Various Artists / Monsters Of Rock In Sweden 1986 / 4CDR

Various Artists / Monsters Of Rock In Sweden 1986 / 4CDR / Shades

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Live at Rassunda Football Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden 23rd August 1986

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On August 23, 1986, the pattern of the place was the Swedish version of the “Monsters of Rock” in Stockholm, Sweden, finally appeared in the highest audience recorded by the original master use! SCORPIONS is, Ozzy is, and DEF LEPPARD is, you can enjoy a hot live that fought at the top of the heavy metal boom, to your heart’s content in the superlative of sound!

1986 that swept the music scene heavy metal has become the world’s largest boom. The festival reflects the era of “Monsters of Rock” is, in addition to the place the United Kingdom held in Donington on August 16, the German version, which was done in such as Mannheim has been known. The former of the press CD6 sheets set in the “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986” (Langley Deluxe) is present as definitive, further latter luxury three sets of gift-title “MONSTERS OF ROCK IN GERMANY 1986”, which resulted in a shock to fans enjoy, both were able to experience the state of live realistically.
This is the United Kingdom, and appeared in 1986 a third of the “Monsters of Rock” followed by Germany! The pattern of Sweden held was held in Stockholm on August 23, Onban reduction from the original master taper principal has provided! To a is SCORPIONS leading role of the European version, the quasi-headliner OZZY OSBOURNE and dramatic and DEF LEPPARD played a revival, three live in the large band that attracted the day attention in this work, ease and outdoor festival to listen to the performance, It seems vivid in both the sound and have been compiled into four discs. Large volume of a total of about 230 minutes, there is no doubt that to knock out all of the heavy metal fans!

In the disk 1 have enjoyed the stage of DEF LEPPARD over a period of about 60 minutes. As anyone if fans know, this 1986 is Rick Allen of the drum played a comeback of miracle from the accident, a special year for DEF LEPPARD. As listen to in the UK held that have been recorded in the press CD6 Disc “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986”, they are and “Stagefright” of the opening from “Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)”, has been waging an energetic performance . As typified by the powerful “Another Hit And Run”, unique vocals of Joe Elliott is also a lively, even Rick Allen of play was finally regained cans by digestion of the few performances, that accident is a lie There are powerful as! The set list from the “HYSTERIA” in the next ’87 release, already “Love And Affection” is taken up, we assembled a great live along with the smash hit song “Photograph”, “Rock Of Ages”. To “Wasted” and “Travellin ‘Band”, 1 hour, such as runs through all, is a sequence of absolutely listen to miss not name the scene for the fans!

The hit of the disk 2 “THE ULTIMATE SIN”, OZZY OSBOURNE appeared to finally enhance the presence as a “heavy metal of the Emperor!” Over the disk capacity barely a cup of 80 minutes, will entertain the intense live to all of the listeners. Ozzy appeared as a headliner in place in the UK, had been decorated with brocade to the home country. Despite giving up the main seat in the SCORPIONS in the stage of continental Europe, such as Germany and Sweden this, in the live of contents imposing of protagonists from the opening “Carmina Burana”! “Bark At The Moon” and “Suicide Solution” – the barrage without any feel press the classics, such as “Mr. Crowley”, is also exactly what the name is appropriate sublime of the emperor playing.
Sound quality has also become easier to listen to the disc 1 or more, as well as Ozzy vocals, also a drum of Jake · E · Lee of guitar and Randy Castillo emerge in sharp contours and definite sense of separation, firmly state of play you can grab a. Hit song “Shot In The Dark” in the audience clapping to produce the best sense of realism, and dramatically directing the live of the listening stations. Apparently everyone in the delicate intro of in contrast to “Killer Of Giants” has listened to the performance, listeners will be able to enjoy not interfere with the musical sound of the band. Of the new “THE ULTIMATE SIN” and others also impressive music, such as “Never Know Why” and “Thank God For The Bomb,” “Secret Loser” is taken up from time, sharpness with sharp guitar of Jake, a Furasshi directional it can sound enjoy seems to ’86 years of thorough investigation. Ozzy live during this period, we have also been many excellent items released recently. The sound source also asserts that it is a sound source, which is noted as one of them!

