Oasis / Chicago 1996 Dat Master / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

Oasis / Chicago 1996 Dat Master / 2CD+1CDR / Wardour

Live at Rosemont Horizon. Chicago, IL, USA 27th August 1996 TRULY PERFECT SOUND (from Original Masters) * UPGRADE !! plus Bonus 2CDR “BEFORE THE KNEBWORTH”

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Similar to the Oasis performance in Nagoya released this time, although it was originally an audience recording recorded by DAT, the digital copy from DAT to DAT did not come true and a deteriorated version spread. After all, the CD was released at the Chicago performance in August 1996. A legendary day with all songs Noel Gallagher vocals to perform the concert as planned, with Liam Gallagher making a mess of stopping his trip to the United States at the last minute due to an imminent move. Following the recording of MTV “Unplugged” a few weeks ago, a stage called formation without him suddenly due to Liam’s convenience. Let’s look back at the oasis schedule at that time.

・ August 23: Recorded MTV “Unplugged” in London (without Liam)
・ August 27: Chicago [this work] (without Liam, start of US tour)
・ August 30: Detroit (joining Liam)
・ 8 31st May: Toronto
, 2nd September: Philadelphia
, 6: 6th September: Worcester
・ September 7th & 8th: New York
・ September 10th: Bristow

After that, Noel, who had lost his patience with Liam’s scandal in Charlotte, threw out the tour and the US tour was forcibly terminated. .. Fortunately, such a valuable happening show has an audience recording, and the title “CHICAGO LIAM-LESS SHOW” has been released. It seems that many enthusiasts got it because it was a live stage completed without Liam, but there was a problem that the pitch was out of order, there were many cuts between songs, and above all, the sound quality itself was rough.
I wondered if it was a sound source in such a state, but as a result of the distribution of CD-Rs copied from the master DAT among traders about 10 years ago, “CHICAGO LIAM-LESS SHOW” (hereinafter, already released board) It turns out that it was based on a significantly degraded copy. This was also dropped into a cassette and distributed among traders at a time when copying from DAT to DAT was not easy. Moreover, unlike Nagoya, the result of a considerable number of dubbing of cassettes was the state of the existing board.
Actually, the sound quality was so different that it was misunderstood among enthusiasts that “there are two types of sound sources”, but when you listen to the pitch of the existing board correctly, it is exactly the same including the cheers of the surroundings. You can see that it is a recording. The sound quality was so different, especially how the clear sound quality of the original DAT master had deteriorated.

This is the DAT master version that will be released on a limited press CD, but the sound quality is very clear as praised by enthusiasts who have heard this. The freshness and clearness unique to DAT recording are very clear. Although the sound image of the recording is not as close as it is described as a “sound board”, it is very easy to hear due to the combination of a reasonable sense of distance and the freshness of the tip. Because of that, it gave the illusion that it was a different sound source.
However, until the first half of the live “Cigarettes & Alcohol”, the taper position was not stable, and there was a place where the sound was muffled periodically (this was also amplified in the existing board), so this time it is muffled. As a result of dividing the state part and applying equalization, it is much more stable and easier to hear than the original recording. Since it is a digital audience recording with good characteristics, it was well refined by equalization with the latest technology. When this happens, it is finally incomparable to the existing board.

And unlike the MTV “Unplugged”, which was an acoustic organization for the above reason, the stage on this day was the first “normal band organization but full-length noel vocal” show in the history of Oasis live. There was a stage where Noel took over the song from the middle because Liam complained of trouble, but this is the first live that Noel sang from the beginning to the end. Moreover, Liam wasn’t in trouble this time, and he stayed in England for the above reason.
I think the fun of such a happening show is concentrated in the first song, “Acquiesce,” which Noel sings by himself. Because Noel usually sings from the first half of Liam’s singing. It’s really interesting. Furthermore, “Roll With It” and “Champagne Supernova” are the first versions of Noel singing with the band in the background, but it’s funny that there is a feeling that I can’t sing everywhere. In addition, the Noel version of songs such as “Hello” and “Listen Up” was shown on “Unplugged”, but this time it is valuable to sing along with a performance backed by a non-acoustic normal band, and it is still recorded. As a result, this is the first Noel version of the previous new song “My Big Mouth”, which is extremely valuable.
It was announced at the venue that Liam would be absent on that day, but I can’t help but be surprised at the excitement that he didn’t feel any dissatisfaction with the happening of his absence. There is no booing at all, but rather it is a fever that screams of joy every time Noel announces the song title. The excitement that makes him feel like Liam isn’t there, such as the big chorus of “Cast No Shadow” and “Wonderwall” that he plays alone, is so impressive.

