TOTO / Hold You Back In Tokyo / 2CD

TOTO / Hold You Back In Tokyo / 2CD / Zion

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Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 27th April 2014


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From the 35th anniversary tour of Japan TOTO made ​​in April 2014 , April 27 four performances first tour , and full inclusion in the ultra-high- quality audience recording of the surging wave from the original master , the Tokyo Dome City Hall performance . I think the ultra- high-quality sound board one of the best ” TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT ” has already been released in this performance , whether seems to be ” Why? ” But, surprisingly , this board is the ” TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT ” it’s has been recorded at the highest sound quality , especially on which you surpassed . Rather than the level about the same , more of this ” HOLD YOU BACK IN TOKYO ” is clearly above the sound quality . You want solicitously as ” ? With expedient is for Ariel that? Into buying ” as well , also this fan that is owned the ” TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT ” The only know the high-quality sound the first time of its outstanding in this where understandable . It is a super- high-quality its outstanding also close to the line recording , to be sure, but is it seen from the audio point of view ( also worth noting that completely cover the weakness of the base of its outstanding ) sound wall thickness of this board you can affirm Te , and are winning in all respects . Because it is a release from ZION label has released the name record TOTO Press board of many over the nearly 10 years until now , where you would like you to trust here . And as the side without the misunderstanding to say that , because it does not recommend a replacement fan that owns the ” TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT ” already . ” TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT ” is one of the sound source of the best of Japan tour in 2014 TOTO , and because it is the best sound quality much too well with one set this , be absolutely sure that it suffices this day in one work this if ‘re a fan of the general There is no ( valuable sound check also to have been recorded ) . However , I can say is that it is a record that stands out one case in Japan TOTO sound source of this year without Ma違Ku this new work ” HOLD YOU BACK IN TOKYO ” . Current situation , audience recording this good does not exist through all performances . It may be said that it is perfect for a person referred to as ” Maybe I ought to buy something one in TOTO Japan tour ” from now on , and to buy ” TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT ” and ” OSAKA 2014 ” After you get this , if fans deep it may be said that there is no problem at all even . Because , all because it is a high quality work . Or exhaustively talked already , the contents of the concert because it is introduced already at other title , avoid writing harping here , but anyway , Keith Kerr alternative to Simon Phillips , which has been supported by the rhythm section of TOTO for many years able to reassure the fans play a great lock , and made ​​me impress , I think in most notable thing in this tour . Simon or more , there is a point at which turn Tam from the time feeling , etc. double stroke in the snare , are very similar to Jeff Porcaro , Keith , may be said fit of the neighborhood is also a factor that was have a good impression to fans will . And hot , with fat was a clean sound recording to ” TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT ” or more new sound source title was full of direct feeling of angry waves ” HOLD YOU BACK IN TOKYO ” . And I want you to listen by all means towards the recording enthusiast , recording of an actual performance of the best of realism perfect score . Truly the best ! So , Please listen by all means . The release decision than popular ZION Label limited press CD.

2014年4月に行なわれたTOTOの35周年日本ツアーから、ツアー4公演目の4月27日、東京ドーム・シティ・ホール公演を、オリジナルマスターより怒涛の超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。本公演には屈指の超高音質盤「TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT」が既にリリースされており、「何故?」と思われるかと思いますが、驚くべきことに、本盤は「TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT」を更に上回る特上の最高音質で収録されているのです。甲乙つけがたいレベルではなく、音質的には明らかにこの「HOLD YOU BACK IN TOKYO」の方が上です。これには「TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT」を所有されているファンは既発の高音質ぶりを知っているだけに「そんなことありえる?買わせるための方便では?」と訝しがるのも、これまた無理からぬところ。確かに既発もライン録音に迫る超高音質なのですが、本盤の肉厚なサウンド(既発のベースの弱さを完全にカバーしている点にも注目)は、オーディオ的見地から見て、全ての点で勝っていると断言できます。これまで10年近くに渡って数々のTOTO名盤プレス盤をリリースしてきたZIONレーベルからのリリースですので、ここは信用して頂きたいところ。と言っても、既に「TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT」を所有しているファンに買い替えを勧めるわけではないのでその辺誤解無きよう。「TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT」はTOTO 2014年日本ツアーのベストの音源のひとつですし、これ一セットでも十分過ぎるくらいの最高音質ですので、一般のファンならばこれ一作でこの日は事足りること絶対に間違いありません(貴重なサウンドチェックも収録されていますし)。ただ、言えることは、この新作「HOLD YOU BACK IN TOKYO」は間違くなく今年のTOTO来日音源の中で一格抜きんでた録音であるということです。現状、ここまで優れたオーディエンス録音は全公演通じて存在していません。これから「TOTO来日公演で何か一つ買おうかな」という方にはうってつけと言えますし、ディープなファンならばこれを入手してから「TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT」、「OSAKA 2014」を購入しても全く問題ないと言えます。何故なら、全てがハイクオリティな作品だからです。コンサートの内容は既に語りつくされたり、他タイトルでも紹介済みですので、ここでくどくど書くことは避けますが、とにかく、長年に渡ってTOTOのリズム隊を支えてきたサイモン・フィリップスに代わるキース・カーロックが素晴らしいプレイでファンを安心させ、感動させてくれたことは、本ツアーでは最も特筆すべきことではないでしょうか。キースは、サイモン以上に、タイム感からタム廻し、スネアにおけるダブルストロークなど、ジェフ・ポーカロに酷似しているポイントがあり、その辺のフィット感もファンに好印象を持たれた要因と言って良いでしょう。クリーンなサウンド録音された「TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT」以上にファットでホット、そして怒涛のダイレクト感に満ち溢れた新音源タイトル「HOLD YOU BACK IN TOKYO」。録音マニアの方に是非とも聴いて頂きたい、臨場感満点の最高の実況録音盤。本当に最高!ですので、是非是非聴いて下さい。限定プレスCDで好評ZIONレーベルよりリリース決定です。

Disc 1 (73:38)
1. On The Run / Child’s Anthem / Goodbye Elenore 2. Goin’ Home 3. Hydra 
4. St. George And The Dragon 5. I’ll Be Over You 6. It’s A Feeling 7. Rosanna 
8. Wings Of Time 9. Falling In Between 10. I Won’t Hold You Back 11. Pamela 

Disc 2 (69:02)
1. 99 2. White Sister 3. Africa 4. Band Introductions 5. How Many Times
6. Stop Loving You 7. Drum Solo 8. Hold The Line 9. Home Of The Brave 

Steve Lukather – Guitars, Vocals David Paich – Keyboards, Vocals Steve Porcaro – Keyboards
Joseph Williams – Lead Vocals Nathan East – Bass Keith Carlock – Drums
Mabvuto Carpenter – Backing Vocals Amy Keys – Backing Vocals


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