Then, in the disk 3, 4, as the headliner of the European version of the “Monsters of Rock”, SCORPIONS will appear! Live in this Sweden, but once an incomplete one thing item was present, complete recording version of course of a different master in this work. Good sound quality is also outperforming larger already issued, it would say it’s definitive edition of the same day sound source without complaint.
From “Coming Home” of the opening, the band is to hear the great performance of the main seems vessel of the festival. Set list that covers a representative music since the ’80s also meet to hear a “Blackout”, “Bad Boys Running Wild,” “Loving You Sunday Morning” perfect score. Such as the familiar “Big City Nights” and “Still Loving You”, but the choice from the masterpiece “LOVE AT FIRST STING” is the center, were not covered in Donington in the UK “Holiday” is a plant listening of Europe held unique .
SCORPIONS, was produced in the next film, “SAVAGE AMUSEMENT” at that time. Big point was born in the session “Rock My Car” has been taken up in the form of including a drum solo. Result, this song is not included on the album, still playing well and this time only, has become a valuable rare number. And the highlight of the gig, along with new songs, was played in the encore, “In Trance”, “We’ll Burn The Sky,” “He’s A Woman, She’s A Man,” “Steamrock Fever” in the ’70s medley! After subscription of Matthias Yapusu, only the music of Uli Jon Roth era has not been too much playing, this would have been a big surprise for the venue of the fan. Furthermore last is barrage is still popular in Europe as “The Zoo,” “Can not Get Enough”, dramatically close the curtain of the festival!

A number of rock bands is ’86 years of fierce competition at that time, as opposed to the United States urged that showed strong momentum, even Europe, UK-born band, had been engaged in a great performance and the album and live. “Monsters of Rock” of the ’86 year, sunny stage, such as show off such their obstinacy and pride. Is a few years ago limited release, along with the CD6 Disc press was recorded in the UK held to receive a high rating “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986”, also this work of Europe held, can not miss listening to all of the heavy metal fan, one must-listen must-have is!

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.145 (August 2012). In case you’re wondering.

On August 23, 1986, than made the Swedish version of the “Monsters of Rock” in Stockholm, DEF LEPPARD, OZZY OSBOURNE and the performance of the SCORPIONS, 4 Disc CDR was recorded in both excellent audience recording. Although the same day sound source of SCORPIONS had in the past to also separately release the already issued title, thing with this is by using all recording’s offer of Omoto master.
Even compared to the festival in the same year Donington, which was pressed on CD, it is provided with an ease of listening and less not inferior clearness. Air feeling and the powerful sound of a large venue unique is also attractive.
In Disc-1 recorded live of DEF LEPPARD. Band that played a impressive revival at Donington from the accident of Rick Allen, make me hear the wonderful performance here. Although “Stagefright” is the sound of the opening is get a little hula, to stable from “Another Hit And Run” around. “Too Late For Love” and “Photograph” and others from the masterpiece “PYROMANIA”, such as further set-in from “HYSTERIA” before release “Love And Affection”, to entertain appropriate to enhance life live. But a total of 60 minutes a little playing time, but respond to listen’s no complaint.
The listen in Disc-2 played of OZZY OSBOURNE was a headliner at Donington. In the Festival of European version gave the leading role to the SCORPIONS, but live in dignity is not defeated. “Ozzy!” Call is a great sense of realism of the audience to listen at the opening. “Bark AT The Moon” from Jake · E · Lee of guitar also a spirited, “Never Know Why,” “Thank God For The Bomb,” such as this tour only of “THE ULTIMATE SIN” number is also pleasing to the full extent . Also drum of Randy Castillo not only Jake in characteristically has been captured by the tone that is powerful, their performance stand out, “Flying High Again”, “Crazy Train” and others, drum solo has been included “Secret Loser” is but plenty respond to listen to. Live that has been packed up to 80 minutes barely full, it would make me taste a certain satisfaction to the fans.
In Disc-3/4 recorded performance of SCORPIONS that becomes the main for a total of 95 minutes. The middle of the live “Can not Live Without You” somewhat sound image is changed in the (range become slightly narrower closer to the center sound of) is, stable recording is pierced in the clear on the whole, performance with SCORPIONS seems explosive power enjoyable. Set list is similar to Donington, “BLACKOUT” and selection of music from “LOVE AT FIRST STING” is but the center, has not been played in the United Kingdom and “Holiday”, unreleased song “Rock was only not been playing for a period of time of this ’86 such as listen to My Car “, but office is packed to hear the European version unique. Is further Uli Jon Roth era of masterpieces is medley performance that has not been playing long in the encore, to please the fans a lot. Late in the classic song “The Zoo” and “Can not Get Enough” is also firmly taken up, round out the festival in great excitement. Playing a set that condensed the charm of the band is really the best. What you have compiled three of the performance of the band unfolds incandescent at the big stage it seems powerful sound is awesome. This is that only a limited 20 set is regrettable. But one that I want us to expect an additional release.

