Wishbone Ash / Live At Redstone / 1CDR

Wishbone Ash / Live At Redstone / 1CDR / Gypsy Eye Project

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Live At Redstone Room, Davenport, IA September 14th 2017. Soundboard

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2017 Wishbone Ash’s latest sound board · Live sound first appearance! September 14, 2017 Includes performances at the Davenport / Redstone room in Iowa.

It is the first sound board sound source after joining the new guitarist, Mark · Abraham.
We will deliver the latest 2017 sound board live by the set list including the representative number from the famous board ‘Hundred Eyes Giant Argus’ in the 70′ s, including the acoustic showcase!

01. Intro/02. Bona Fide/03. Eyes Wide Open/04. The King Will Come/05. Warrior/06. Throw Down The Sword/07. Wait Out The Storm
ACOUSTIC:08. Leaf And Stream/09. Ballad Of The Beacon/10. Wings Of Desire
001. FUBB/02. Way Down South/03. Living Proof/04. Jail Bait/05. Phoenix/06. Blind Eye/07. Blowin’ Free

Live At Redstone Room, Davenport, IA September 14th 2017

Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-332A/B

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