Led Zeppelin / Salt Lake City 1973/ 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Salt Lake City 1973/ 2CD / Non Label
Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 26th May 1973 SBD

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It was released a few weeks ago, and dadgad did it again after “DEFINITIVE MOBILE 1973” which made a lot of upper feeling to call mania of the world. He newly worked on remastering at the Salt Lake City Table-Directed Soundboard on May 26 about two weeks after the previous Mobile. Even though this sound source is directly connected to the same table, the situation that has appeared with Mobil is different. This is a recording that appeared as part of the sound board from the 1973 America Tour, which was excavated in the 21st century, and was also a representative of the 73 sound sources that appeared at that time.
Among the 73 console direct soundboards excavated at the same time, Salt Lake was featured in the spotlight because the page of Les Paul’s strings was cut while playing “Over The Hills And Far Away”. It is probably because a very rare happening was played by connecting the standard “Georgia On My Mind”.
Therefore, it was a particularly popular day among sound sources that should be called “the 21st Century 73 Sound Board”, but there was an omission such as veiled compared to other sound sources in terms of sound quality. Therefore, the item released in the past has been given a fairly strong equalization to eliminate it. Rather, the equalization emphasizes hiss and above all the Bonzo cymbal sounds like a swish swash, which also made it difficult to call it “21st century equalization”.

Perhaps because of that, the item containing the same sound source does not appear surprisingly, and the release combined with the audience recording is barely produced, and the state of the sound source is not yet clearer despite the fact that a big topic was called at the time of appearance It was telling a story. However, the new remaster by dadgad is clearly better than the past version of the sound source itself, and the information of the sound source was actually written from the master.
We have achieved a vivid quality up so as to convince you that the freshness is obvious from the master and understand from the master, and it is promoted to a new definitive version and a level that you want to assert without any price following the previous Mobil alone. Rather than equalize to change the image of the sound source, the first work of dadgad who showed “adjust” the whole is really wonderful. However, once again there were a lot of standing play against pitch freaks peculiar to overseas enthusiasts (wry smile), and since the pitch was randomly high throughout this time, it was precisely adjusted there and limited press CD It is raised to the state not to be ashamed of the release.
Of course, this sound source does not leak to the example of the American table direct connection sound board in ’73, and it is not necessarily the case that the whole show is completely recorded. First of all, the recording started from the second half of the opening “Rock And Roll”, and the recording ended in the middle of “Whole Lotta Love” (without cassette change). So, as I mentioned at the beginning, the items covering up to the final “Communication Breakdown” in combination with the same day’s audience recording were released, but the sound quality of the same day’s audience is the same as the upper feeling of the current sound quality too much Strict quality in any way. It would rather make you feel stressed by connecting them. Certainly, the audience compensation was also tried, but the decision was made here that it should be released only to the sound board that achieved one amazing quality improvement.

The content of the performance that was clear in this way is really interesting again. Two weeks ago Mobil still had the atmosphere of the European tour in the spring, but it was still attractive and solid performance, but here the great taste in a good sense that can be said only in the United States of America 73 has come to the surface The situation is clearly written.
Above all, page play was a series of ups and downs. What happened with the hack is a happening where the strings in the example have been cut. So “Georgia On My Mind” started from Johnsy’s onslaught, but as soon as the page was ready for the Les Paul, the plant stopped playing saying, “The night club is open.” From there I returned to normal sales, but as anyone who has played the guitar can imagine, the guitar just changed strings is likely to be out of tune. As you can see, Misty Mountain Hop unraveled the strings changed from the side of the performance, and finally, at the end of the performance, Paige played a lead while playing the harmonics and rehearsing the tuning. If such a rare scene is documented with superb clearness, it would be a unique sound board.
The unfortunate things are overlapping, and it is said that tuning was inadequate only for this day until a double neck that is not a Les Paul. The evidence is that “The Song Remains The Same” has no problem with the top 12 strings, but if you play the bottom 6 strings, the tuning goes wrong. It will stand out as it becomes a quiet ‘Rain Song’. What’s wrong?

