Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / The Vic Theatre 2003 / 6CDR

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / The Vic Theatre 2003 / 6CDR / Uxbridge

The VIC Theatre, Chicago, Il, USA 13th, 14th , 14th & 19th April 2003. Stereo SBD

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A super-luxury soundboard album leaked by people concerned is reprinted. Included in this work is “April 13, 2003 + 14, 19 Chicago performance”. Re-digitalization of the masterpieces “FIRST VIC NIGHT”, “2ND NIGHT AT VIC” and “VIC THEATER 2003” from the three performances of “LOST CITIES TOUR 2003” from the original master. It is a 6-disc set compiled at once.

[Unusually high quality of spills by parties] The appearance of this recording was nothing but a shock. At the time, it was a master that was introduced by the people involved in the shop’s own route, and was a secret item that neither the Internet nor core collectors knew. Of course, it’s not just a rare item, but the impact is because the quality is transcendental. Even though it is a sound board, it is a pinch, but this work is definitely the top. If you say, it’s an “official grade”, but it’s not enough to convey the awesomeness of this work. It is a completely unprocessed desk-mounted sound board that can be heard only by the people involved, and the feeling of unity with Tom Petty and the sense of intrusion into the brain of the performance, which cannot be tasted at the official stage, are amazing. That is the kind of music experience that makes your head feel like PA. The singing voice is a breathing level, the guitar is brilliant with the rubbing nuances of the strings, and the harp has a breathing sensation. Everything sounds like it’s ringing in your brain.
Moreover, such a leaked master for 3 performances. At that time, they appeared in three titles with one performance each, but each one gave a shock to maniacs / collectors all over the world. This work is a re-digitization of 3 such shocking performances. Then, let’s check what position these three performances are in the 2003 live schedule.

・ April 13-19: North America # 1 (5 performances) ← ★ here ★
・ June 26-July 13: North America # 2 (10 performances)
・ August 9-29: North America # 3 (13 performances)

Above, 28 performances. Here is a panoramic view of the “Lost Cities Tour” 14 years ago. The first five performances were specifically titled “CHICAGO RESIDENCY 2003” and were five consecutive performances at the traditional Vic Theater venue. In this work, the first day, the second day, and the fifth day (the last day) are all drawn with two discs.

[Too special special rare concert] However, no matter how a super / superb sound board is, listening to three similar shows at the same time will be a pain to the stomach. However, in this work, one performance and one performance are totally different. Although Tom changes the set every night, the change of this work is bold because there are 5 performances at the same venue. Of course, there are only 19 songs that are common for 3 days, and more than 25 daily songs. It has a total of 44 songs and 86 tracks.
Moreover, not only the volume but also the content is special. There are a few standard songs such as “Refugee”, “I Won’t Back Down”, “Running Down A Dream”, but there aren’t even “American Girl” and “Free Fallin ‘”. It is being played, and its rarity is perfect. For example, “I’m A King Bee” was the first performance in 25 years, and “My Sweet Baby’s Arms”, “Wake Up Time”, “Black Leather Woman” and “Peggy Sue” were shown only in these 5 Chicago performances. The ultimate rare performance that is said to have been “one time only” for “Gonna Leave You”, “My New Guitar” and “Next Time You See Memphis”. You can enjoy such an overly delicious set with a super / superb sound board.
The direct sound of the table transcends even officials, the set is too rare, and the volume is 44 songs. It is a live album that is super-special and too special in every sense. A soundboard album that transcends the people involved, making the quality perfect for those who listen to Tom for the first time. Please enjoy yourself at this opportunity.
関係者流出の超・極上サウンドボード・アルバムが復刻です。本作に収められているのは「2003年4月13日+14日19日シカゴ公演」。“LOST CITIES TOUR 2003”の3公演から生まれた大名盤『FIRST VIC NIGHT』『2ND NIGHT AT VIC』『VIC THEATRE 2003』をオリジナル・マスターから再デジタル化。一気にコンパイルした6枚組です。



以上、28公演。これが14年前の“Lost Cities Tour”の全景です。冒頭5公演は特に“CHICAGO RESIDENCY 2003”と題され、伝統の名会場“Vic Theatre”での5連続公演でした。本作は、その「初日」「2日目」「5日目(最終日)」をそれぞれディスク2枚組で描ききったものなのです。

しかも、そのボリュームだけでなく中身も特濃。「Refugee」「I Won’t Back Down」「Running Down A Dream」といった定番曲もわずかにありますが、「American Girl」「Free Fallin’」すらなく、60年代ブリティッシュ・グループやブルースのカバーが大量に演奏されており、しかもそのレア度が満点。例えば「I’m A King Bee」は25年ぶりの演奏ですし、「My Sweet Baby’s Arms」「Wake Up Time」「Black Leather Woman」「Peggy Sue」はこのシカゴ5公演でしか披露されたことがなく、「Gonna Leave You」「My New Guitar」「Next Time You See Memphis」に至っては“1回限りだった”と言われる究極のレア演奏。そんな美味しすぎるセットを超・極上サウンドボードで味わえるのです。

Live at Vic Theatre, Chicago, USA 13th April 2003
Disc 1(62:59)
1. Baby Please Don’t Go 2. Strangered In The Night 3. Love Is A Long Road 4. Crawling Back To You
5. Down Home Girl 6. Handle With Care 7. You Don’t Know How It Feels 8. Done Somebody Wrong
9. Other Woman Blues 10. Black Leather Woman 11. Mary Jane 12. I’m Crying

Disc 2(76:36)
1. Gonna Leave You 2. I Got A Woman 3. My New Guitar 4. Walls 5. Angel Dream 6. 13 Days
7. County Farm 8. My Sweet Baby’s Arms 9. Wake Up Time 10. Peggy Sue 11. Blue Sunday
12. Melinda 13. Lost Children 14. Two Men Talkin’ 15. Oh Carol 16. You Wreck Me
17. Running Down A Dream

Live at Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL. USA 14th April 2003
Disc 3(73:34)
1. Baby Please Don’t Go 2. You Don’t Know How It Feels 3. Love Is A Long Road
4. Crawling Back To You 5. Feel A Whole Lot Better 6. Like A Diamond 7. Handle With Care
8. Black Leather Woman 9. Other Woman Blues 10. Done Somebody Wrong 11. I Won’t Back Down
12. I’m Crying 13. Two Gunslingers 14. Walls 15. Angel Dream 16. I Got A Woman

Disc 4(68:05)
1. Thirteen Days 2. My Sweet Baby’s Arms 3. Wake Up Time 4. I’m A King Bee
5. Next Time You See Memphis 6. Peggy Sue 7. Billy The Kid 8. Melinda 9. Lost Children
10. Two Men Talkin’ 11. The Waiting 12. Oh Carol 13. You Wreck Me 14. Refugee

Live at Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL. USA 19th April 2003
Disc 5(76:38)
1. Baby Please Don1t Go 2. You Don’t Know How It Feels 3. Love Is A Long Road
4. Crawling Back To You 5. Down Home Girl 6. Handle With Care 7. Black Leather Woman
8. Little Red Rooster 9. A Woman In Love 10. Done Somebody Wrong 11. I Won’t Back Down
12. Not Fade Away 13. I’m Cryin’ 14. I Got A Woman 15. 13 Days 16. Walls 17. Angel Dream

Disc 6(66:21)
1. Learning To Fly 2. Melinda 3. Wake Up Time 4. Peggy Sue 5. Yer So Bad 6. Lost Children
7. Two Men Talkin’ 8. Refugee 9. Oh Carol 10. I’m Movin’ On 11. You Wreck Me


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