YES / Albany 2016 / 2CDR

YES / Albany 2016 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Hart Theater At The EGG, Albany, NY USA 14th August 2016.


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Latest live album of YES that the forthcoming three months until the visit to Japan is the gift-release decision. This week, like “ALBUMS TOUR 2016” “WALLINGFORD 2016 (Amity 356)” from the North American leg of also but are usually released, Audience of this work will be after the 6 performance, “August 14, 2016 Albany performances” album.
In fact, this work is also a brother work of “WALLINGFORD 2016”. Date might be close, but the recording artist is the same more than anything. “WALLINGFORD 2016” is, but once is of 4 Disc two people of the recording home to live was recorded, this work of which disk 1 and 2 taper “Relayer35” you things, the things you’ve recorded a different performance is. I think that those who are who read this poor writing have not yet heard the “WALLINGFORD 2016”, but recording this is impressive. And, it this work is also equivalent of superb sound. The real place “WALLINGFORD 2016” disk 1 and 2 and I was going to four sets in the “two shows set of the same taper” of, rather than 2 performances delivered in sound close to that of personality, “the same show the want you to taste the fun of what happens “When a separate taper is recorded, this recording has deviated from the normal release. However, the masterpiece that it can not be that this film did not also hear. So, in this way it became the gift release.
Sorry wrote gudaguda such a inner workings. That is, I thing that he worried about not help but written, but let’s stop talking to this work of essential requirements than that. In fact, the sound of this work is exactly impregnable. Core of the musical tone is Zubutoku, edge is vivid. And yet, faintly of precisely because wearing a venue acoustic “sound” is indescribably beautiful. I “like the sound board” of a place you want to write and, as it even does not even praise to words. Although I have written many times until now, YES music is what if there is a sound, such as the pipe organ of the chorus and the church, such as falling from heaven attractive the true value. Insipid rather than a sound board, you bands audience recording of the scene feeling suits. And, this work is one of you to be immersed with plenty to beauty sound also said its highest peak.
Latest “ALBUMS TOUR 2016” Kamata drawn by the sound, very interesting. The show of the two-part starts at full reproduction Part 1 is “drama”, configured to tighten the “I’ve Seen All Good People”, “Siberian Khatru”. The second part while started in “And You and I”, “(part of the ancient civilization) Leaves of Green,” “revelation of God” → from “Tales From Topographic Oceans” → to hear plenty of “ritual” , rush to the denouement of the encore, “Roundabout,” “Starship Trooper”. Japan “Tales From Topographic Oceans” has been foretold in the performance part also I attention, the first half of “drama” is also great. April – only to while also offered at a great ensemble has been playing even June, Orijineita: only to shine lively also has songs Jeff Downs. In the Japan tour in November it does not seem to be played, but can not be helped playing the first time it is Mottainaku.
Then, another point drummer. But it was mentioned in the commentary of “WALLINGFORD 2016”, at this time of the North American leg has to miss Alan White is in for surgery, understudy drummer: I Jay Sheren is sitting on the stool. He HURRICANE and BADFINGER, ASIA, etc. GPS, walks through a variety of bands, talented, which has teamed up with Billy Sherwood and tag in progressive circles. Of course, what the return of Alan it is still the best, no doubt is a valuable lineup. Certainly doing well in the sound in this work, it is to reproduce in tightly with the original street in freely varied would likely part with Alan rather Orijineita.

“WALLINGFORD 2016” Perfect beauty sound of the disk 1 and 2 is intact, this one another day, and another live to listen. “WALLINGFORD 2016” side text as of course, the modern version of “drama” and the optimal live album to taste easily create the “Ocean story of geomorphology” of. Current and power of the digital equipment, playing force of the current YES produces beauty world. This weekend, will be delivered to your handy.


来日まで3ヶ月と迫ったYESの最新ライヴアルバムがギフト・リリース決定です。今週は、同じく“ALBUMS TOUR 2016”の北米レッグから『WALLINGFORD 2016(Amity 356)』も通常リリースされますが、本作はその6公演後となる「2016年8月14日オールバニ公演」のオーディエンス・アルバムです。
実は、本作は『WALLINGFORD 2016』の兄弟作でもある。日付が近いこともありますが、何よりも録音家が同じ。『WALLINGFORD 2016』は、1回のライヴを2人の録音家が記録した4枚組ですが、本作はそのうちディスク1・2をモノにしたテーパー“Relayer35”が、別公演を録音したものなのです。この駄文をお読みくださっている方はまだ『WALLINGFORD 2016』を聴いていないと思いますが、これがまた素晴らしい録音。そして、本作もまた同等の極上サウンドなのです。実のところ『WALLINGFORD 2016』のディスク1・2と“同テーパーの2公演セット”で4枚組にする予定だったのですが、個性の近いサウンドで2公演お届けするよりも、“同じショウを別テーパーが記録したらどうなるか”の面白味を味わって頂きたく、この録音は通常リリースから外れました。とは言え、本作もやはり聴かなかったことにすることはできない名作。そこで、こうしてギフト・リリースになったのです。
そのサウンドで描かれる最新“ALBUMS TOUR 2016”がまた、非常に面白い。2部構成のショウは第1部が『ドラマ』完全再現でスタートし、「I’ve Seen All Good People」「Siberian Khatru」を締める構成。第2部は「And You and I」でスタートしつつ、『海洋地形学の物語』から「神の啓示」→「Leaves of Green(古代文明の一部)」→「儀式」をたっぷりと聴かせ、アンコール「Roundabout」「Starship Trooper」の大団円へと突き進む。来日公演でも予告されている『海洋地形学の物語』パートも注目なのですが、前半『ドラマ』も素晴らしい。4月-6月でも演奏されていただけにアンサンブルもこなれつつ、オリジネイター:ジェフ・ダウンズも持ち曲だけに活き活きと輝く。11月の来日公演では演奏されないようですが、それが勿体なくて仕方がない演奏ぶりです。
そして、もう1つのポイントがドラマー。『WALLINGFORD 2016』の解説でも触れましたが、今回の北米レッグではアラン・ホワイトが手術のために欠場しており、代役ドラマー:ジェイ・シェレンがスツールに座っているのです。彼はHURRICANEやBADFINGER、ASIA、GPS等々、さまざまなバンドを渡り歩き、プログレ界でもビリー・シャーウッドとタッグを組んできた実力派。もちろん、アランの復帰こそが最善ではあるのですが、貴重なラインナップには違いない。本作でも堅実にして確実にこなし、むしろオリジネイターのアランでは自在に変えてしまいそうなパートでもキッチリとオリジナル通りに再現するのです。

『WALLINGFORD 2016』ディスク1・2のパーフェクトな美サウンドはそのままに、別日・別ライヴが聴ける1本です。『WALLINGFORD 2016』のサイド・テキストとしてはもちろん、現代バージョンの『ドラマ』や『海洋地形学の物語』を手軽に味わうにも最適なライヴアルバム。現在デジタル機材の威力と、現YESの演奏力が生み出す美世界。今週末、あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。

Disc 1(75:25)

Set 1
1. The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra 2. Machine Messiah 3. White Car
4. Does It Really Happen? 5. Into the Lens 6. Run Through the Light 7. Tempus Fugit
8. I’ve Seen All Good People 9. Siberian Khatru

Set 2
10. And You and I

Disc 2(76:13)
1. The Revealing Science of God 2. Leaves of Green 3. Ritual 4. Roundabout
5. Starship Trooper

Steve Howe – guitar, vocals Geoff Downes – keyboards, vocals
Jon Davison – vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion Billy Sherwood – bass, vocals
Jay Schellen – drums

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