In this way, the rare Noel show was released in an overwhelming upper version, but also because Noel had to sing the whole story in a hurry and the “Champagne Supernova” live was closed. As you can see, the playing time is short for a show at this time. Therefore, as a bonus track, “Listen Up” by Liam vocal and “It’s Gettin’Better (Man !!)” which was not sung in Chicago were added as bonus tracks from the audience recording in New York after returning to Liam. This is also a good audience recording and the first CD, so you can’t miss it.
Above all, the Noel show in Chicago was released after a long time with an overwhelming upper feeling. It’s been a long time since it’s been difficult to obtain the existing version, so please enjoy it with clear sound quality that can be confidently recommended to all enthusiasts who have never heard of a legendary day!



その後、シャーロットでのリアムのスキャンダルに我慢できなくなったノエルはツアーを中止し、米国ツアーは強制終了した。 ..幸いなことに、このような貴重な出来事のショーには聴衆の録音があり、タイトル「CHICAGOLIAM-LESSSHOW」がリリースされました。リアムなしで完成したライブステージだったので、多くの愛好家が手に入れたようですが、ピッチが乱れていて、曲のカットが多く、何より音質自体が荒いという問題がありました。
そんな状態の音源なのかと思ったのですが、10年ほど前にマスターDATからコピーしたCD-Rをトレーダーに配布した結果、「CHICAGO LIAM-LESS SHOW」(以下、発売済みボード)大幅に劣化したコピーに基づいていることが判明しました。これもカセットに入れられ、DATからDATへのコピーが容易ではなかったときにトレーダーに配布されました。また、名古屋とは異なり、カセットをかなりの数ダビングした結果、既存のボードの状態になりました。

これは限定プレスCDでリリースされるDATマスターバージョンですが、これを聞いた愛好家から賞賛されているように、音質は非常にクリアです。 DAT録音ならではの鮮度と透明感がとてもクリアです。録音の音像は「響板」ほどではありませんが、適度な距離感と先端の鮮度が相まって非常に聞き取りやすいです。そのため、別の音源であるかのような錯覚を与えました。
ただ、ライブ「シガレッツ&アルコール」の前半まではテーパー位置が安定せず、定期的に音がこもるところがあったので(既存のボードでも増幅)、今回はこもります。 。状態部分を分割してイコライゼーションを適用した結果、元の録音よりもはるかに安定して聞き取りやすくなりました。優れた特性を備えたデジタルオーディエンス録音であるため、最新のテクノロジーとのイコライゼーションによって十分に洗練されています。これが起こるとき、それは最終的に既存のボードと比較できません。

そんな出来事の楽しさは、ノエルが一人で歌う最初の曲「Acquiesce」に集中していると思います。ノエルは通常リアムの歌の前半から歌うからです。本当におもしろいです。また、「RollWithIt」や「ChampagneSupernova」は、バンドをバックに歌うノエルの初バージョンですが、どこでも歌えない感じがするのがおもしろいです。また、「Unplugged」には「Hello」や「Listen Up」などのノエルバージョンが上映されていましたが、今回は非アコースティックのノーマルバンドをバックにしたパフォーマンスと合わせて歌う価値があり、今でも残っています。記録されました。その結果、これは前の新曲「MyBigMouth」の最初のノエルバージョンであり非常に価値があります。

Disc 1 (47:31)
1. The Swamp Song (Intro)
2. Acquiesce
3. Hello
4. Some Might Say
5. Roll With
6. Slide Away
7. Listen Up
8. Morning Glory
9. Cigarettes & Alcohol
10. Live Forever

Disc 2 (47:17)
1. Whatever
2. Cast No Shadow
3. Wonderwall
4. My Big Mouth
5. Don’t Look Back In Anger
6. Champagne Supernova (

Bonus Tracks
Jones Beach Theater, New York, NY, USA 7th September 1996
7. Listen Up
8. It’s Gettin ‘Better (Man !!)