In the early part of the show, he was hit by an accident, and this time Lodi’s fault was causing Paige to pull his leg. When that happens he will not be either human, or grumpy. Mobil’s “Dazed And Confused”, where the development of incandescence was heard, gave me hope until the “San Francisco” part, but if I return from the promised bowing section, I can’t cook one more The page is. That’s why the plant and Bonzo put up the performance and gave it a well-heard performance.
Did the page no longer rot when it became a solo of “Stairway To Heaven”? He played the phrase so crudely that he seemed to have played a low pitched phrase that he always played when the performance returned. This closing method was also seen in the Official DVD’s 75-year-old’s court, where it was caused by a broken string, but it sounds like it was a motivating problem here. It will not be. That’s because after that, even in the “Heartbreaker,” he was always cluttering the hammering solo that lifted the guitar.
However, when this part was over and the band returned, Page suddenly woke up, and the rough play until then began playing with a spirited performance like a lie. It should be said that this is a great advantage of the direct-to-table sound board, and the difference in such expressions is clearly transmitted. Such a “ha” and sharp play as if I returned to me is a wonderful thing in reverse, and the next “Whole Lotta Love” back chorus also sings enthusiastically (it sounds good again! ). Even though the page’s obvious playing unevenness is being documented, he may have been able to show off at the end of the show, whether he is the last of his twenties or the lightness of the footwork.
Not to mention the scene of the famous ad lib “Georgia On My Mind” from the old days, of course the happenings throughout the whole day are really interesting. Such sound source will be reborn appearance in the upper version sound board to clean up the items of the past. Thanks to this wonderful sound quality, the performance of this day has become more enjoyable. However, the drumming excellent in the sense of stability in Bonzo which does not have the above-mentioned happening is also excellent. Following the previous Mobil, a new generation upgraded version of the familiar sound source is here!

★ Corrected because the pitch is 15-30% higher for semitones.

数週間前にリリースされ、あまりのアッパー感が世界中のマニアをアッと言わせた「DEFINITIVE MOBILE 1973」に続いて再びdadgadがやってくれました。彼が新たにリマスターに取り組んだのは先のモービルから約二週間後に行われた5月26日のソルトレイク・シティの卓直結サウンドボード。この音源は同じ卓直結でもモービルとは登場した状況が違います。こちらは21世紀になって大量に発掘された1973年アメリカ・ツアーからのサウンドボードの一環で登場した録音であり、その時期に現れた73音源を代表する存在でもありました。
同時期に発掘された73卓直結サウンドボードの中でもひときわソルトレイクが脚光を浴びたのは「Over The Hills And Far Away」を演奏中にペイジのレスポールの弦が切れてしまったことから、場つなぎでスタンダード「Georgia On My Mind」のさわりを演奏するという大変珍しいハプニングが捉えられていたからでしょう。

もちろん本音源は73年アメリカ卓直結サウンドボードの例に漏れず、ショー全体を完全収録している訳ではない。まずオープニングの「Rock And Roll」の後半から録音が始まっており、「Whole Lotta Love」の途中で録音が終了(カセット掛け替えが行われず)。そこで同日のオーディエンス録音と組み合わせてフィナーレの「Communication Breakdown」まで網羅したアイテムがリリースされていたのは最初に触れた通りですが、今回の音質あまりのアッパー感を前にすると、同日オーディエンスの音質は何とも厳しいクオリティ。それらをつなげたことでむしろストレスを感じさせるのでは。確かにオーディエンス補填も試みられたのですが、ここはひとつ驚異的なクオリティアップを遂げたサウンドボードだけのリリースに留めよう…という決断が下されました。

