UK / Cleveland 1978 / 1CD+1 Bonus Single CDR

UK / Cleveland 1978 / 1CD+1 Bonus Single CDR / Virtuoso
Translated Text
Live at Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH. USA 9th November 1978 Plus Bonus CDR “HEMPSTEAD 1978” STEREO SBD

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Original U.K. The finest stereo sound board album that contained the last shine appears. What is contained in this work is “Cleveland Performance November 9, 1978,” famous for BBC broadcasting. A large staple that was born in large quantities from a long time based on air checks. This work is its highest version.
In fact, the quality of this work is an iron wall. Although the mix itself is the same as the broadcast, including the beginning at the beginning, the dimensions are different from a number of air checking boards, there is no reception noise and tape deterioration, glossy and iron walls. While some of them had not been recorded in “Caesar’s Palace Blues”, this work is about 1 hour including it, the complete indispensable line sound is always over, cloudiness of fine dust flowing out without fluctuation It is a board. To be honest, I never write that it is perfect so far. “Complete Official Quality”. It is the top stereo sound board which ends with this one word.
The only thing that specializes in this work is not just sound. The show drawn with such sound is also unique. Let’s take a closer look at the position of the show from the activity summary of U.K. before explaining it.

“January: 1st album release”
· April 29 – May 15: UK (13 performances)
“About 1 month later”
· June 23 – August 8: North America # 1 (22 performances)
“About 1 month later”
· September 1 – 11: North America # 2 (3 shows)
· September 18 – October 8: North America # 3 (8 shows)
“About 1 month later”
· November 9: North America # 4 (1 Show) ← ★ Coco ★
“November: demolition of four people → start 2nd album creation”

This is the whole of the original UK. Actually, the tour of the four of them ended in half a year from April 1978 to October, and this work is a special show which was done only once afterwards. It was the last performance just before dismantlement. In our shop the other day, “Original U. K.” We delivered an extremely early stereo soundboard album “EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER (Virtuoso 350)”, but this work is also one of that pair. Even a number of U.K. sound boards are special live albums.
That performance is real just before dissolution. It makes me feel like I was arranging for a roughly half a year tour, but it seems like the battle between masters’ egos can be transparent. Especially amazing is Alan Holdsworth. “Carrying No Cross” also listens to mistakes and touch, but it gets hot as the show progresses, and the playing knock down heats up. It was a part of the ensemble at the Studio Albam, but (already had been decided to leave) whatever you want and you want to do. To be honest, I can fully enjoy the momentum that could destroy the ensemble. It is the mix of this work that further complements the performance. The guitar is emphasized to the line which does not collapse the whole ensemble, and Alan ‘s dandelion is bright and it is vivid.

At the end of this show, Jazz Alan and Bill Blueford withdrew. Only rock and ensemble-oriented John Wetton & Eddie Jobson remain. What is contained in this work is a ferocious live because there is a crack, while feeling that indication.
Progress of the seventies The last hero “Original U.K.”. It is a live album that draws its last performance with the finest official quality. This is not a masterpiece of another band. Music genre “progressive rock” last shine. It is a gem that encapsulated in the press CD that leaves the eye the light permanently.

実際、本作のクオリティは鉄壁。冒頭にDJも入るなど、ミックス自体は放送と同じですが、数あるエアチェック盤とは次元が異なり、受信ノイズやテープ劣化もなく、艶やかで鉄壁。既発の中には「Caesar’s Palace Blues」が未収録のものもありましたが、本作はそれも含めて約1時間、完全無欠のライン・サウンドが終始、微塵の曇りも揺らぎもなく流れ出る決定盤なのです。正直なところ、ここまで完璧だと書くことがない。「完全なるオフィシャル・クオリティ」。この一言で終わってしまう頂上ステレオ・サウンドボードなのです。


これがオリジナルU.K.の全容。実は、彼ら4人のツアーは1978年4月から10月までの半年で終わっており、本作はその後に1回だけ行われたスペシャル・ショウ。まさに解体寸前のラスト・パフォーマンスでした。当店では、先日も“オリジナルU.K.”極初期のステレオサウンドボード・アルバム『EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER(Virtuoso 350)』をお届けしましたが、本作はその対となる1枚でもある。数あるU.K.のサウンドボードでも特別なライヴアルバムなのです。
その演奏は解散間際のリアル。約半年間のツアーで練り上げられたアレンジを感じさせつつ、達人同士のエゴのぶつかり合いが透けるかのよう。特に凄いのは、アラン・ホールズワース。「Carrying No Cross」ではミス・タッチも聴かれたりしますが、ショウが進むほどに熱気を帯び、弾き倒しが加熱していく。スタジオアルバムではアンサンブルの一部に収まっていたわけですが、(すでに脱退が決まっていたのか)好き放題・やりたい放題。正直なところ、アンサンブルを壊しかねない勢いをたっぷりと味わうことができるのです。その演奏を一層引き立てているのが、本作のミックス。全体アンサンブルを崩壊させないギリギリのラインまでギターが強調されており、アランの乱舞がえらく鮮やかなのです。

