Tempest / Pop Spectacular BBC Live 1973 / 1CD

Tempest / Pop Spectacular BBC Live 1973 / 1CD / Virtuoso
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Live at Hippodrome, London, UK 2nd June 1973 STEREO SBD

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A superb stereo sound board album that recorded the phantom “Twin Guitar TEMPEST” with the highest peak sound ever in history is out. In the middle of the 1970s, TEMPEST, the British treasure that carved its name with a high technical super superstarism rock. They had three lineups. “Phase 1” is an original four-person group who created a masterpiece “TEMPEST”. And the trio which Alan Holdsworth and Paul Williams passed through and created the second album “LIVING IN FEAR” is the “third period”. In the meantime, there was a “second period” that did not leave an official original album. This work is a superb stereo sound board that captured the “second period” that was extremely short-lived and existed on the ground for a moment.
The true identity of such a work is “London performance on June 2, 1973”. It is famous program of famous BBC from old days “POP SPECTACULAR”. This broadcast is a large standard in TEMPEST’s classic. Based on the air check sound source, “DRIVE YOU MAD”, “UP AND ON”, “LONDON ’73”, “LONDON FIRST LIVE”, and so on, have produced countless episodes. More than ten years ago, we played until the CD in official anthology. This work is the highest record record ever to dismiss them. It was the transcription LP produced by BBC in the UK that became the original.
Transcription disc is an analog board for business not for sale that BBC broadcasts lend to radio stations all over the world. It is a so-called broadcast master. After broadcasting, there is an obligation to return, it will not circle on the general market. However, there are times when it is traded on the second-hand market and traded at an expensive price ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The transcription LP that became the basis of this work is not acquired from such a second – hand market …… The stakeholders brought out the unused master which had been sleeping in the warehouse of a certain public broadcaster. In other words, it is the ultimate mint quality board that has never been played. As a matter of fact, it is the second time in this work that CD is made from this master. Previously, I was pressed as “POP SPECTACULAR” from Sirene label. However, it was later thought that it was recorded in the official anthology CD and finished its role.
However, as the impact of formalization fell, between world maniacs “why transcription LP is better sound” began to whisper. Because it is an analog LP, it is a glossy “ringing” endured by aged deterioration, a natural tone without unreasonable equalizing. The full attention of the fulfilling sound of a fulfilling midrange which took full advantage of the goodness of the analog board was reattached.
This work is re-digitized with the equipment of 2017 again from such broadcast master. Although it was a Sirene board which gathered worldwide acclaim, there was a part where the stereo balance shakes slightly, although noise was slightly mixed in digitization. Although it was a disadvantage whether it finally heard with the headphone and it noticed whether it finally noticed, this work solved all such points. It is the best version with high transparency with no clipping or scratch noise.
That sound is exactly the highest peak ever. A vast dynamic range that makes you feel the depth, two guitar sounds full of texture split into left and right channels clearly, a real air feeling capturing the sound of a large caliber drum, a bass sound with strong presence thick … …. The more you mention one by one, the more you do not have it, the brilliant sounds of British rock are packed up to every corner.
What is painted with that sound is a miracle “Twin Guitar TEMPEST” that ended in illusion. Of course Holdsworth’s virtuosity, Olly Halsall who also serves as a partner is also a super / individuality guitarist. A serious game where the two of them spark is charming full mark. It is a collaboration of unbelievable dreams that compete for speed with their own solo work with a distinct style difference, while screwing in obsession with oblivion if obstructing oblivion if we are close to each other at full throttle.
The set list is mainly composed of songs from 1st “TEMPEST”, and it is a composition that the new songs are covered there. The guitar solo confrontation just burned out as early as “Foyer Of Fun” of name riff reminiscent of “CREAM’s” Sunshine Of Your Love “, the representative song” Gorgon “. In addition, the intro is drunk by the lyrical nature of ‘Up And On’ impressive, from the cutting battle full of the rocking drive feeling, it pushes forward to the great circle of the masterpiece “Brothers” showing a dizzying dizzying development. “Round About Golders Green” and “Strangers” which do not let the presence of drums soldered like being unpleasant are like the large typhoon that attacks continuously.
Holdsworth (presumably) uses Gibson ‘s ES 335, and for semi – acco it’ s solid and heavy sounds show arming. I have already built a unique style of playing twisted undulating phrases at the speed that is as fast as McLaughlin. Sensibly rich hand vibrato is also completed. Halsol, on the other hand, gleamed a scalable scale with clevis on the jazz side at Gibson SG, even more brilliant than the PATTO era. Was it inspired by Hallsworth, the number of tones is not extraordinary. There were countless twin teams in British rock history, but I do not think of two persons that are unique and highly technical so far.
Moreover, not only such twin is the dreadfulness of “second stage TEMPEST”. The essential John Heidman is an invincible fleet heading for an explosive beat like if the wind god and the thunder god coalesce. Paul Williams’ s astringent soulful singing is wonderful, while the bluesy ‘Mark Clark’ is penetrating into five organs.

