Dream Theater / Definitive Osaka 1992 Dat Master / 2CD

Dream Theater / Definitive Osaka 1992 Dat Master / 2CD / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live at IMP Hall, Osaka, Japan 19th November 1992 STEREO SBD

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DREAM THEATER in 1992 who sent a historical supernumerary “IMAGES AND WORDS” to the world and even god-haired. Ultra superb sound board album that recorded the first visit to the legend is appearing.
What is inscribed in this work is “November 19, 1992: Osaka IMP Hall” performance. It is a live album that made CD directly from the official leaked DAT. Speaking of the Japanese performance in the “IMAGES AND WORDS” era, there is also an official video “LIVE IN TOKYO”, which is the second visit to Japan (1993). In contrast, this work is the first visit to Japan 9 months ago. First of all, let’s review the schedule of the time and check the position of the show.

· November 17th: Club Citta Kawasaki
· November 18th: Shibuya Public Hall
· November 19th: Osaka IMP Hall 【this work】

All three performances above. The size of the club is small as well as the number of times. It is a schedule that seems to be the mood on the eve of the explosion uniquely coming to Japan. This work which recorded such a show just before the eruption is exactly perfect super-superb soundboard. The sound board of this show is also a recording distributed as a boot leg, but this work is not a copy or remaster of it. It became a new CD from the spill DAT that became the origin.
That quality is the difference of clouds! Even though the brain is directly connected, although it has already been brainstormed, Nuke was bad and settled in Dango, but in this work one sound one sound is super brilliant. While separating each instrument beautifully, if Nuke is also beautiful it sounds naturally. It flies to the left and right with a more intense stereo feeling. Especially the drum is a drum. Mike Portnoy’s virtuosity breads furiously to the right, stirring the grugle and head. I can understand the structure of the drum kit … … rather than a rather stereoscopic feeling like a kit is assembled around my head.
Even though it is amazing hands and number of legs drumming, only “direct” soundboard is active “inter” firmly, and a precise phrase of string instruments bites in there. And James Lavelie sings up violently, Kevin Moore’s beauty melody dances and dances … …. Just the band potential of “IMAGES AND WORDS” itself. A flash-like ensemble that shines never again by themselves shines glaringly in the brains. Although I have dealt with numerous unrestricted desk direct soundboards, the brilliant live album is not in memory for a while …. I’d like to call “Official grade”, but this sense of syncope can not be tasted even in official work. It is exactly the ultimate superb sound board of different dimension which becomes over official.
If the quality is also transcendental, the show also transcends. Not only historic vertex ensemble but also the set is amazing. It’s too amazing. What I’m most excited about is playing all songs on super name board “IMAGES AND WORDS”. Of course, because it is not an album reproduction, the order of the pieces falls apart, but the performance is authentic without limit. Unlike last year’s 25th anniversary tour, there are Portnoy and Kevin, too, the key is original. In “LIVE IN TOKYO”, “Another Day” that was finished with PV and “Under A Glass Moon” that I could not listen to at “LIVE AT THE MARQUEE” are all live performances by the ultimate superb soundboard and all songs There is. And I can not miss listening to the “WHEN DREAM AND DAY UNITE” number over there. “The Ytse Jam” “Another Hand – The Killing Hand” is also played by five people of “IMAGES AND WORDS” potential, especially “Only A Matter Of Time”. You can experience the supreme version of famous songs that you could not listen even with “LIVE AT THE MARQUEE” or “LIVE IN TOKYO” with the superb sounding board.

The whole world is kneeling, Progress metal that has no side by side even after quarter century, ultimate super name board “IMAGES AND WORDS”. It is the supreme sound board album which can be said that live performance version. This is not a masterpiece of another band. It is the highest masterpiece of one music genre, one music style. Although it was a soundboard that has been loved as a source of miracles, that Daito DAT was so amazing. It is a cultural heritage class super masterpiece that permanently preserves all its stories. Please, please experience and experience!

