Taylor Swift / Charli XCX Tokyo Dome 2018 2nd Night / 3CDR

Taylor Swift / Charli XCX Tokyo Dome 2018 2nd Night / 3CDR / Uxbridge
Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 21st November 2018

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Last week, Taylor Swift, a modern songstress who finished the world tour with his 5th visit to Japan in three years. An original recording that caught the scene at the finest sound is appearing.
This time we visited Tokyo Dome 2DAYS, the last day recorded in this work is “November 21, 2018”. Including the stage of Charli XCX which served as an opening, it is a 3-disc Audience album containing the entire night. First of all, let’s organize the composition of this work easily.

● Disk 1: Charli XCX (opening)
● Disk 2: Taylor Swift ACT 1-3
● Disk 3: Taylor Swift ACT 4-6

And, it is like this. Although it was also the total of “REPUTATION STADIUM TOUR” around the world with 53 performances, this work was also a beautiful recording that recorded such a night extremely neatly. Although we are sucking in a vast roar of the Tokyo Dome, the vital performance and singing voice are so vivid that it is not similar to the dome. It was not recorded as a distance feeling because it was recorded on an exciting sheet beside an arena, but the core of the singing voice firmly penetrates the space and reaches to hand at hand. Echo also delights the spectacle deliciously, but it does not hide the details, it makes the Swift’s singing voice extremely glossy.
There is also reason to realize that much sound. To tell the truth, it is the current master who made this work a thing. In recent years, it is a person who has been playing a very superb recording many times, and Mariah Carey’s “BUDOKAN 2018 2ND NIGHT (Uxbridge 917)” and Huey Lewis’s “TOKYO 2017 1ST NIGHT (Uxbridge 759) It is those who recorded the. Celine Dion’s “TOKYO DOME 2018 (Uxbridge 867)” which was the same Tokyo Dome performance was a wonderful name recording. This work is a live album like the addition of the waves of the great cheer which seems to be swiftly stirring up to that masterpiece.
It is exactly the gorgeous show in season now that is drawn with such a sound. Opening Charli XCX is short with 7 songs, but enriches hit songs there. Opening the curtain with “Boom Clap” which ranked eighth in the US, “Break the Rules” “Boys” “5 in the Morning” and a single song. Not only solo, but also collaboration hits such as “I Love It (7th place in the US)” with Aikona Pop and “Fancy (No. 1 in the US)” with Iggy Azeria are also unforgettable to show off.
Meanwhile, Swift, the main operator, has opened the world of “REPUTATION”, a new monopoly that ranks No. 1 in the world. Although there are songs that are not complete as there is also a medley, we play all songs except for “Dancing with Our Hands Tied” in 15 albums. Of course, the repertory of the past that is sandwiched between us is also a dazzling hit. Even that “Shake It Off (collaboration with Charli XCX!)” Will be shown at the middle of the show, not highlights, but still there are still plenty of exciting songs. The drastic constitution is precisely because it is a seasonal artist. You can also enjoy “So It Goes …” “Wildest Dreams” of the acoustic corner you did not play on the first day with a beautiful sound.
And the atmosphere feeling delighted at such a luxurious show is wonderful. A joy of hit song intro and a scream screaming in her voice shouting in Japanese. Of course, this work is not recorded (barely!) Suffering from an upcoming bizarre scream. However, although it feels much farther than Swift’s singing voice, the great cheers like giant swells are recorded securely, and it conveys the glow of the heyday. A giant snake and a gondola boils, and a big wave that responds to her every move is returned and returned. This work is a live album with only voice, but the realism like swift movement appears to the eyes just by closing your eyes is superb.

