Van Halen / Philadelphia 1978 / 1CDR

Van Halen / Philadelphia 1978 / 1CDR / Shades

Live at Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USA 24th March 1978 
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Another treasure live album has appeared. Introducing a new master from the “Van Halen” era that shocked the world.
Currently, the world is overwhelmed by Eddie Van Halen’s obituary, but in the collector world, excavation has begun as if to heal the pain. This work is one such new master. This is an excellent audience recording of “March 24, 1978 Upper Darby Performance”. Of course, the biggest point is the surprising sound, but first of all, the position of the show. Let’s take a look back at the big picture of the world tour that was amazing around the world with the debut.

・ January 27 + February 8: Warm up
<< February 10 “Van Halen” released >>
・ February 18-April 28: North America # 1 (46 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ May 4-June 10: Europe # 1 (27 performances)
・ June 17-28: Japan (9 performances)
・ July 1st-September 30th: North America # 2 (54 performances)
・ October 9-27: Europe # 2 (13 performances)
・ November 3rd-December 3rd: North America # 3 (24 performances)
《December 11th, “Legendary Bombing Machine” production started》

This is VAN HALEN in 1987. The shock of the appearance of the giant star can be seen from the fact that he has already visited Japan for the first time four months after his debut, but the Upper Darby performance of this work is even earlier. The 20th performance of “North America # 1”, one and a half months after the release of “Van Halen”. Moreover, the opening number of performances of “North America # 1” is not so tight, and the full-scale start will start in March. This work was still a time when the start dash was full of momentum.
This work recorded at such an early concert was surprised by the powerful and super direct sound! Anyway, there is no sense of distance and it is in close contact. Rather than “reaching” a thick core, it feels like “oscillating” right there. Of course, because it’s so close, the details flow into my ears without becoming cloudy, and the fine cymbal work and the rubbing condition of the guitar strings are super clear. The tone has a slightly vintage feel, but it is a super-direct sound recording that can be dignifiedly called a “sound board.”
Although it is a surprising new master, this work is also the highest peak. As a matter of fact, there were some regrettable points for this master. You can hear another music left on the tape from one channel in the second half, or the pitch is off by a semitone. In this work, such defects are thoroughly corrected. Naturally, the pitch is neat and tidy, and other music is removed cleanly (the part is monaural, but you can enjoy it seamlessly without any discomfort with the stereo part). By the way (?), I adjusted the bass balance, which was a little too powerful, and pursued the maximum potential of the new master.
The highest peak sound is drawn with a great enthusiasm that has just begun the life of a journey away from the local area. At that time, he was the opening of JOURNEY with MONTROSE, and the front seat frame was less than 40 minutes. However, because it is short, the ensemble is so rich that the whole story seems to lose its power. As a matter of fact, all 9 songs played are “Van Halen” numbers, so I will omit the set analysis, but that is why the smell of “live performance version debut work” is pungent. Of course, the tension of standing on the stage in front of the audience is not the same as that of the studio, and the version is even more intense. Do you call it a “flame fuse”? It’s a show where the time of the fuse has already passed and the bomb is exploding.

 これが1987年のVAN HALEN。デビューから4ヶ月でもう初来日を果たしている事からも巨星登場の衝撃ぶりが伝わりますが、本作のアッパーダービー公演はさらに初期。『炎の導火線』リリースの1ヶ月半後という「北米#1」の20公演目。しかも、「北米#1」の冒頭数公演はそれほど日程も詰まっておらず、本格スタートは3月に入ってから。本作は、まだまだスタートダッシュの勢い溢れる時期でした。
 そんな序盤のコンサートで記録された本作は、力強く超ダイレクトなサウンドにびっくり! とにかく距離感がなく、ド密着。極太な芯が「届く」というよりは、すぐそこで「発振してる」感じ。もちろん、そこまで間近ですからディテールも曇る間もなく耳元に流れ込み、細かなシンバルワークもギター弦のこすり具合も超鮮明。音色にはややヴィンテージ感も滲みますが、堂々と「まるでサウンドボード」と呼べる超ダイレクト・サウンドな名録音のです。
 ロック史を力ずくで突き動かしてしまった巨人VAN HALENのデビュー。その現場にド密着サウンドで立ち会える驚異の新発掘ライヴアルバムです。後半のモノラル化さえなければ永久保存プレス化だったのですが、そのパートも言われなければ(言われても?)気づかないほど自然で、思いっきり没入できる。エディ喪失に苛まれた世界を癒すために現れた新名盤。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください。
1. Intro
2. On Fire
3. I’m The One
4. Bass Solo
5. Runnin’ With The Devil
6. Atomic Punk
7. Drum Solo
8. Little Dreamer
9. Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love
10. Eruption/Guitar Solo
11. You Really Got Me
12. Ice Cream Man
David Lee Roth – Lead Vocals
Eddie Van Halen – Guitars, Vocals
Michael Anthony – Bass, Vocals
Alex Van Halen – Drums
Shades 1257

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