Heisman ‘s powerful leadership power, the complex and advanced composition that supports the goodness of the song, the balance of the ensemble and the improduct cultivated with COLOSSEUM, etc … etc .. TEMPEST which was also unique in British rock based on the ruler. It is one piece that permanently preserved “second period” which was its unknown vertex with the highest peak sound ever. A masterpiece of miracles revived with unused transcription sounds acknowledged by world maniacs. Please take this opportunity to add to your collection.
幻の“ツインギターTEMPEST”を史上最高峰サウンドで記録した極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。70年代の半ば、ハイテクニカルな超個性派ロックでシーンその名を刻んだ英国の至宝、TEMPEST。彼らには3つのラインナップがありました。「第1期」は、名盤『TEMPEST』を生み出したオリジナル4人組。そして、アラン・ホールズワースとポール・ウィリアムスが抜け、セカンドアルバム『LIVING IN FEAR』を創り上げたトリオが「第3期」。その間には、正式なオリジナル・アルバムを残さなかった「第2期」があったのです。本作は、極めて短命で一瞬だけ地上に存在した「第2期」を捉えた極上ステレオ・サウンドボードなのです。
そんな本作の正体とは「1973年6月2日ロンドン公演」。古くからの有名なBBCの名物番組“POP SPECTACULAR”です。この放送は、TEMPESTの定番中の大定番。エアチェック音源を元に『DRIVE YOU MAD』『UP AND ON』『LONDON’73』『LONDON FIRST LIVE』等々、無数の既発を生み出してきた。10年以上前には、公式アンソロジーでのCD化まで果たしました。本作は、それらを一蹴する史上最高峰盤。大元になったのは、英国BBCが制作したトランスクリプションLPです。
トランスクリプションディスクとは、BBC放送が世界各国のラジオ放送局に貸し出す業務用非売品のアナログ盤のこと。いわゆる放送原盤です。放送後には返却の義務があり、一般市場には出回らない。しかし、中には中古市場に出回り数万から数十万に及ぶ高価で取引されることもあります。本作の元になったトランスクリプションLPは、そんな中古市場から入手……ではありません。某公共放送局の倉庫に眠っていた未使用原盤を関係者が持ち出したもの。つまり、一度も再生されていない、究極のミント・クオリティ盤なのです。実のところ、この原盤からCD化されるのは、本作で2度目。以前、Sireneレーベルから『POP SPECTACULAR』としてプレス化されたことがありました。しかし、その後にオフィシャルのアンソロジーCDにも収録され、役目を終えたと思われていたのです。
セットリストはほぼ1st『TEMPEST』からの曲を主体にしており、そこに新曲をまぶした構成。CREAMの「Sunshine Of Your Love」を思わせる名リフの「Foyer Of Fun」、代表曲「Gorgon」で早くも燃え尽きんばかりのギターソロ対決。さらにはイントロも印象的な「Up And On」の叙情性に酔い、ロック的ドライブ感溢れるカッティング合戦から、起伏に富んだ眩暈的な展開を見せる名演「Brothers」の大団円へと突き進む。イヤというほど詰め込まれたドラムソロが有無を言わせない「Round About Golders Green」や「Strangers」は連続して襲いかかる大型台風の如きド迫力。
さらに、そんなツインだけではないのが「第2期TEMPEST」の凄味。要となるジョン・ハイズマンは、風神と雷神が合体したかのような激爆ビートを浴びせかけ、向かうところ無敵艦隊。出番は少ないものの、ポール・ウィリアムスの渋味の利いたソウルフルな熱唱が素晴らしく、ブルージーな「Mark Clark」も五臓六腑に染み渡ります。


1. Introduction by Alan Black 2. Foyers of Fun 3. MC 4. Gorgon 5. MC 6. Up And On
7. MC 8. Grey And Black 9. MC 10. Brothers 11. MC 12. Round About Golders Green
13. Strangeher


Jon Hiseman – Drums Allan Holdsworth – Guitar Ollie Halsall – Guitar
Mark Clarke – Bass, Keyboards Paul Williams – Vocals

Virtuoso 357


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