1. Introduction 2. Alaska 3. Time To Kill 4. The Only Thing She Needs 5. Carrying No Cross
6. Forever Until Sunday 7. Thirty Years 8. By The Light Of Day 9. Presto Vivace
10. In The Dead Of Night 11. Caesar’s Palace Blues 12. Outro

John Wetton: Bass, Vocals Eddie Jobson: Keyboards, Violin Allan Holdsworth: Guitar
Bill Bruford: Drums, Percussions


Virtuoso 360


UK / Hempstead 1978 / 1Bonus Single CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, NY. USA 2nd July 1978

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The main press CD is the decision board that puts the final performance of the original UK on the finest sound board. To that bonus we prepared the best live album in the early stages of the tour. Such a work included in “Hempstead performance on 2 July 1978”. First of all, let’s check the position of this work from the tour outline.

· April 29 – May 15: UK (13 performances)
· June 23 – August 8: North America # 1 (22 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· September 1 – 11: North America # 2 (3 shows)
· September 18 – October 8: North America # 3 (8 shows)
· November 9: North America # 4 (1 performance)

This is the outline of the original U.K. tour. This work is “North America # 1”, whereas the main press CD was “North America # 4”. In our shop, we have delivered numerous masterpieces and masterpieces from the 1978 tour, but this work is quite early among them. It is oldest after the soundboard album “EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER (Virtuoso 350)” which was released the other day, it is the oldest thing in our shop’s audience album.
The quality of such a work is a really wonderful audience sound. This 1978 tour is a miraculous famous place of name recording, but quite high among them. It is not exactly the ultimate sound board album, the main press CD, but the clear and vivid musical sound is suitable for calling “as if it is a sound board”. Besides John Wetton’s Brivi Bass, Ville Bruford’s virtuoso and Eddie Jobson’s violin are also very detailed. Although “press only” was brought in because slightly disgusting conversation also jumped in “The Only Thing She Needs”, the beauty of the musical sound, the sense of the crystal clear to the crystal clear was completely live album of the press class It is.
The show drawn with that sound is a momentary performance that will capture the North American tour. Unlike “EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER”, it has already replaced the “late set”, but the unreleased new song “The Only Thing She Needs” has also been performed and you can enjoy Hallsworth version unique to boot legs . And, passion of performance is made to feel the initial likeness more than anything. If the main press CD is a catastrophic battle with broken human relationships, this work will unleash the ensemble of the ensemble that the four of you have wrapped in four.

If the main press CD is the last performance, this work is early in the tour. If this story is a top stereo sound board, this work is a superb audience. Although this single work is a wonderful live album, it is a gorgeous set that embodies the true value of “Original U. K.” by combining two contrasting items in every sense. Although it is a short history, the “original UK” evolved and changed certainly in it. Its early and late stage. Please, please enjoy it together with this press press CD.
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これがオリジナルU.K.のツアー概要。本編プレスCDが「北米#4」だったのに対し、本作は「北米#1」にあたります。当店では、1978年ツアーから数多くの名作・傑作をお届けしてきましたが、本作はその中でもかなり初期のもの。先日リリースされたサウンドボード・アルバム『EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER(Virtuoso 350)』の次に古く、当店のオーディエンス・アルバムでは最古のものになります。
そんな本作のクオリティは、実に素晴らしいオーディエンス・サウンド。この1978年ツアーは名録音の奇跡的な名産地ではありますが、その中でもかなり上位。さすがに究極的なサウンドボード・アルバムである本編プレスCDには及びませんが、クリアでビビッドな楽音は「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶに相応しい。ジョン・ウェットンのブリブリ・ベースはもとより、ビル・ブルーフォードの妙技も、エディ・ジョブソンのヴァイオリンも超詳細。「The Only Thing She Needs」等でわずかに耳障りな会話も飛び込んでくるためにプレス化は見送られましたが、楽音の美しさ、クリスタル・クリアに透き通った空気感は完全にプレス級のライヴアルバムなのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、北米ツアーを攻略せんとする勢い溢れる熱演。『EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER』とは違ってすでに「後期セット」に代わっていますが、当時未発表の新曲「The Only Thing She Needs」も披露されており、ブートレッグならではのホールズワース・バージョンが楽しめる。そして、何より初期らしさを感じさせるのが演奏のパッション。本編プレスCDが人間関係の壊れた破滅的なバトルだとすれば、本作は4人がガッチリと四つに組んだアンサンブルの名演を繰り広げるのです。


1. Intro. 2. Alaska 3. Time To Kill 4. The Only Thing She Needs 5. Forever Until Sunday
6. Thirty Years 7. By The Light Of Day 8. Presto Vivace 9. In The Dead Of Night
10. Caesar’s Palace Blues

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