Aerosmith / Whisky A Go Go 2014 / 1DVDR

Aerosmith / Whisky A Go Go 2014 / 1DVDR / Johanna

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Multi-Cam Edition April 8 2014/ Los Angeles, CA & March 25 2014 American Songwriter Event Semi  Pro-shot


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★ Aero + slash co-star! Live House latest Special GIG!
★ Exclusive! Thorough multi-camera editing Version included!
★ National Music Publishers Association award ceremony live also included Stephen!

Aerosmith announced that it conduct a joint tour with slash in this summer, dared Supesharru Live at noon April 8, 2014 in Hollywood of long-established live house “Whiskey-a-Go-Go”!

Slash also jump in the live of the pattern of its about 35 minutes, was released a full video in Live Nation of the site is a promoter.
And it was a very high-quality video, but Oshimurakuwa would be many fans seemed unsatisfactory the live feeling that it was AMBI of Wankame video which is fixed to the rear seats.

In JOHANNA label, its members on stage is reflected always all, based on the beautiful pro shot video that has been fixed, closed and up shot taken by a fan at the venue, another angle of the local stations shooting of LA subjected to multi-camera editing from such as video source, I was as if realizing the 35 minutes video of the live show of angry waves that immersive, such as have actual experience the live in live House floor!

In Hollywood of long-established small club of the stage that since 1973, and expand the relaxed stage while skipping a joke to the audience of fans.
Moreover, this day because Brad was absent, guitar Joe single simple & solid performances!
And in two songs last to jump in a slash, and co-starring the “Mama Kin” and “Train Kept A-Rollin”!
When is Joe Perry in the middle between the song begins to play the riff of “Welcome to the Jungle” of Guns to lead
… Stephen playing starts band also follow also Tsu shout the ♪ Welcome to the Jungle ~ and A Melo!
Also pops out such a rare scene.

After the multi-camera version is by JOHANNA version, I have recorded together also original Wankame VERSION.

And the Special live at the awards ceremony that the National Music Publishers Association has praised the achievements as a composer of Steven Tyler on March 25, 2014, recorded from one camera pro shot footage Association side have taken.
Here is to back a semi-professional band, in a friendly atmosphere, Steven has sang five songs the Aero-number.



スラッシュも飛び入りしたその約35分のライヴの模様は、プロモーターであるLive Nationのサイトでフル映像が公開されました。


そしてラスト2曲ではスラッシュが飛び入りし、”Mama Kin”と”Train Kept A-Rollin”を共演!
曲間途中にジョー・ペリーが先導してガンズの”Welcome to the Jungle”のリフを弾き始めると
バンドも追従し演奏が始まり・・スティーヴンも♪Welcome to the Jungle~とAメロをシャウトっ!



■1DVDR ; JPD-701■ 106mins / SEMI-PROSHOT
[LIVE at WHISKY A GO GO. Los Angeles, CA, USA / April 8 2014] *** Multi-Cam Mix Upgrade Version ***
JPD Slate
Show Opening
Draw the Line
Same Old Song and Dance
Mother Popcorn – Walk This Way
Mama Kin with SLASH
Jam “Welcome to the Jungle”
Train Kept A-Rollin’ with SLASH

*** Webcast Version ***
Show Opening
Draw the Line
Same Old Song and Dance
Mother Popcorn – Walk This Way
Mama Kin with SLASH
Jam “Welcome to the Jungle”
Train Kept A-Rollin’ with SLASH

[NMPA Honors Steven Tyler / March 25, 2014]
I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
Walk This Way
Dream On
Happy Birthday Steven
End Credits

Johanna . JPD-701

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