Black Sabbath / Rays 3rd Gig / 1DVDR

Black Sabbath / Rays 3rd Gig /1 DVDR /Non Label

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Live At Montreal Forum, Montreal, Canada 1st April 1986.

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In 1986, as a vocalist to replace Glenn Hughes from the US tour accompanying “Seventh Star”, Canadian on April 1, which will be the third live with Ray Guillain picked up, will perform Montreal performance, 1 The long-awaited video title that appeared completely with the highest level audience shot over the time of 23 minutes is appearing. The camera captures the stage from the front row in the second floor, and many members’ close-up scenes appear. The camera angle and the camera work are also very high quality, and it captures the splendid performance of Tony Aiomi who fascinates audiences with freshly subscribed Ray Guillan and full-blown guitar play with a stable video image . Fortunately the voice is also very good, you can enjoy the precious stage of this time without stress. Ray’s vocals are unbelievable as the live on the 3rd day after subscription, the actions are dignified, not only do they work very well as a very important substitute of Sabbath’s lead singer, but they are not ashamed of the history of Sabbath throughout the entire story We are showing off the best vocals. Rhythm corps of cool Erik singer are also contained in realistic images, and it is possible to enjoy plenty of the charm of Sabbath with a wonderful image, as well as a fancy dave · spitz which looks also glittering with blonde. Be sure to see the brave appearance of a new generation Sabbath that folds with Mob Rules, Children Of The Sea, new songs Danger Zone, and War Pigs from the opening. The blues-like Heart Like A Wheel, Symptom Of The Universe / Sweet Leaf / Zero The Hero / Sphinx / Seventh Star and one big medley performance that follows is also one of the highlights. Master direct drop or equivalent A fan must-see video title that you can enjoy with excellent image quality that seems to be a copy from nearby! This is recommended.

1986年「Seventh Star」に伴うUSツアーより、グレン・ヒューズに代わるボーカリストとして、急遽、抜擢されたレイ・ギランを迎えての3回目のライブとなる4月1日のカナダはモントリオール公演を、1時間23分に渡って極上レベルのオーディエンス・ショットで完全収録した、ファン待望の映像タイトルが登場です。カメラは2階席最前列からステージを捉えており、メンバーのクローズアップシーンも多数登場。カメラアングルもカメラワークも非常に高品質であり、加入したてのレイ・ギランや、気合十分のギタープレイで観客を魅了するトニー・アイオミの見事なパフォーマンスを安定したビデオ映像でしっかりと捉えています。幸いなことに音声も非常に良好で、ストレス無く、この時期の貴重なステージを楽しむことができます。加入後3日目のライブと思えない程にレイのボーカル、アクションは堂々としており、サバスのリードシンガーという非常に重要な代役を見事に勤め上げているばかりか、全編を通してサバスの歴史に恥じない最高のボーカルを披露しています。見た目にも派手なデイブ・スピッツやブロンドをなびかせ叩きまくる姿がかっこいいエリック・シンガーのリズム隊もリアルな映像で収められており、1986年サバスの魅力を素晴らしい映像でたっぷりと堪能できます。オープニングからMob Rules、Children Of The Sea、新曲Danger Zone、そしてWar Pigsと怒涛の演奏で畳み掛ける新生サバスの勇姿は必見!ブルース調のHeart Like A Wheel、Symptom Of The Universe/Sweet Leaf/Zero The Hero/Sphinx/Seventh Starと続く一大メドレー演奏も見所のひとつです。マスター直落しか相当それに近いところからのコピーと思われる優れた画質で楽しめるファン必見映像タイトル!これはお薦めです。

1. Intro: Supertzar 2. Mob Rules 3. Children Of The Sea 4. Danger Zone 5. War Pigs
6. Heart Like A Wheel 7. Symptom Of The Universe/Sweet Leaf 8. Zero The Hero/Sphinx (The Guardian)
9. Seventh Star 10. Turn To Stone 11. Drum Solo/Turn to Stone (reprise) 12. Black Sabbath
13. Neon Knights 14. Heaven and Hell incl. Orchid & Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 15. Paranoid

Tony Iommi – Guitars Ray Gillen – Vocals Dave Spitz – Bass Eric Singer – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 83min.

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