Susanna Hoffs / Rare & Unreleased / 1CDR

/ Rare & Unreleased / 1CDR / Project Zip
Translated Text:
Unreleased Columbia Album Demo 1994. Soundboard


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Girls band shining in the 1980s the United States Number One hit, first appeared unreleased album demo of Susanna Hoffs vision was a vocal & guitar bracelets!

Album of demo of the vision was to be released from the Columbia label of the original affiliation 94 years.

Then, in 1996 he published valuable rarities collection that can also be heard second solo number few songs that have been recorded on the album!



01. Enormous Wings
02. Darling One
03. Sunshine
4. Happy Place
05. Right By You
06. Catch The Wind
07. Without You
08. Go
09. Sleep
10. Ghost
11. Turning Over

Unreleased Columbia Album Demo 1994
Project Zip. PJZ-614

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