Various Artists / Frontiers Of Progressive Rock / 1DVDR

Various Artists / Frontiers Of Progressive Rock / 1DVDR / Non Label
Taken from the original Japanese Laser Disc (SM048-3227) released in 1988 PRO-SHOT

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Masterpiece compilation “FRONTIERS OF PROGRESSIVE ROCK” which describes progressive rock dawn with the highest quality. The best edition which is reprinted from the Japanese edition laser disk is a gift and release decision.
“FRONTIERS OF PROGRESSIVE ROCK” was a masterpiece to know. This work was released in 1988. The VCR will be a necessity in the family and it’s only natural to watch music at home. It was the time when many rock images were released and it was soon out of print. Then, in the late 80’s, archive works will begin to appear as new films from each band appear one after another. This work was also one produced in the flow of such times.
However, even among the numerous compilations, this work shone through and was loved by mania. The reason is rarity and quality. First of all, it was terrible from the source. West German legendary music program “BEAT-CLUB”. It is characterized by the performance of the original program that is not a mouth-poke, and the eye is also sharp on the up-and-coming band. In particular, the selection of the ’70s where the rock blooms at a stretch is a masterpiece, and it is a treasure trove of rock images following the British BBC. At the end of the 80’s, such “BEAT-CLUB” collections were being made into works with master quality one after another. Most of them were compilations of hit songs from time to time, but some were stuck with genre. That “progress edition” is this work.
In fact, the selection of this work is Tohoku. Among the 5 generation bands, EL & P, KING CRIMSON, and YES are selected, and the related THE NICE, Canterbury’s SOFT MACHINE, and their 6 bands of hero KRAFTWERK of their home country are selected. There is). The contents of each song were even more intense, as the greats representing the prog- rage just lined up. The oldest 1969 THE NICE appeared during the production of the masterpiece “FIVE BRIDGES”, and even EL & P one month before the recording of “TARKUS”. The live performance of the young Keith Emerson is the face of a revolutionary child called “Jimichen on the keyboard”. Is it still lively lively intensely? It will be unrolled.
Furthermore, the film production is also elaborate. In the 70’s, “BEAT-CLUB” was characterized by psychedelic image processing, but it is a big explosion in this work. One month after the release of “FOURTH”, SOFT MACHINE appeared to be involved in the interplay in a fixed position, but the frame that makes its appearance decorate, the psychic background is a jazz rock with a distinctive background Will be What’s more ugly is YES. Appeared two months after the release of the “third album”, but the performance is full of sense of time with video processing that is swaying. The neck of the chair of the album and jacket and the doll also carefully appeared. I dance in the air like a live neck and perform with Tony Kay and Bill Blueford.
It is impressive just to move the legendary lineup, but more than that KING CRIMSON and KRAFTWER. KING CRIMSON has just begun its third season with John Wetton and Blueford. During the warm-up period before the production of “The Sun and the Battle”, that Jamie Muir roams with Noshinoshi, and is rampaging with the whistle and saws. And KRAFTWERK. Although it is appearance of about half a year from a debut work, at the time, Ralph Hutter withdrew on account of study. Of course there are Florian Schneider Esleben, but the remaining members are trios with Klaus Dinger and Michael Rotha. We can enjoy a rare ensemble called “Floorian & NEU!” Rather than KRAFTWERK with the highest quality.

The dawn of just progressive rock. As a matter of fact, most of the bands are moving into archives individually, but it is amazing that they are lined up at once. It is a collection of pro shots that the vitality of the era of 1969-1972, when the evolution of rock accelerated rapidly. In the early 70’s, when “BEAT-CLUB” played an important role, the impact of the late 80’s when the collection was released at once. The beat of such an era is a pulse. Please enjoy yourself at this opportunity.
プログレッシヴ・ロック黎明期を極上クオリティで描く名作コンピレーション『FRONTIERS OF PROGRESSIVE ROCK』。日本盤レーザーディスクから復刻された極上盤がギフト・リリース決定です。
『FRONTIERS OF PROGRESSIVE ROCK』は、知る人ぞ知る名作でした。この作品がリリースされたのは1988年。ビデオデッキが一家に一台の必需品となり、自宅で「音楽を見る」ことも当たり前。数々のロック映像がリリースされてはすぐ廃盤になっていく時代でした。そして80年代も後期になると、各バンドの映像新作が続々と登場する中でアーカイヴ作品も登場し始める。本作もそんな時代の流れの中で製作された1本でした。
実際、本作のセレクトは特濃。5代バンドのうちEL&P、KING CRIMSON、YESが選ばれ、さらに関連のTHE NICE、カンタベリーのSOFT MACHINE、母国の英雄KRAFTWERKの6バンドをチョイス(各バンド1曲ずつですが、大曲ぞろいなので約1時間あります)。まさしくプログレを代表する大物がズラッと並びつつ、1曲1曲の中身はもっと強烈だった。一番古い1969年のTHE NICEは名作『FIVE BRIDGES』制作中の出演であり、EL&Pにしても『TARKUS』録音の1ヶ月前。若きキース・エマーソンの生演奏は「鍵盤のジミヘン」と呼ばれた革命児の面目躍如。猛烈に旬な生演奏がこれでもか!と繰り出されるのです。
さらに映像演出も凝りっ凝り。70年代の“BEAT-CLUB”はサイケが画像処理が特徴でしたが、本作でも大爆発。『FOURTH』発売の1ヶ月後に出演したSOFT MACHINEはあの4人が定位置でインタープレイに没頭しているわけですが、その姿を躍動するフレームが飾り立て、サイケな背景が独特なジャズロックを視角化していく。さらに凄いのがYES。『サード・アルバム』リリースの2ヶ月後に出演したのですが、演奏がグネグネとねじ曲がる映像処理が時代感たっぷり。ご丁寧にアルバム・ジャケのイスや人形の首も登場。生首の如く宙を舞ってトニー・ケイやビル・ブルーフォードと共演しているのです。
伝説的なラインナップが動くだけでも感動的ですが、それ以上なのがKING CRIMSONとKRAFTWERK。KING CRIMSONはジョン・ウェットンやブルーフォードを迎えた第3期が始まったばかり。『太陽と戦慄』の製作に入る前のウォームアップ期で、あのジェイミー・ミューアがノシノシと歩き回り、ホイッスルやノコギリを駆使して大暴れしている。そして、KRAFTWERK。デビュー作から半年ほどの出演なのですが、当時はラルフ・ヒュッターが学業の都合で離脱。もちろん、フローリアン・シュナイダー・エスレーベンはいますが、残りのメンバーはクラウス・ディンガーとミヒャエル・ローターとのトリオ。KRAFTWERKというよりは「フローリアン&NEU!」というレアなアンサンブルが極上クオリティで楽しめるのです。


1. Intro
2. Knife Edge (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
3. Larks’ Tongues In Aspic Part 2 (King Crimson)
4. Hang On To A Dream (The Nice)
5. Composition Based On 3 Tunes (Soft Machine)
6. Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes)
7. Truckstop Gondolero (Kraftwerk)
8. Highlights Of Beat Club
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