Stevie Ray Vaughan / Live At Easy Street 1985 / 2CDR

Stevie Ray Vaughan / Live At Easy Street 1985 / 2CDR / Breakdown

Live At Easy Street, Des Moines, IA December 12th 1985. Audience

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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 1985’s precious excavation live is now available!

December 12, 1985 Recorded a performance at the club “Easy Street” in Des Moines, Iowa, USA from a high-quality audience recording master.

It is a must-listen collector’s item that captures the live performance of the heyday when the live album was released at that time, which was composed of 4 people with the addition of keyboard players, with high sound quality with a sense of reality!




01. Scuttlebuttin’
02. Say What?
03. I Ain’t Gone And Give Up On Love
04. Voodoo Chile
05. Lookin’ Out The Window / Look At Little Sister
06. Love Struck Baby
07. Things I Used To Do
08. Cold Shot
09. Couldn’t Stand The Weather

01. Dirty Pool
02. Come On
03. Life Without You
04. Lenny
05. Stang’s Swang
06. Testify
◆Live At Easy Street, Des Moines, IA December 12th 1985


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