Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland, USA 25th May 1969 (Very good sound)
7. Whole Lotta Love ★全体的な音切れを丁寧に補修。定位もモノラルらしくセンターで定位。

“Led Zeppelin” US Promo White Label (Bonus 1CD)

またステレオの左右のチャンネルの問題についても念のため触れておくと、ここでは2014年最新ミックスと同じもの(1曲目Good Timesのイントロハイハットは右ch)で、当時のUK盤とUS盤または日本グラモフォン盤LPなどは全て同じ(=2014年版と同じ定位。)であり、恐らく70年代の再発に際しUS盤と日本盤が反転、その後90年代のCDリマスターでも反転、ということではないでしょうか。

Taken from “LED ZEPPELIN” US Promo White Label LP (SD 8216)

Disc 3 (Bonus Disc)(45:14)
1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
3. You Shook Me
4. Dazed And Confused
5. Your Time Is Gonna Come
6. Black Mountain Side
7. Communication Breakdown
8. I Can’t Quit You Baby
9. How Many More Times


Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-007A/B

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