Aerosmith / Aero Vederci Baby In Moscow / 2CDR

Aerosmith / Aero Vederci Baby In Moscow / 2CDR / Lost And Found
Translated text:
Live at Olympijskiy Stadium, Moscow, Russia on 23 May, 2017. Audience

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Aerosmith where individual activities have been conspicuous in recent years Start tour starting from the end of last year and from this year’s AERO-VERDERCI BABY! TOUR tour which is said to be the last Europe tour, Russia and Moscow performance of May 23rd Appears with high quality sound complete recording!
Starting from “LET THE MUSIC DO THE TALKING” which is popular in Japan, although it is a set list as it is, such as 2 covers of Friedwood · Mack, the latest live sounds after a long time are awaited for fans Do not miss it!

ここ近年個々での活動が目立ったエアロスミスですが昨年暮れよりツアーを開始し、最後のヨーロッパ・ツアーと言われる今年のAERO-VERDERCI BABY! TOURツアーより、5月23日のロシア、モスクワ公演が高音質完全収録で登場!
日本で人気のある「LET THE MUSIC DO THE TALKING」からスタートし、フリードウッド・マックのカヴァー2曲等、それなりに練られたセット・リストですが、何より久々の最新ライヴ音源はファンにとって待望と言え見逃せません!

1. Intro/2. Let the Music Do the Talking/3. Young Lust/4. Cryin’/5. Livin’ on the Edge/6. Rag Doll/7. Love in an Elevator/8. Crazy/9. Stop Messin’ Around/10. Oh Well
1. Jaded/2. Sweet Emotion/3. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing/4. Chip Away the Stone/5. Come Together/6. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)/7. Dream On/8. Walk This Way

Live at Olympijskiy Stadium, Moscow, Russia on 23 May, 2017
Lost And Found. LAF 2465/2466

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