YES / Live At The Palladium London 2018/ 2CDR

YES / Live At The Palladium London 2018 / 2CDR / Galaxy

Translated text:

Live at the Palladium, London, U.K. March 24th 2018, Audience

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The latest London performance of Jesus who started the band band formation anniversary tour in 2018 arrived! !

March 24, 2018 Concert complete collection from the London · Palladium performance from the high sound quality audience recording master.
It is a set list suitable for the 50th anniversary centering on the album “The story of oceanographic topography” “drama” “fragile”.

Trevor Horn participates as a guest vocal on “Tempas · Fugeet” this day! We will deliver Jesus’ latest live celebrating the 50th anniversary! !





1. Firebird Suite/2. Yours Is No Disgrace/3. I’ve Seen All Good People/4. Sweet Dreams/5. South Side Of The Sky/6. Mood For A Day/7. Wondrous Stories/8. Parallels/9. And You And I

1. The Revealing Science Of God/2. The Leaves Of Green/3. Ritual/4. Tempus Fugit (with Trevor Horn)/5. Roundabout/6. Introductions/7. Starship Trooper/8. Outro

Galaxy. GX 074AB

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