Mariah Carey and Celine Dion ‘s show that I introduced the other day was also wonderful, but Taylor Swift must have the world right now. It is a live album that feels full of that seasonal artist / power. It is the latest concert just finished, but it is a masterpiece that must be recorded and beloved to convey her fullest success in the future. Please, please enjoy plenty with three sets of large volume.
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今回の来日は東京ドーム2DAYSでしたが、本作に記録されているのは最終日「2018年11月21日」。オープニングを務めたCharli XCXのステージも含め、一夜を丸ごと収録した3枚組オーディエンス・アルバムです。まずは、本作の構成を簡単に整理しておきましょう。

●ディスク1:Charli XCX(オープニング)
●ディスク2:テイラー・スウィフトACT 1-3
●ディスク3:テイラー・スウィフトACT 4-6

と、このようになっています。全世界を53公演で巡った”REPUTATION STADIUM TOUR”トータルの千秋楽でもあったわけですが、本作はそんな一夜を非常に端正に記録した美録音。東京ドームらしい広大などよめきも吸い込んではいるのですが、肝心の演奏と歌声はドームに似つかわしくないほど鮮やか。アリーナ脇のエキサイトシートで録音されたので距離感ゼロというわけではありませんが、歌声の芯がしっかりと空間を貫き、真っ直ぐ手元にまで届く。エコーもスペクタクルを美味しく伝えながらもディテールを隠さず、スウィフトの歌声を極めて艶やかに彩ってくれるのです。
それだけのサウンドを実現したのにもわけがある。実は、本作をモノにしたのが現在の名手。近年、超極上な録音を連発している人物でして、先日大好評を賜ったマライア・キャリーの『BUDOKAN 2018 2ND NIGHT(Uxbridge 917)』やヒューイ・ルイスの『TOKYO 2017 1ST NIGHT(Uxbridge 759)』を録音した方なのです。中でも同じ東京ドーム公演だったセリーヌ・ディオンの『TOKYO DOME 2018(Uxbridge 867)』は素晴らしい名録音でした。本作は、あの大傑作に今をときめくスウィフトらしい大歓声の波が加わったようなライヴアルバムなのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるのは、まさに今が旬のゴージャスなショウ。オープニングのCharli XCXは7曲と短いですが、そこにヒット曲を濃縮。全米8位に輝いた「Boom Clap」で幕を開け、「Break the Rules」「Boys」「5 in the Morning」とシングル曲を連発。ソロだけではなく、アイコナ・ポップとの「I Love It(全米7位)」やイギー・アゼリアとの「Fancy(全米1位)」といったコラボレーション・ヒットも惜しみなく披露してくれるのです。
一方、メインを張るスウィフトは世界各国で1位を独占した新作『REPUTATION』の世界が全開。メドレーもあるので完奏ではない曲もあるものの、アルバム15曲中「Dancing with Our Hands Tied」以外の全曲を大盤振る舞いする。もちろん、合間に挟まれる過去のレパートリーも目眩くヒット曲ばかり。あの「Shake It Off(Charli XCXとの共演!)」でさえハイライトではなくショウの中盤に披露してしまうのですが、それでもまだまだ盛り上がる曲が山ほど残っている。その思い切った構成は、まさに旬なアーティストだからこその輝き。初日には演奏しなかったアコースティック・コーナーの「So It Goes…」「Wildest Dreams」も見目麗しいサウンドで楽しめます。


Disc 1(29:21)

1. Boom Clap 2. I Love It 3. Break the Rules 4. Unlock It 5. Boys 6. 5 In the Morning
7. Fancy


Disc 2(52:19)
1. Reputation (Video Introduction) 2. …Ready for It? 3. I Did Something Bad 4. MC
5. Gorgeous 6. Style / Love Story 7. You Belong With Me
8. Look What You Made Me Do (Video Interlude)
9. Look What You Made Me Do (with Tiffany Haddish speech) 10. End Game 11. King of My Heart
12. MC 13. Delicate 14. Shake It Off (with Charli XCX)

Disc 3(61:46)
1. So It Goes… 2. Wildest Dreams 3. S.E. 4. Blank Space 5. Dress
6. Bad Blood / Should’ve Said No 7. Don’t Blame Me 8. Long Live / New Year’s Day
9. Why She Disappeared 10. Getaway Car 11. Call It What You Want
12. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together / This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
13. Ending Film

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