★ Recording from DAT master

歴史的超名盤『IMAGES AND WORDS』を世に送り出し、神懸かってさえいた1992年のDREAM THEATER。その伝説の初来日を記録した超極上サウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。
本作に刻まれているのは「1992年11月19日:大阪IMPホール」公演。その関係者流出DATからダイレクトにCD化したライヴアルバムです。『IMAGES AND WORDS』時代の日本公演と言えば、公式映像『LIVE IN TOKYO』もありますが、そちらは二度目の来日(1993年)。それに対し、本作は9ヶ月前の初来日。まずは、当時の日程を振り返り、ショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。

・11月19日:大阪IMPホール 【本作】

そのクオリティは、雲泥の差! 既発は脳みそ直結ではあってもヌケが悪くダンゴに固まっていましたが、本作は1音1音が超鮮烈。各楽器が綺麗にセパレートしつつ、ヌケも美しければ鳴りも自然。さらに猛烈なステレオ感で左右に飛び交うのです。特に凄まじいのはドラム。マイク・ポートノイの妙技が右へ左へと猛烈にパンし、グルグルと頭をかき回す。ドラムキットの構造も分かる……と言うより、頭の周りにキットが組まれているような立体感なのです。
ド直結サウンドボードだけに、凄まじい手数・足数のドラミングではあってもしっかりと“間”が活きており、そこに弦楽器隊の精緻なフレーズが食い込む。そして、ジェイムズ・ラブリエは激しく歌い上げ、ケヴィン・ムーアの美旋律が舞い踊る……。まさに『IMAGES AND WORDS』そのもののバンド・ポテンシャル。彼ら自身でさえ二度と取り戻せなかった閃光のようなアンサンブルが脳みその中でギラギラと輝く。数限りない卓直結サウンドボードを扱って参りましたが、ここまで鮮烈なライヴアルバムはちょっと記憶にない……。「オフィシャル級」と呼びたいところですが、このシンクロ感は公式作品でも味わえない。まさにオフィシャル以上となる異次元の超極上サウンドボードです。
クオリティも超絶なら、ショウも超絶。歴史的な頂点アンサンブルなだけでなく、セットも凄い。凄すぎる。何より嬉しいのは超名盤『IMAGES AND WORDS』を全曲演奏していること。もちろん、アルバム再現ではないので曲順はバラバラですが、演奏は限りなく本物。昨年の25周年ツアーとは違ってポートノイもケヴィンもいて、キーもオリジナル通り。『LIVE IN TOKYO』ではPVで済まされてしまった「Another Day」も、『LIVE AT THE MARQUEE』では聴けなかった「Under A Glass Moon」も、すべてが超極上サウンドボードの生演奏で全曲揃っているのです。そして、そこにまぶされる『WHEN DREAM AND DAY UNITE』ナンバーも聴き逃せない。「The Ytse Jam」「Another Hand – The Killing Hand」も『IMAGES AND WORDS』ポテンシャルの5人で演奏されるわけですが、特に「Only A Matter Of Time」。『LIVE AT THE MARQUEE』や『LIVE IN TOKYO』でも聴けなかった名曲の至高バージョンが超極上サウンドボードで体験できるのです。

全世界が跪き、四半世紀を経ても並ぶ物のないプログレメタル究極の超名盤『IMAGES AND WORDS』。その生演奏版とも言える至高のサウンドボード・アルバムです。これはもう1バンドの傑作ではない。1つの音楽ジャンル、1つの音楽様式の最高傑作です。奇跡の音源として愛されてきたサウンドボードではありましたが、その大元DATはここまで凄かったとは。その一部始終を永久保存する文化遺産級の超傑作。どうぞ、刮目してご体験ください!



Disc 1 (49:46)
1. Intro – The Simpsons Theme
2. Metropolis – Part I
3. Under A Glass Moon
4. Only A Matter Of Time
5. Surrounded
6. Pull Me Under
7. The Ytse Jam ★9:54からの10秒間ぐらいが既発に未収録。

Disc 2 (57:48)
1. Moon Bubbles
2. Another Day
3. Another Hand – The Killing Hand
4. Band Introductions
5. Take The Time
6. Wait For Sleep
7. Learning To Live
8. Outro – Twin Peaks ★最後の最後0.5秒ぐらい既発より長い。


James LaBrie – lead vocals John Petrucci – guitar, background vocals
Kevin Moore – keyboard John Myung – bass Mike Portnoy – drums, percussion

Zodiac 311

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