Thin Lizzy / Philadelphia 1977 1st Night / 2CD

Thin Lizzy / Philadelphia 1977 1st Night / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live At Tower Theater, Philadelphia , PA, USA 20th October 1977. Stereo SBD



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Of THIN LIZZY that brought shock to fan the other day of gift-release “PHILADELPHIA 1977: REMASTERED EDITION” is the emergency stock determined from ZODIAC label in the long-awaited full limited press CD2 Disc! “BAD REPTATION” accompanying the announcement October 20, 1977, sound board sound source in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “Tower Theater” can be a Collector’s live items that a number of THIN LIZZY, in a real sense “absolute must-have” single. This work was polished to the limit in the current technology the sound source, Masterpiece should be all of the lock-Mania hand not THIN LIZZY fan only! Permanent preservation version appropriate to the prestige and quality, it is here to release decision now!

If you refer to the excellent sound source in the “single fan if must-have”, “must listen live” …… Collector’s item, it is often expressed to be used. Its point place is, or has excellent sound quality, in addition to you have a great play, or was sound source in the lineup official live work does not exist, is a variety such as’re playing the unusual music. However, these only Eteshite “are accustomed Collector’s Item” Mania is a acceptable thing, is also the word entertain a question mark as “hell where is?” For those who do not in contact with the such a sound source usually.
But, some will have items that you would not say that it “certainly great!” And taken together all such beginner and Light fan. Way of example is a “WHEN EVENING FALLS” of RAINBOW, “MONTREUX 1970” and of BLACK SABBATH, it is sound source such as “LIVE … IN THE WEST OF THE RHINE” of WHITESNAKE. Even these are met in an informal panel, “LIVE IN JAPAN” of DEEP PURPLE, love as the name live recordings of arranging the “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME,” such as the shoulder to the official work of LED ZEPPELIN, even after a time from the appearance from the fan is continues.
THIN LIZZY of “October 20, 1977, Philadelphia performances” stereo sound board sound source was completely recorded is, probably one of just such items. This live is in addition to six songs been recorded for the “King Biscuit Flower Hour” is on the air, some of it is about has been adopted in the official “LIVE AND DANGEROUS” on being subjected to overdubbing or modifications. In addition to the then 2009 “STILL DANGEROUS” was recorded 12 songs from the live has been announced.
And usually this kind of live material is excavated, formulated in the feature it is referred to as the “role of the Collector’s items is over”, but when it did not happen this. Why not? It is at the stage of the 2007, because informal panel above the official was present. It is what is “BREAKOUT” of 2 Disc CD press items. The complete recording of the contents over the quotient from that “Wolf Gang Vault” master in 1 hour 21 minutes to overwhelm the mania. I called the explosive topic immediately after release. Calling that such “masterpiece of live album in history of THIN LIZZY” even spread to the beginner, and I was led to a lot of fans to the world of collectible items.
Its “BREAKOUT” is already sold out, out of print, was followed by a state availability is difficult in recent years. In order to meet the needs of the fans that such “Come want to hear”, was released the other day “PHILADELPHIA 1977: REMASTERED EDITION” has become a big topic yet gift title. At that time in the “near future, that re-released in the press panel is desired inevitable” but had been predicted and, is “the unnatural that this is a gift,” “Why high-quality work far from everyone I was also received voice rebuked such gift of whether “.
So this time, immediately press on CD this decisive sound source! Sound that was remastered in 2015 of state-of-the-art technology is intact, it was containment and the hot live the heyday THIN LIZZY to two press CD!

Immediately after playing the disc, and jumping out first in the “Introduction” the sound of each member of the band to break hand each instrument in their own way. Sound quality from this point already official itself. Sound field that is spread with outstanding clearness, etc. mix all of the parts have been properly separate, I can enjoy the sound beyond the scope of the Collector’s items in all respects.
And Phil Lynott is MC to be the very beginning “‘ll This award has been recording for the” King Biscuit “”, hauntingly Irish of fragrance “Soldier Of Fortune” is the moment this film suddenly of guided office listening! While wrapped in fan cheers, how the tension and voltage gradually up stage, will evoke the beginning “LIVE IN JAPAN” of DEEP PURPLE! Speaking of opening number of THIN LIZZY You Think First, the “Are You Ready” and “Jailbreak”, but the rise of the same songs like soak and fairly dust in melodious There are those also tasty. To “warm-up” in this one song that he finished only, followed by a medley “Jailbreak” is at once heat up! Furthermore official “It was” The unreleased “Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed” and “Warriors” also listen miss not point. Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson golden twin lead by Son is jumped and lively from the left and right channels, Phil and Brian Downey of Play and exquisitely intertwined …… band is what strange of this combination, which together , and a is the lure of heyday LIZZY sound!
“Dancing In The Moonlight” and (John Earl of is also great saxophone!), Untie the listening hand of mind Horori To “Still In Love With You” is the largest listening stations also in this Sakuchu witty in to swing a pleasant groove. Here listen melody and play of shine, do not you also now being subjected to a time of even about ’40 It should be noted that fresh! In addition to strong lock from idyllic intro “Cowboy Song” and heat of “The Boys Are Back In Town” is unbearable. Ritchie Blackmore is what that also Unadzukeru was likened the Phil “It was a musician with a flame.”
Further decorate the beginning of the disk 2 such as “Opium Trail” and “Bad Reputation”, this time only the music is also interesting. Even along with “Do not Belive A Word” and “Emerald” classic songs, the music and play of workmanship is not inferior somewhat also seen. Continued from drum solo of Brian Downey “Baby Drives Me Crazy” After raised entrainment the hall, the “Me And The Boys” and “Are You Ready” is paid out as angry waves is! Not only playing spirited intense play and heat, the cry melody and fun production is woven as Aya …… live of full-length 81 minutes, is as if watching just like one of the movie!