中でもペイジのプレイはアップダウンの連続でした。ケチがついたのは例の弦が切れてしまったハプニング。そこでジョンジーの音頭取りから「Georgia On My Mind」が始まった訳ですが、ペイジのレスポールの準備が整うやいなや、プラントが「さ、ナイトクラブはお開きだ」といって演奏を止めていたのです。そこから通常営業へと戻ったのですが、ギターを弾いたことのある人なら想像できるように、弦を変えたばかりのギターはチューニングが狂いやすい。案の定「Misty Mountain Hop」では演奏するそばから替えた弦がゆるんでしまい、遂には演奏の終盤でペイジがリードを弾きつつハーモニクスを鳴らしてチューニングを直すという器用なハプニングが捉えられているのです。こんな珍しい場面が見事なクリアネスでドキュメントされているのも卓直結サウンドボードならでは。
運の悪いことは重なるもので、レスポールではないダブルネックまでこの日に限ってチューニングが不十分だったという。その証拠に「The Song Remains The Same」が始まってみれば上の12弦は問題なかったものの、下の6弦を弾いてみればチューニングが狂っている。それが静かな「Rain Song」になるといよいよ目立ってしまう。何と間の悪いことか。

ショーの序盤でアクシデントに見舞われ、今度はローディの不手際でペイジの足が引っぱられてしまう。そうなると彼も人間、不機嫌になるのも致し方ない。モービルでは白熱の展開が聞かれた「Dazed And Confused」では「San Francisco」パートの前までは期待を抱かせてくれたのですが、お約束の弓弾きセクションから戻ってみれば今一つ煮え切らないのがペイジ。その分プラントやボンゾが演奏を盛り立てて十分に聞き応えのある演奏としてくれたのですが。
「Stairway To Heaven」のソロになるともはやペイジが腐ってしまったのでは?と思えるほど雑にフレーズを奏でており、極めつけは演奏の戻る際にいつも弾くフレーズを低い音程で鳴らしていたという。この締めくくり方はオフィシャルDVDの75年アールズ・コートでも見られましたが、そこでは弦が切れてしまったことが原因だったのに対し、ここではペイジのやる気の問題であったように聞こえてなりません。何故ならば、その後「Heartbreaker」における、ギターを持ち上げてのハンマリング・ソロまでもいつになく雑に鳴らしていたからです。
ところが、このパートが終わってバンドが戻ると突如としてペイジが覚醒、それまでの粗いプレイが嘘のように気合の入った演奏を奏ではじめたのです。これが卓直結サウンドボードの大きなメリットと言うべきか、そんな表情の違いもはっきり伝わってくる。そんな「ハッ」と我に返ったかの如くシャープなプレイはそれまでと一転して素晴らしいものですし、次の「Whole Lotta Love」のバックコーラスもやけに熱心に歌っている(それがまた良く聞こえること!)。こうしたペイジの明らかなプレイのムラがドキュメントされつつも、まだまだ彼も20代最後という年齢とフットワークの軽さもあってか、ショーの最後に立ち直ってみせたのでしょう。
昔から有名なアドリブ「Georgia On My Mind」の場面はもちろんですが、全体を通してのハプニング・プレイが実に面白い一日。そんな音源が過去のアイテムを一掃するアッパー版サウンドボードに生まれ変わっての登場となります。この素晴らしい音質のおかげで、さらにこの日の演奏がリアルに楽しめるようになった。それでいて先に挙げたハプニングをものともしないボンゾ安定感抜群のドラミングがまた絶品でもある。前回のモービルに続き、おなじみな音源の新世代アップグレード・バージョンがここに!



Disc 1 (61:50)
1. Rock and Roll 2. Celebration Day 3. Black Dog 4. Over the Hills and Far Away
5. Georgia On My Mind★ 6. Misty Mountain Hop 7. Since I’ve Been Loving You
8. No Quarter 9. The Song Remains the Same 10. The Rain Song

Disc 2 (56:12)
1. MC 2. Dazed and Confused 3. Stairway to Heaven 4. Heartbreaker
5. Whole Lotta Love


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