★ in 2012 is very limited release in 20 set-only, – Sold in the twinkling of an eye out. Since then, even once masterpiece 4 Disc was not the re-release, to commemorate the 30 anniversary of the show, it is a long-awaited re-release decision! !


1986年8月23日に、スウェーデン・ストックホルムで行われたスウェーデン版”モンスターズ・オブ・ロック”の模様が、オリジナル・マスター使用による最上級オーディエンス録音で遂に登場! SCORPIONSが、オジーが、そしてDEF LEPPARDが、ヘヴィメタル・ブームの頂点で繰り広げた熱いライヴを、最上級のサウンドで心ゆくまで満喫できます!

ヘヴィメタルが世界的な大ブームとなって音楽シーンを席巻した1986年。その時代性を反映したフェスティバル”モンスターズ・オブ・ロック”は、8月16日にドニントンで行われたイギリス開催の他にも、マンハイムなどで行われたドイツ版が知られています。前者はプレスCD6枚組の「MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986」(Langley Deluxe)が決定版として存在し、さらに後者はファンに衝撃をもたらした豪華3枚組のギフト・タイトル「MONSTERS OF ROCK IN GERMANY 1986」で楽しめ、いずれもライヴの様子をリアルに体感することが出来ました。
今回はそのイギリス、そしてドイツに続く’86年第三の”モンスターズ・オブ・ロック”が登場です! 8月23日にストックホルムで行われたスウェーデン開催の模様を、テーパー本人が提供したオリジナル・マスターより音盤化! ヨーロッパ版の主役であるSCORPIONSに、準ヘッドライナーのOZZY OSBOURNE、そして劇的な復活を果たしたDEF LEPPARDと、本作では当日注目を集めた3大バンドのライヴを、演奏の聴き易さと野外フェスティバルらしい生々しを両立したサウンドで、4枚のディスクにコンパイルしています。合計して約230分の大ボリュームは、全てのヘヴィメタル・ファンをノックアウトすること間違いありません!

ディスク1ではDEF LEPPARDのステージを約60分にわたって収めています。ファンなら誰もが知るとおり、この’86年はドラムのリック・アレンが事故から奇跡のカムバックを果たした、DEF LEPPARDにとって特別な年。プレスCD6枚組の「MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986」に収録されたイギリス開催でも聴けた通り、彼らはオープニングの「Stagefright」そして「Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)」から、エネルギッシュなパフォーマンスを繰り広げています。パワフルな「Another Hit And Run」に代表されるように、ジョー・エリオットの個性的なヴォーカルも溌剌とし、数公演を消化したことでいよいよカンを取り戻したリック・アレンのプレイも、あの事故がウソのように迫力があります! セットリストには翌’87年リリースの「HYSTERIA」からも、すでに「Love And Affection」が取り上げられ、大ヒット曲「Photograph」・「Rock Of Ages」とともに素晴らしいライヴを組み立てています。「Wasted」そして「Travellin’ Band」まで、一気に駆け抜けるような1時間は、ファンにとって絶対に聴き逃せない名場面の連続です!

