Yngwie Malmsteens Rising Force / Chasing Yngwie Live In Tokyo 85- 2nd Press / 1DVD

Yngwie Malmsteens Rising Force / Chasing Yngwie Live In Tokyo 85- 2nd Press / 1DVD / Non Label
Live at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan 24th January 1985 PRO-SHOT Taken from the original Japanese laser disc(POLV-1703)

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Translated text:

Revolutionary child, Yngwie Malmsteen who changed the guitar playing style itself. Official video that becomes his best masterpiece is 2nd press decision!
What is its best masterpiece, “CHASING YNGWIE”. It is a multi camera camera shot born from solo first visit “January 24, 1985: Nakano sanpraza performance” born. Of course, the picture of this day is officially released as “LIVE IN TOKYO ’85”, but this work is a completely different thing. It is a transcendence version in which the hand of the early Yngwie, which is said to be the speed of light, explodes with the highest quality ever.

【Super image masterpiece image quite different from the official DVD】
Beyond introducing this title, we have no choice but to talk about official DVDs that can be put on the edge of the mouth or abhorrent. Originally, two kinds of pro shots of this day were produced from the beginning. One is normal “Yvvey version” and the other is “general version”.
Originally produced was “Yvvey version”, which was a masterpiece video with plenty of hand angles suitable for guitar revolutionaries. However, the boss of the record company that saw the growing popularity of Yngwie here pretended to say, “Not only for guitar playing but also another version for general use”. The person in charge who was already exhausting the delicious shots had troubled their heads and had to make another image “general version” by image effect (which is an aho process shaking in that pencil type). However, the story turns around, this time the boss calls “You can only have one kind of thing”, after all, something has released “general version”. Of course, this is a highly unpopular storm. Five years later, in 1990, when popularity reached its peak, the original “Yvvey version” was released safely as “CHASING YNGWIE”. The mistake finally was corrected at last.
Even this alone is a terrible story, but the tragedy continued. It was officially realized as a DVD in 2006, but what was adopted there was a superfluous “general version”. It’s not strange that the record company is stupid, but the tragedy has been repeated. Moreover, the worst thing is that the correct “CHASING YNGWIE” is still not digitized, and the thirteenth year of the year is wasted.

【Best quality ever in history】
If the official leaves the mistake, someone must correct. The final answer is this work. It is the highest peak version of the correct “CHASING YNGWIE”. Of course, various DVDRs have also been circulated for many years only in masterpiece images, but most of them are bad products with VHS raising. On the other hand, the source of this work was the Japanese version laser disc which was said to be the highest quality at the time. Moreover, it uses the mint quality board which has no scratch or deterioration at all, it is entrusted to a manufacturer specializing in analog images abroad and digitized. In the first place laser discs are higher resolution than VHS and are strong against aged deterioration unlike magnetic tapes. Moreover, the possibility is extracted to the maximum by the high-end environment by specialized manufacturers.
That image beauty is exactly the ultimate. In VHS and Beta, the red light which had been bleeding is also clear, so there is no physical trauma or noise. In addition, the sound is also overwhelming, and there is no comparison with many existing plots, such as Nuke of sound, separation feeling, transparency. No, it is not just an outbreak. At the moment that 35 years have passed since the shooting, probably you can not expect freshness even with master tapes sleeping in the warehouse of record labels. It is exactly the highest ever in history, the highest quality on earth.

【The best masterpiece transcending many masterpieces】
It is the highest masterpiece of Revolutionary Children Yngwie that is drawn with such highest quality. Only a maestro who has left countless famous recordings and masterpieces is unlikely to be distinguished as the highest masterpiece, but it seems only to be so.
First, songs. The set concentrates and reduces the super masterpieces of the Daimyo board “RISING FORCE” “MARCHING OUT”, and it is the one which drew the ALCATRAZZ “Kree Nakoorie” “Hiroshima Mon Amour” “Jet to Jet” there. Early crystal melodies overflowed, ultra fast solo is also a perfection of building beauty. Its beauty is the neo-classical ideal, it is also the Nordic metal’s authorization.
And the sound. It is not a power metallic sound of later years, but the sound making that left the hard rock feeling is shining beauty, extremely neat. Moreover, even at that time it was vertex. It is more powerful than “NO PAROLE FROM ROCK’N’ROLL” by producers who do not understand the reality of the revolutionary children, and clearly clears “MARCHING OUT” of the failing sound. Especially “MARCHING OUT” is still desired to remix, but you can taste that famous song with the original sound you should have.
The deciding thing is playing. Although it was overwhelming even in the studio board, as you know, the real value of Yngwie is in live performance. Accurate picking and even fingering that makes you feel awful dance, far outstrips the studio take. Despite plenty of improvisation of burning passion, plenty of classical beauty is not shaken by fine dust. Of course, it is not without overdubs and replacement, but even it is full of one shot. Even after Mr. Yngwie, Masters · Super Guitarists appeared innumerable, but guitarists playing beautiful Improvisations up to this point (including their own) did not appear. It is remembered how the god of the time was Yngwie was hanging.
Of course, not just Yngwie. The genius Jens Johansson sprinkled over the support of beauty melodies beyond support, and the combination of the older brother Anders and Marcel Jacob who is actually a good guy is also perfect (I can not believe how exciting fun with Engway!). And Jeff Scott Sort. ALCATRAZZ Unlike Graham Bonnet which became a blunder in the first visit to Japan, we showed youthfully perfect singing. Still, there are no mechanical points in the husky voice quality, and the emotions are plenty hot and hotly sung.