Name live work “LIVE AND DANGEROUS” is, not only to represent the career of THIN LIZZY, as the name live hard rock, it is one that everyone is to avoid impassable. But this is a ’76 years of London performances and 1977 “made” it is edited from the tour of the sound source what you (of course “work” a is more, edit and mix, but of course that I). Whole a bottle of live at the time for it, remains of any of the editing and without dubbing, the unmatched value of this work that you can enjoy the official similar quality. Whether at the time of LIZZY that had fascinated the “LIVE AND DANGEROUS” or more stages in the regular set was how great, I will be allowed to again keenly aware.
In had THIN LIZZY live is the best sound in the heyday, without any editing, this only quality it was left in, the only true word anymore “miracle”. A decisive and historical items that you want to collection absolutely if the lock-Mania, Please enjoy this opportunity. This work is the one you do not hesitate to expression “must listen, must-have of live recordings” in the true sense!

先日のギフト・リリースでファンに衝撃をもたらしたTHIN LIZZYの「PHILADELPHIA 1977: REMASTERED EDITION」が、待望の完全限定プレスCD2枚組でZODIACレーベルより緊急入荷決定です! 「BAD REPTATION」発表に伴う1977年10月20日,ペンシルバニア州フィラデルフィア”タワー・シアター”でのサウンドボード音源は、THIN LIZZYの数あるコレクターズ・ライヴ・アイテムでも、本当の意味で”絶対必携”の一本。その音源を現行技術で限界まで磨き上げた本作は、THIN LIZZYファンのみならず全てのロック・マニアが手にすべきマスターピース! その格式とクオリティに相応しい永久保存版で、今ここにリリース決定です!

が、中にはそんなビギナーやライトなファンを全てひっくるめて「確かに素晴らしい!」と言わせてしまうアイテムがあります。例を挙げればRAINBOWの「WHEN EVENING FALLS」であり、BLACK SABBATHの「MONTREUX 1970」や、WHITESNAKEの「LIVE…IN THE WEST OF THE RHINE」といった音源です。これらは非公式盤ではあっても、DEEP PURPLEの「LIVE IN JAPAN」、LED ZEPPELINの「THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME」といった公式作品に肩を並べる名ライヴ音源として、登場から時間を経てもファンから愛され続けています。
THIN LIZZYの”1977年10月20日,フィラデルフィア公演”を完全収録したステレオ・サウンドボード音源は、まさにそんなアイテムのひとつでしょう。このライヴは”キング・ビスケット・フラワー・アワー”用に収録され6曲がオンエアされたほか、一部はオーバーダビングや修正を施した上で公式「LIVE AND DANGEROUS」にも採用されたほどです。さらにその後2009年には同ライヴから12曲を収録した「STILL DANGEROUS」が発表されました。
普通こういったライヴ素材が長編で発掘・公式化されると「コレクターズ・アイテムの役目は終わった」と言われますが、この時はそうならなかった。何故か? それは2007年の段階で、公式を上回る非公式盤が存在していたからです。それこそが2枚組プレスCDアイテムの「BREAKOUT」です。あの”ウォルフギャング・ヴォルト”マスターからショウを1時間21分に渡り完全収録した内容はマニアを圧倒。リリース直後から爆発的な話題を呼びました。そんな「THIN LIZZYのライヴ盤史上の最高傑作」という呼び声はビギナーにも波及し、多くのファンをコレクターズ・アイテムの世界へと導いたのです。
その「BREAKOUT」はすでに完売・廃盤となり、最近では入手が難しい状態が続いていました。そんな「ぜひ聴きたい」というファンの要望を満たすべく、先日リリースされた「PHILADELPHIA 1977: REMASTERED EDITION」は、ギフト・タイトルでありながら大きな話題となりました。その際に「近い将来、プレス盤での再リリースが望まれることは必至」と予測はしていたものの、皆様からは「これがギフトというのは不自然」・「どうしてここまでクオリティの高い作品がギフトなのか」といったお叱りの声も受けました。
そこで今回は、この決定的音源を直ちにプレスCD化! 2015年の最新技術でリマスターしたサウンドはそのままに、絶頂期THIN LIZZYの熱いライヴを2枚のプレスCDへと封じ込めました!