ディスク2では「THE ULTIMATE SIN」のヒットにより、”ヘヴィメタルの帝王”としていよいよ存在感を高めたOZZY OSBOURNEが登場! ディスク容量ぎりぎり一杯の80分間に渡り、強烈なライヴを全ての聴き手に楽しませます。オジーはイギリスでの開催においてヘッドライナーとして出演し、母国へ錦を飾っていました。ドイツおよびこのスウェーデンなどヨーロッパ大陸でのステージではSCORPIONSにメインの座は譲ったものの、ライヴの中身ではオープニング「Carmina Burana」から堂々の主役級! 「Bark At The Moon」そして「Suicide Solution」・「Mr. Crowley」など名曲を惜し気もなく連発し、演奏もまさに帝王の名がふさわしい壮絶さです。
音質もディスク1以上に聴き易くなっており、オジーのヴォーカルだけでなく、ジェイク・E・リーのギターやランディ・カスティロのドラムもシャープな輪郭と確かな分離感で浮かび上がり、演奏の様子もしっかりと掴み取ることが出来ます。ヒット曲「Shot In The Dark」ではオーディエンスの手拍子が最高の臨場感を演出し、ライヴの聴き所を劇的に演出します。対照的に「Killer Of Giants」の繊細なイントロでは誰もが演奏に聴き入っているらしく、聴き手はバンドの楽音を妨げなく楽しむ事ができます。当時の新作「THE ULTIMATE SIN」からは他にも「Never Know Why」や「Thank God For The Bomb」・「Secret Loser」といった印象深い楽曲が取り上げられ、ジェイクの切れ味鋭いギターとともに、フラッシーな方向性を突き詰めた’86年らしいをサウンド満喫することができます。この時期のオジー・ライヴは、最近も優れたアイテムが多くリリースされています。本音源もその中のひとつとして特筆される音源だと断言します!

そしてディスク3・4では、ヨーロッパ版”モンスターズ・オブ・ロック”のヘッドライナーとして、SCORPIONSが登場します! このスウェーデンにおけるライヴは、かつて不完全な一枚もののアイテムが存在しましたが、本作ではもちろん別マスターの完全収録版。音質の良さも既発を大きく凌いでおり、文句なしに同日音源の決定版だといえるでしょう。
オープニングの「Coming Home」から、バンドはフェスティバルのメインらしい器の大きなパフォーマンスを聴かせます。’80年代以降の代表曲を網羅したセットリストも「Blackout」・「Bad Boys Running Wild」・「Loving You Sunday Morning」と聴き応え満点。おなじみの「Big City Nights」や「Still Loving You」など、傑作「LOVE AT FIRST STING」からのチョイスが中心ですが、イギリスのドニントンでは取り上げられなかった「Holiday」は、ヨーロッパ開催ならではの聴き所です。
当時SCORPIONSは、次回作「SAVAGE AMUSEMENT」を製作中でした。そのセッションで生まれた「Rock My Car」がドラムソロを含む形で取り上げられているのは大きなポイント。結果的にこの曲はアルバムに収録されず、さらに演奏もこの時期のみと、貴重なレアナンバーになっています。そして新曲と並ぶライヴのハイライトは、アンコールで演奏された「In Trance」・「We’ll Burn The Sky」・「He’s A Woman, She’s A Man」・「Steamrock Fever」の’70年代メドレー! マティアス・ヤプスの加入後、ウリ・ジョン・ロート時代の楽曲はあまり演奏されていなかっただけに、これは会場のファンにとって大きなサプライズだったでしょう。さらにラストはヨーロッパで根強い人気を誇る「The Zoo」と「Can’t Get Enough」が連発され、劇的にフェスティバルの幕を閉じます!

数多くのロック・バンドがしのぎを削った’86年当時、強烈な勢いを見せたアメリカ勢に対抗するように、ヨーロッパ・イギリス出身のバンドも、アルバムそしてライヴにと素晴らしいパフォーマンスを繰り広げていました。この’86年の”モンスターズ・オブ・ロック”は、そんな彼らの意地とプライドを見せ付けるような晴れ舞台。数年前限定リリースされ、高い評価を受けるイギリス開催を収録したプレスCD6枚組「MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986」とともに、ヨーロッパ開催の本作も、全てのヘヴィメタルファンが聴き逃せない、必聴必携の一本です!

