TOTO / Sendai 2014 / 2CDR

TOTO / Sendai 2014 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live At Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi, Sendai, Japan 30th April 2014.


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The complete recording of high-quality sound recording audience than the original master , Miyagi performances April 30 became the sixth day from the Japan tour that took place as a 35th anniversary tour debut . Venue Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi , recording position is position slightly left of center block 13 row from the front . Rather than a microphone handy recorder accessories , stereo microphone in the XY -independent manner , microphone used was recorded with 24 bid in balance input to linear PCM recorder . Therefore , it is richly recorded in both stereo feeling , a sense of reality . Recordings feel the expanse and space of feeling different again from the Osaka performance record was full of direct feeling phenomenal , I am picking up a richer sense of reality , but the sound quality itself is said to best level truly , alone in even released , we capture the full picture of the show with a high degree of sound as no problem at all . Notes and groans of the audience are also vividly recorded , but the minute , musical tone is captured by the stunning sound image focus is stated firmly , that it is due to taper accustomed to recording , is readily determined This is the best recording board that arrive. I think that it seems to be a bonus as ” ? Any one case fall ” , but this is an excellent recording equivalent . Mean that 13 column , it is sound to let you feel the distance from the PA slightly , but Tsubudachi of sound , this is a word of another impressive . Perhaps , because I think a lot of good sound source is not so much Demawara Miyagi performance in the future , fan is a gem as a decision board of this day , to be available without a doubt ! Mean that immediately after the band was also doing the big stage , including the Budokan , and relaxed in a good way , we are engaged in a performance that was carefree , without stress of any kind from the beginning to the end , be Kikiiru to record this sound attractive you can . Osaka , realistic hot of the best part is the best Miyagi , also the one of the attractive intense direct feeling ! !


Disc 1 (72:01)
1. Intro 2. On The Run / Child’s Anthem / Goodbye Elenore 3. Goin’ Home 4. Hydra 
5. St. George And The Dragon 6. I’ll Be Over You 7. It’s A Feeling 8. Rosanna 9. Wings Of Time 
10. Falling In Between 11. I Won’t Hold You Back 12. Pamela 

Disc 2 (69:15)
1. 99 2. White Sister 3. Africa 4. Band Introductions 5. How Many Times 6. Stop Loving You 
7. Drum Solo 8. Hold The Line 9. Home Of The Brave 

Steve Lukather – Guitars, Vocals David Paich – Keyboards, Vocals Steve Porcaro – Keyboards
Joseph Williams – Lead Vocals Nathan East – Bass Keith Carlock – Drums

Mabvuto Carpenter – Backing Vocals Amy Keys – Backing Vocals

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