Noel Gallagher –lead guitar, vocals
Paul Arthurs –rhythm guitar
Paul McGuigan –bass
Alan White –drums

Liam Gallagher –lead vocals, tambourine (7th September 1996)



Oasis / Before The Knebworth / 2CDR
Sjohistoriska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden 7th August 1996 TRULY AMAZING / PERFECT SOUND August 1996 The


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oasis was in glory for the first two weeks. A series of outdoor concerts were held with that Knebworth. It goes without saying that Knebworth is a legendary gig with “this is history!”, But the outdoor mammoth concerts that took place before and after were also great performances. It’s often overlooked because it doesn’t have radio broadcasts like Knebworth, nor does it have professional shot footage, but if you’re a maniac, a great day worth listening to is Stockholm on August 7.
As you can see from that date, this Stockholm was the big concert that took place before Knebworth. The pattern was recorded by audience recording, and it was also a day when the group showed a well-prepared and excellent stage ahead of the big event of the century.
In fact, the tension of the Gallagher brothers is extraordinarily high, especially Liam is talking a lot between songs, and there are scenes where he screams alone because it is too exciting. Knebworth, especially because there are no plans for recording or broadcasting like the second day, the tension is higher than that time, and it is dazzling now that Liam is singing freely. It’s great that Liam’s voice is in great shape to the end, despite singing so wildly. It may have come out that it was not a schedule of continuous performances unlike Knebworth.
Noel is also quite high-tensioned next to his younger brother who keeps flying. He also shouts MC between songs everywhere, though not as much as Liam. Within a month of this intoxicating enthusiasm, I would have to sing all the songs in Chicago.

It is an audience recording that captured the famous performance in the summer of 1996, but the sound image is also recorded reasonably close. The instability caused by the shaking of the sound image peculiar to an outdoor concert on a larger scale is difficult, and it is regrettable that it was remarkable in the first half of the live.
Fortunately, however, the show was outside the English-speaking world, and the environment was not such that the large chorus of the audience, which is common in oasis concerts, was modest and blocked the performance. Thanks to this, it is surprisingly easy to hear as an audience recording at the height of the oasis. Instead, when a fast-paced song such as “Morning Glory” starts, clapping occurs, but it’s also unfortunate that it usually fits in before the end of the song.
As I said earlier, the instability that the sound is sometimes blown by the wind is regrettable, but in other scenes the performance is taken as surprisingly large, for example, “My Big Mouth” “It’s Gettin’ Better (Man !!)” (the ending of this song will be cut by battery replacement) was the first new song to be heard here, so the clapping stopped in a blink of an eye (bitter smile). Still, the sound image is fairly stable and easy to hear from the on degree. In addition, the tension of Liam after this song is over is sharp.
Although it is an audience recording with some parts that lack stability like this, it can be said that it is a valuable sound source that can be fully enjoyed as a whole. Besides, the performance is outstandingly wonderful. It’s well worth it as a material that had such a glorious show a few weeks ago from Chicago. A spectacular performance that surpasses that of Knebworth is luxuriously included as a gift CD-R. With stickers, don’t miss the first delivery!


さっきも言ったように、風で音が吹くことがあるのが残念ですが、「My Big Mouth」「It’sGettin’Better(Man !!)」など、意外と大きな演奏になっているシーンもあります。 (この曲のエンディングは電池交換でカットされます)ここで最初に聴いた新曲だったので、拍手は瞬く間に止まりました(苦笑)。それでも、音像はかなり安定していて、ある程度から聞き取りやすいです。また、この曲が終わった後のリアムの緊張は鋭い。

Disc 1 (52:24)
01. The Swamp Song
02. Columbia
03. Acquiesce
04. Supersonic
05. Hello
06. Some Might Say
07. Roll With It
08. Slide Away
09. Morning Glory
10. Round Are Way / Up In The Sky
11. Cigarettes & Alcohol
12. applause

Disc 2 (60:55)
01. Applause
02. Whatever
03. Cast No Shadow
04. Wonderwall
05. The Masterplan
06. Don’t Look Back In Anger
07. My Big Mouth
08. It’s Gettin’Better (Man) !!)
09. Live Forever
10. Encore Break
11. Champagne Supernova
12. I Am The Walrus

Liam Gallagher –lead vocals, tambourine
Noel Gallagher –lead guitar, vocals
Paul Arthurs –rhythm guitar
Paul McGuigan –bass
Alan White –drums

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