Bob Dylan / Hard Rain US Promo LP White Label / 1CDR

Bob Dylan / Hard Rain US Promo LP White Label / 1CDR / Non Label

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Taken From US Promo LP White Label (PC 34349).


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1975 , Deiran was held in the spring of ’76 and fall ’75 tour entitled ” Rolling Thunder Revue ” attracted fellow selfish and ahead of the 200 anniversary of founding the following year . Is a gift item this thing which contains a live tour this spring ’76 is the ” Hard Rain ” .
In addition, this live broadcast on TV , the number of songs have also been recorded more than this album , softening of the image will not even be expected . It could also be said that work by Sam Shepard movie was filmed around the same time and ” Renard & Clara ” is also an important meaning publications that this tour . It should be noted that the tour of fall ’75 the ” Bootleg Series fifth album ” The have been published in recent years ( must-read ! The liner notes of this place ) that are listed in the know .
Well , US Original of the present work is famous as the work has gained a high reputation from the analog board mania as ” roar ” of the so-called Gorigori its sound . I am finished to sound hard anecdotes and was recorded in the rain also nod . Those which reproduced directly from the white promo Rare is said and the very popular ” Hard Rain ” , and high-quality sound than the Regular Edition is the gift of this item . Also , it’s compare the sound because it seems there is also a song that was used is another version editing and analog board at the time of on CD It may also be part of the fun . Please enjoy this gift items are played in this sound hard on this occasion “Hard Rain ” by all means!


1. Maggie’s Farm 2. One Too Many Mornings 3. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
4. Oh, Sister 5. Lay Lady Lay 6. Shelter From The Storm 7. You’re A Big Girl Now
8. I Threw It All Away 9. Idiot Wind


BDPC 34349

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