★beatleg誌 vol.145(2012年8月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1986年8月23日にストックホルムで行われたスウェーデン版”モンスターズ・オブ・ロック”より、DEF LEPPARD,OZZY OSBOURNEそしてSCORPIONSの演奏を、いずれも優れたオーディエンス録音で収録した4枚組CDR。SCORPIONSの同日音源は過去にも単品リリースされた既発タイトルがあったが、今回は全て録音者提供の大元マスターを用いているとの事。
Disc-1ではDEF LEPPARDのライヴを収録。リック・アレンの事故からドニントンで感動的な復活を果たしたバンドは、ここでも素晴らしい演奏を聴かせてくれる。オープニングの「Stagefright」は音がややフラつくものの、「Another Hit And Run」辺りからは安定する。代表作『PYROMANIA』からの「Too Late For Love」や「Photograph」ほか、さらにリリース前の『HYSTERIA』からセットインした「Love And Affection」など、充実期にふさわしいライヴを楽しませる。全体で60分強の演奏時間だが、聴き応えは文句なしだ。
Disc-2で聴けるのはドニントンでヘッドライナーだったOZZY OSBOURNEの演奏。ヨーロッパ版のフェスティバルでは主役の座をSCORPIONSに譲ったが、ライヴの貫禄は負けていない。オープニングで聴ける観客の「Ozzy!」コールは素晴らしい臨場感。「Bark AT The Moon」からジェイク・E・リーのギターも奔放で、「Never Know Why」・「Thank God For The Bomb」といったこのツアーのみの『THE ULTIMATE SIN』ナンバーも存分に楽しませてくれる。ジェイクだけでなくランディ・カスティロのドラムも迫力ある音色で捉えられているのが特徴で、彼らの演奏が際立つ「Flying High Again」・「Crazy Train」ほか、ドラムソロがインクルードされた「Secret Loser」は聴き応えたっぷりだ。80分ぎりぎり一杯まで詰め込まれたライヴは、ファンに確かな満足感を味わわせてくれるだろう。
Disc-3/4ではメインとなるSCORPIONSの演奏を合計95分にわたり収録。ライヴの中盤「Can’t Live Without You」でやや音像が変わる(レンジが若干狭く中央寄りの音になる)が、全体的にはクリアで安定した録音が貫かれ、SCORPIONSらしい爆発力のあるパフォーマンスを楽しめる。セットリストはドニントン同様、『BLACKOUT』および『LOVE AT FIRST STING』からの選曲が中心だが、イギリスでは演奏されなかった「Holiday」や、この’86年の一時期しか演奏されなかった未発表曲「Rock My Car」を聴けるなど、ヨーロッパ版ならではの聴き所が満載だ。さらにアンコールでは長らく演奏されなかったウリ・ジョン・ロート時代の名曲がメドレー演奏され、ファンを大いに喜ばせる。終盤には定番曲「The Zoo」や「Can’t Get Enough」もしっかり取り上げられ、フェスティバルを素晴らしい興奮の中で締めくくる。バンドの魅力を凝縮したセットと演奏は本当に最高。3つのバンドが繰り広げる白熱の演奏を大舞台らしい迫力のサウンドでコンパイルした内容は素晴らしいの一言。これが限定20セットのみというのは惜しい。追加のリリースをぜひ期待したい一本だ。


Disc 1(61:14)
Def Leppard

1. Stagefright 2. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) 3. Another Hit And Run 4. Too Late For Love
5. Love And Affection 6. Photograph 7. Foolin’ 8. Let It Go 9. Wasted 10. Rock Of Ages
11. Travellin’ Band

Joe Elliott – Vocal Phil Collen – Guitar Steve Clark – Guitar Rick Savage – Bass
Rick Allen – Drums


1. Intro. / Carl Orff “Carmina Burana” 2. Bark At The Moon 3. Suicide Solution
4. Never Know Why 5. Mr. Crowley 6. Shot In The Dark 7. I Don’t Know 8. Killer Of Giants
9. Guitar Solo 10. Thank God For The Bomb 11. Flying High Again 12. Member Introduction
13. Secret Loser 14. Drums Solo 15. Secret Loser(Reprise) 16. Iron Man 17. Crazy Train
18. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Jake E. Lee – Guitar Phil Soussan – Bass Randy Castillo – Drums
John Sinclair – Keyboards


Disc 3(45:02)
1. Intro. 2. Coming Home 3. Blackout 4. Bad Boys Running Wild 5. Loving You Sunday Morning
6. Make It Real 7. Big City Nights 8. Coast To Coast 9. Holiday 10. Still Loving You
11. Rock You Like A Hurricane

Disc 4(50:18)
1. Can’t Live Without You 2. Rock My Car 3. Drum Solo 4. Rock My Car (Reprise)
5. Another Piece Of Meat 6. Dynamite 7. In Trance 8. We’ll Burn The Sky
9. He’s A Woman, She’s A Man 10. Steamrock Fever 11. Zoo 12. Can’t Get Enough

Klaus Meine – Vocal Rudolf Schenker – Rhythm Guitars Matthias Jabs – Lead Guitars
Francis Buchholz – Bass Herman Rarebell – Drums

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