そしてフィル・ライノットが開口一番「このショウは”キング・ビスケット”用にレコーディングしているぞ」とMCし、アイリッシュな薫りを湛えた「Soldier Of Fortune」が導かれる瞬間は本作いきなりの聴き所! ファンの歓声に包まれながら、ステージの緊張とボルテージが徐々に上がっていく様子は、DEEP PURPLEの「LIVE IN JAPAN」冒頭を想起させるでしょう! THIN LIZZYのオープニング・ナンバーと言えば「Are You Ready」や「Jailbreak」をまず思い浮かべますが、メロディアスでじんわりと染み込むような同曲での立ち上がりはまた味わい深いものがあります。この一曲目で”ウォーミング・アップ”は済んだとばかりに、メドレーで続く「Jailbreak」は一気にヒートアップ! さらに公式「」では未収録だった「Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed」と「Warriors」も聴き逃せないポイント。スコット・ゴーハムとブライアン・ロバートソンによる黄金のツインリードはチャンネルの左右から活き活きと飛び出し、フィルそしてブライアン・ダウニーのプレイと絶妙に絡み合う・・・・・・バンドが一体となったこのコンビネーションの妙こそ、絶頂期LIZZYサウンドの魅力なのです!
心地よいグルーヴで軽妙にスウィングする「Dancing In The Moonlight」(ジョン・アールのサキソフォンがまた素晴らしい!)と、聴き手の心をほろりとほどく「Still In Love With You」は本作中でも最大の聴き所。ここで聴けるメロディとプレイの輝きは、約40年もの時間を経た今もなお瑞々しいではありませんか! さらに牧歌的なイントロから力強くロックする「Cowboy Song」と「The Boys Are Back In Town」の熱さは堪らない。リッチー・ブラックモアがフィルを「炎をもったミュージシャンだった」と評したのも頷けるというものです。
さらにディスク2の冒頭を飾る「Opium Trail」や「Bad Reputation」といった、この時期のみの楽曲も面白い。定番曲の「Don’t Belive A Word」や「Emerald」と並んでも、その楽曲とプレイの出来栄えはいささかも見劣りません。ブライアン・ダウニーのドラムソロから続く「Baby Drives Me Crazy」で場内を巻き込み盛り上がった後は、「Me And The Boys」そして「Are You Ready」が怒涛のように繰り出される! 激しいプレイと熱のこもった演奏だけでなく、泣かせるメロディそして楽しい演出が綾のように織りなす・・・・・・ライヴの全編81分間は、さながら一本の映画を観るかのようです!

名ライヴ作品「LIVE AND DANGEROUS」は、THIN LIZZYのキャリアを代表するだけでなく、ハードロックの名ライヴとして、誰もが避けては通れない一本です。しかしこれは’76年のロンドン公演と’77年ツアーの音源から編集されて「作られた」もの(もちろん”作品”である以上、編集やミックスは当然なのですが)。それに対して当時のライヴを丸ごと一本、一切の編集やダビング無しのまま、公式同様のクオリティで味わえる本作の価値は比類ない。レギュラー・セットで「LIVE AND DANGEROUS」以上のステージを魅せていた当時のLIZZYがいかに素晴らしかったかを、改めて痛感させられます。
絶頂期にあったTHIN LIZZYのライヴが最高のサウンドで、何の編集もなく、これだけのクオリティで残されたのは、もはや”奇跡”という言葉しか当てはまらない。ロック・マニアなら絶対にコレクションしたい決定的・歴史的アイテムを、この機会にぜひお楽しみください。本作は本当の意味で”必聴・必携のライヴ音源”という表現をためらわない一本です!

Disc 1(45:29)
1. Introduction 2. Soldier Of Fortune 3. Jailbreak 4. Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed
5. Warriors 6. Dancing In The Moonlight(It’s Caught Me In Its Spotlight) 7. Massacre
8. Still In Love With You 9. Cowboy Song 10. The Boys Are Back In Town

Disc 2(35:33)
1. Opium Trail 2. Don’t Belive A Word 3. Emerald 4. Bad Reputation 5. Drum Solo
6. Baby Drives Me Crazy 7. Me And The Boys 8. Are You Ready

Phil Lynott – Bass, Lead Vocals Brian Robertson – Guitar
Scott Gorham – Guitar Brian Downey – Drums John Earle – Saxophone


Zodiac 113

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