YES / Definitive Tokyo 2014 / 2CD

YES / Definitive Tokyo 2014 / 2CD / Virtuoso
Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 25th November 2014 STEREO SBD

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2 Completely reproduced “Daihatsu” “Crisis” “Fragile”, the 2014 visit to Japan that was the final tour of Chris Squire. The ultimate superb sound board album is appearing.
It is contained in this work “November 25, 2018: Tokyo Dome City Hall”. This show was officially downloaded and sold immediately after the concert, but this work is one that becomes the ultimate / complete version. Before explaining what is “complete”, first of all, the position of the show. Let’s check from the tour schedule of the time.

· November 23: Tokyo Dome City Hall
· November 24: Tokyo Dome City Hall
· November 25: Tokyo Dome City Hall 【this work】
· November 27: ORIX Theater
· November 28th: ​​Zepp Nagoya
· November 29: NHK Hall

Over, all six performances. After this performance in Japan, YES is nine months off. Meanwhile, Chris developed acute myelogenous leukemia and never returned home without returning to the stage again. Among them, the last day of Tokyo Dome City 3 consecutive performance “November 25” was officially recorded and distributed. It was a rare and rare official live work that only visitors can purchase, and only one month after delivery.
It was just an official work to say as the last brave figure of Chris, but unfortunately it was not perfect. “The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra” to announce the opening was omitted, edited and deleted between songs of Encore. Although it may be thought that “between songs is different”, in fact, Coco was delicious. Steve Howe took MC after “I’ve Seen All Good People” and Alan · White began to beat up at last by “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” … …. “Starship Trooper”. Of course not going with anyone, the mood that makes it forcibly begins to play the riff of “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” …. Alan’s mistakes are cleanly deleted in the download, and it is a momentum riff which is easy to burn? Edited around. It was supposed not to have made mistakes.
This work is a complete live album that complements such a lack. The base is the download version sound board, but the missing part is the master of the ear interception (IEMs) intercepted at the scene and the ultra superficial audience recording “TRILOGY (Virtuoso 216/217)” master Utilization It is the one that restored the soundboard which symbolizes the last tour of Chris to the perfect form from “The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra”, Alan’s mistake, waiting for the encore, and the bustle after the show.
Moreover, it is not just a complete version. Sound quality that goes through the full story is the ultimate. As a matter of fact, since the distribution began at 12:00 the next day of the show, the soundboard sound of the download is a rough one. Although it felt despite direct despread direct feeling at all desk, the guitar somewhat protruded Distorted balance sounded also flat plate. To call it an official work, it was a somewhat lacking sound. This work realigned such sound overall. Of course we are not doing preeminent acoustic pressure creation, but by making the contours of each instrument clearer, a crisp and three-dimensional feeling is born. Chorus work which was pervasive at Omoto also feels even a feeling of stratification where each person’s voice overlaps. I realized the sound of a quality that is suitable for Chris’s last official recording.

Historically speaking, the ultimate superb sound board album that will end Chris’ s lifetime. Speaking musically, a full live album with a supernumerous album “Crisis” “Fragile” full live performance is too wonderful. The ultimate one that seamlessly completes the sound board which had only the few people who experienced the tour knowledgeable skills, completely upgraded to the quality of official-like elegance. Please, enjoy it forever with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

★ Because the official is an SBD sound source with a flat impression, by adjusting it, the protruding guitar was alleviated, the balance and sharpness of each instrument improved, the impression became the impression that the range expanded.

★ Because the audience tone generator also equalized and tied to fit SBD equalization, it does not feel uncomfortable.


・11月25日:東京ドームシティ・ホール 【本作】
・11月28日:Zepp Nagoya

まさしくクリス最後の勇姿とも言うべき公式作だったわけですが、残念ながら完璧ではありませんでした。開演を告げる「The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra」が省略され、アンコールの曲間も編集・削除されていたのです。「曲間は別に」と思われるかも知れませんが、実はココが美味しかった。「I’ve Seen All Good People」の後でスティーヴ・ハウがMCを執り、いよいよラストの「Owner Of A Lonely Heart」……というところでアラン・ホワイトが叩き始めたのは「Starship Trooper」。もちろん誰も付いていかず、ムッとしたハウが強引に「Owner Of A Lonely Heart」のリフを弾き始める……。ダウンロードではアランのミスが綺麗に削除され、やけに勢いの良いリフだな?くらいに編集。ミスなどなかったことになっていました。
本作は、そんな欠けを補完した完全版ライヴアルバム。ベースとなっているのはダウンロード版サウンドボードになるわけですが、欠けたパートは現場で傍受されたイヤー・イン・モニター(IEMs)や超極上オーディエンス録音『TRILOGY(Virtuoso 216/217)』マスターを活用。「The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra」やアランのミス、アンコール待ちや終演後の喧噪に至るまで、クリス最後のツアーを象徴するサウンドボードを完璧なカタチに修復したものなのです。





Disc 1(60:17)
1. Intro ★補填
2. The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra ★補填
3. Close To The Edge
4. And You And I
5. Siberian Khatru
6. Chris Squire Introduction
7. Believe Again
8. Jon Davison Introduction
9. The Game

Disc 2(64:37)
1. Steve Howe Introduction
2. Roundabout
3. Cans And Brahms
4. We Have Heaven
5. South Side Of The Sky
6. Five Per Cent For Nothing
7. Long Distance Runaround
8. The Fish
9. Mood For A Day
10. Heart Of The Sunrise ★11:49 – 13:40 補填
11. I’ve Seen All Good People ★7:54 – 最後まで補填
12. Owner Of A Lonely Heart ★5:47 – 最後まで補填


Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal Alan White – Drums
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards Jon Davison – Lead Vocal

Virtuoso 385/386

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