YES / Newark 2015 / 2CDR

YES / Newark 2015  / 2CDR / Non Label

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Prudential Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ. USA 8th August 2015


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Always one and only Chris Squire that was with YES. Audience album that contains the second night of YES that he has lost forever is appeared in gift title.
Although Mashantucket performances August 7, 2015 the first day has been released in a press 2CD as “FOXWOODS 2015”, the second night, “August 8 Newark performance” was also recorded in superb sound. To “FOXWOODS 2015” includes, but is the video version of the same live with this work in the bonus DVDR will be included, footage there is a summary of the only fragmentary audience shot. On the other hand, this work is a live album of the complete recording of which can taste the whole show slowly and carefully in a gulp through.
Its quality is exactly press-class. In fact, beautiful to look at “FOXWOODS 2015” sound is not lost at all in the, as the first was also plan to make four sets of the first day and second day. However, “FOXWOODS 2015” of the first day, for the first time and will be in the ’47 of YES History for historical weight of “night of absence Chris”, I wanted to press of absolutely alone. Therefore this work it was supposed to go around to CDR. In fact, voice drenched Jon Davison also, Steve delicate melody is also very clear and beautifully Howe, to be led to the base of Billy Sherwood responsible for the heavy responsibility of “understudy Chris”, you might “FOXWOODS 2015” or more . Zubutoku as if it were directly connected in line, Gorigori a roar, it is really great bass sound.
Another, there is a reason that did not become a 4 Disc where the combined “FOXWOODS 2015”. In fact, only in too great sound of this work, it would a little troubled scene also been found clearly. For example, the beginning of the “Siberian Khatru”. But was found in the video version, Billy is a delay enters the base I miss the operation of the pedal, even in “Starship Trooper” late, deviates sound even with Geoff Downes of Shinsesoro. I did not have noticeable mistake to “FOXWOODS 2015” tour the first day, but there Did I at ease, perhaps is like to become the second day got out. If the original, it’s a taste of the moment also boot leg that would be a little spilled wry smile, but the calm to only the “YES with no Chris” becomes difficult even for free, if you leave in the press CD permanently, as much as possible their stride who played close to me because he judged that’s fair.

However, the band creatures. Such mistakes also is true of “without a Chris YES”, this work is one of masterpiece recordings that it was best sound Cascia. First of all, it is where I would like you to check their new departure in the “FOXWOODS 2015”, but if on in the way that “from now also will Fumo together” has been determined and its great YES music in are numbered dimension beyond the Kano mistake should you who can taste the.
Starting off, the next step. When Chris “from now whether we continue to love YES” for “myself was listening to whether” … this work YES was the thing, feeling that pops to mind is the answer of your own. One which is a mirror that reflects the true feelings you do not know myself. This weekend, we will deliver to your handy.

初日の2015年8月7日マシャンタケット公演が「FOXWOODS 2015」としてプレス2CDでリリースされましたが、第二夜の「8月8日ニューアーク公演」も極上サウンドで記録されていました。「FOXWOODS 2015」には、ボーナスDVDRで本作と同じライヴの映像版が付属されますが、そちらはあくまで断片的なオーディエンス・ショットをまとめた映像集。それに対し、本作は一気貫通でショウ全体をじっくりと味わえる完全収録のライヴアルバムです。
そのクオリティは、まさにプレス級。事実、見目麗しい「FOXWOODS 2015」のサウンドにもまったく負けておらず、最初は初日&2日目の4枚組にする案もあったほど。ただ、初日の「FOXWOODS 2015」は、47年のYES史で初めてとなる“クリス不在の夜”という歴史的な重みのため、どうしても単独でプレス化したかった。それゆえに本作はCDRに回ることになったのです。実際、ジョン・デイヴィソンの降り注ぐ歌声も、スティーヴ・ハウの繊細な旋律も極めてクリアかつ美しく、“クリスの代役”という重責を担うビリー・シャーウッドのベースに至っては、「FOXWOODS 2015」以上かもしれません。ラインで直結したかのように図太く、ゴリゴリと轟く、実に素晴らしいベースサウンドです。
もうひとつ、「FOXWOODS 2015」と合わせた4枚組にならなかった理由があります。実は、本作のサウンドがあまりに素晴らしいだけに、ちょっと困ったシーンもハッキリ分かってしまうのです。例えば、「Siberian Khatru」の冒頭。映像版でも分かりましたが、ビリーがペダルの操作をミスってベースの入りが遅れ、「Starship Trooper」終盤でも、ジェフ・ダウンズのシンセソロでも音が外れてしまう。ツアー初日の「FOXWOODS 2015」には目立ったミスがなかったのですが、そこで安心してしまったのか、2日目になってスキが出てしまったのかもしれません。本来であれば、ちょっと苦笑いがこぼれてしまう瞬間もブートレッグの味なのですが、ただでさえ冷静にはなりづらい“クリスのいないYES”だけに、プレスCDで永久に残すなら、なるべく彼らの本領に近い演奏の方がフェアだと判断したからです。

しかし、バンドは生きもの。そうしたミスもまた“クリスのいないYES”の真実であり、本作はそれを極上サウンド活写した傑作録音のひとつです。まずは、「FOXWOODS 2015」で彼らの新しい門出を確かめていただきたいところですが、その上で“これからも一緒に歩もう”と決意された方なら、いくばくかのミスを超えた次元で素晴らしいYESミュージックを味わって頂けるはずです。

Disc 1(51:37)
1. Onward (video tribute to Chris Squire) 2. Firebird Suite 3. Don’t Kill The Whale
4. Tempus Fugit 5. America 6. Going For The One 7. Time And A Word 8. Clap
9. I’ve Seen All Good People

Disc 2(40:50)
1. Siberian Khatru 2. Owner of a Lonely Heart 3. Roundabout 4. Starship Trooper

Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal Alan White – Drums Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards , Vocal
Jon Davison – Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion Billy Sherwood – Bass, Vocal

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