Songs, sounds, performances, and images …… All aspects are extreme. Although it is a masterpiece full of masterpieces, the work which I have studied so far can only be “TRILOGY” and this work. It is precisely Yngwie’s “MADE IN JAPAN”, it is “ON STAGE”.
It is a masterpiece that is quite different from the official DVD that broke down in adult circumstances and fell into rags. The highest quality quality record ever. There is no such thing as sold out of this work sold out. Here is the resurrection with 2nd press DVD!

★ The best masterpiece of Yngwie video title. 2nd press board of sold title arrived. It becomes a new wrapping jacket specification.
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その最高傑作とは、かの『CHASING YNGWIE』。ソロ初来日の「1985年1月24日:中野サンプラザ公演」から誕生したマルチカメラ・プロショットです。もちろん、この日の映像は『LIVE IN TOKYO ’85』として公式リリース済みではありますが、本作はまったくの別物。光速と言われた初期イングヴェイの手元が史上最高峰クオリティで炸裂する超絶版なのです。

最初に制作されたのは「イングヴェイ・バージョン」で、ギター革命児に相応しい手元アングルもたっぷりの名作映像でした。しかし、ここでイングヴェイ人気の高まりを見たレコード会社の上役は「ギター弾き向けだけじゃなく、一般向けの別バージョンも作れ」と下命した。すでに美味しいショットを使い尽くしていた担当者は頭を悩ませ、画像エフェクト(あのエンピツ型に揺れるアホ処理です)による別映像「一般バージョン」を作らざるを得なかったのです。ところが話は一転、今度は上役が「やっぱり1種だけでいいや」と言いだし、事もあろうか「一般バージョン」をリリースしてしまったのです。もちろん、これには大不評の嵐。それから5年後、人気絶頂の1990年になってやっと本来の「イングヴェイ・バージョン」が『CHASING YNGWIE』として無事リリース。過ちがやっと正されたわけです。
これだけでも酷い話ですが、さらに悲劇は続いた。2006年に公式でDVD化が実現したのですが、そこに採用されたのがなんと超駄作「一般バージョン」だったのです。レコ社がバカなのは今に始まった事ではありませんが、悲劇は繰り返された。しかも、最悪なことに正しい『CHASING YNGWIE』は今なおデジタル化されることなく、13年もの月日が浪費されたままなのです。

公式が過ちを放置するのであれば、誰かが正さなくてはならない。その最終回答が本作。正しい『CHASING YNGWIE』の史上最高峰バージョンなのです。もちろん、名作映像だけに長年で様々なDVDRも出回ったのですが、それらはほとんどがVHS起こしの粗悪品。それに対し、本作のソースは当時、最高峰クオリティと言われた日本盤レーザーディスク。しかも、一切の傷も劣化もないミント・クオリティ盤を使用し、海外のアナログ映像専門メーカーに委託してデジタル化したものなのです。そもそもレーザーディスクは規格からしてVHSよりも高解像度ですし、磁気テープとは違って経年劣化にも強い。しかも、専門メーカーによるハイエンド環境により、その可能性を最大限に引き出されているのです。

まず、曲。セットは大名盤『RISING FORCE』『MARCHING OUT』の超名曲を濃縮還元し、そこにALCATRAZZの「Kree Nakoorie」「Hiroshima Mon Amour」「Jet to Jet」をまぶしたもの。初期のクリスタルなメロディが溢れ返り、超速ソロも構築美の極致。その美しさはネオクラシカルの理想であり、北欧メタルの権化でもあるのです。
そして、サウンド。後年のパワーメタリックなサウンドではなく、ハードロック感を残した音作りは輝く美しさで、極めて端正。しかも、当時にしても頂点的だった。革命児の真価を理解できていないプロデューサーによる『NO PAROLE FROM ROCK’N’ROLL』よりもパワフルで、失敗サウンドの『MARCHING OUT』も遙かにクリア。特に『MARCHING OUT』は今なおリミックスが望まれているわけですが、その名曲群を本来あるべきサウンドで味わえるのです。

曲・サウンド・演奏、そして映像……すべての面が極めつけ。いかに名作だらけのマエストロとは言え、ここまで究めた作品は『TRILOGY』と本作しかあり得ないでしょう。まさにしくイングヴェイの『MADE IN JAPAN』であり、『ON STAGE』なのです。

★イングヴェイ映像タイトルの最高傑作。完売タイトルの2nd プレス盤が入荷しました。新装ジャケ仕様になります。

1. Pre-Show 2. Intro 3. I’ll See the Light, Tonight 4. As Above, So Below 5. Don’t Let It End
6. Far Beyond the Sun 7. On the Run Again 8. Anguish and Fear (incl. Drum Solo)
9. Icarus’ Dream Suite Op.4 10. I’m a Viking 11. Kree Nakoorie 12. Guitar Solo
13. Disciples of Hell 14. Hiroshima Mon Amour 15. Black Star 16. Jet to Jet 17. End Credits


Yngwie Malmsteen – Guitar Jeff Scott Soto – Vocal Jens Johansson – Keyboards
Marcel Jacob – Bass Anders Johansson – Drums

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