Led Zeppelin / Maple Leaf Gardens / 4CD

Led Zeppelin / Maple Leaf Gardens / 4CD /Graf Zeppelin

Live at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 4th September 1971

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★The final board of the Aud source for the ’71 Toronto performance!
★Aud Source 2 (not online), which will be the first appearance, is also included in Disc3!
★Bonus SB remaster version (best sound quality) is included!
★In addition, 3 types of festival matrix versions are included!

The familiar ’71 Toronto performance featuring Aud Source!

Disc1-2 is recorded with Aud source 1 main (not online). It is a familiar monaural Aud source 1 with a lot of cuts between songs, but the high quality title recorded in the live midfield part with Aud source 1 is really long time. Although the sound quality has hiss, the freshness and sound dropout are better than those already recorded, and it is definitely recorded with the highest sound quality ever! While the low range is buoyant, the growth is natural and wonderful. In addition, although it is a few places, 3 places that can be filled with Aud Source 2 (see the song list) are filled. Surprisingly, when one live was bundled with Aud only, in recent years there was no decent item, and I had to go back to the TDOLZ board of the nostalgic item and the Cobra system Baby Face, so as an Aud only thing With the appearance of this edition, which is the best in terms of sound quality and content, those already-issued items are also exempt.

Disc3’s Aud Source 2 was used only a little for compensation even on the existing EV board, but here the Source 2’s current total length (about 60 minutes or less) is recorded for the first time. This is the only source 2 currently available, and most of Disc 3 will be the first CD to appear with this title. Of course, it is not distributed on the net at all.
It is a texture with a low range that is rugged while being moco, but this is also natural like Aud source 1 and the bass is extended very well, the closeness of the sound is close to that of Aud source 1, and in the vicinity of heaven it is arpeggio than source 1. The phrase is often captured. Since this also has more cuts than Source 1, more edits can be kept here, and the version supplemented with Source 1 to the bonus is recorded on 2 tracks (“Since-” and “Black Dog”) bonus. I will. “Since” is for the ending part, and “Black Dog” is for a little compensation. Even so, Johnsie’s base growls over Source 1 and above!

The SB of Disc4 is a complete bonus disc. This time, the original release, the monaural SB of the ancient Scorpio record is remastered.
As for the SB sound source of this performance, the sound source of Master flecomy is also available among traders, but the actual situation is probably based on the OH BOY board (also nostalgic.) which is a sco board or a copy of the sco board. The only sound source that is a deteriorated copy with echo in the bathroom, which is not a copy, is the original Sco board or the EV version released around 2007. Therefore, this time it is a bonus recording and it is the latest remaster from the sco board. However, it is not an easy sound messing version, it does not have an excessive feeling of equality, and it is easy to get rid of it, and it is the best in the past if it is definitely sound.

In addition, at the end of Disc 4, a stereo matrix version of “Festival” is included as a bonus on 3 tracks.
The first one is Aud2, which is a stereo matrix that emphasizes balance.
The second one is Aud2 type, which is a stereo matrix that separates left and right completely.
The third is a stereo matrix of 3 types of Aud 2 types + SB. A powerful version with SB sound source in the center and Aud on the left and right!

Limited numbering included, with a sticker attached.
The CD label is a permanent version of the Picture Disc, a favorite version!



Disc1-2はAudソース1メインでの収録(ネットではない)。曲間カットの多い、お馴染みのモノラルAudソース1ですが、ライブ中盤部もAudソース1で収録した高音質タイトルは実に久々。音質はヒスはありますが鮮度と音抜けは既発よりも良く、間違いなく過去最高の音質で収録!低域がブイブイしながらも伸びがナチュラルで素晴らしいです。また僅かな箇所ですが、Audソース2で補填可能な3ヶ所(曲目リスト参照)が補填されています。意外とAudオンリーで1ライブがひとまとめにされたものとなると、近年はまともなアイテムがなく、懐かしアイテムのTDOLZ盤やコブラ系Baby Faceにまでさかのぼらなければなりませんでしたので、Audオンリーものとしては、音質的にも内容的にもベストとなる本盤の登場で、それら既発アイテムもお役御免となります。

モコっとしつつゴリゴリとした低域の出た質感ですが、こちらもAudソース1同様ナチュラルで低音も凄く良く伸び、音の近さもAudソース1並に近く、天国辺りではソース1よりもアルペジオのフレーズが大きく捉えられていたりします。こちらもソース1以上にカットが多いものですので、ここでは最低限のエディットに留められ、ボーナスにソース1で補填したバージョンが2トラック(「Since-」と「Black Dog」)オマケで収録されています。「Since」はエンディング部を、「Black Dog」はアタマ少々の補填です。それにしてもソース1以上にジョンジーのベースがブンブンうなる!

本公演のSB音源については、Masterフレコミの音源もトレーダー間には出回っていますが、それらの実態は、恐らくスコ盤またはスコ盤のコピーであるOH BOY盤(これまた懐かし。。)をもとにした風呂場エコー付き劣化コピーであり、コピーではない音源は、現状オリジナル・スコ盤か2007年頃にリリースされたEV盤の2種のみ。よって今回はボーナス収録となり、スコ盤からの最新リマスターとなっております。ただし安易な音いじりバージョンではなく、過剰なイコラ感もなく、なおかつ抜けが良くなり、確実に音だけなら過去ベストとなっております。



Disc 1 (69:46)
Audience Source #1
1. Immigrant Song
2. Heartbreaker
3. Since I’ve Been Loving You ★アタマSrc2で補填
4. Black Dog
5. Dazed And Confused★19:46-20:57 Src2で補填
6. Stairway To Heaven
7. Celebration Day
8. That’s The Way
9. Going To California

Disc 2 (54:37)
Audience Source #1
1. What Is And What Should Never Be ★アタマ僅かにSrc2で補填
2. Moby Dick
3. Whole Lotta Love
4. Communication Breakdown
5. Organ Solo
6. Thank You

Disc 3 (71:53)
Audience Source #2
1. Immigrant Song
2. Heartbreaker
3. Since I’ve Been Loving You
4. Black Dog
5. Dazed And Confused
6. Stairway To Heaven
7. Celebration Day
8. What Is And What Should Never Be
9. Moby Dick

Bonus Tracks
10. Since I’ve Been Loving You (Outro Edit)★エンディングが僅かにSrc1で補填されている
11. Black Dog (Intro Edit)★イントロが僅かにSrc1で補填されている

Disc 4: Extra Disc (60:31)★リマスター効果で既発より抜けが良い音質
Mono Soundboard Recording
1. Stairway To Heaven
2. Celebration Day
3. That’s The Way
4. Going To California
5. What Is And What Should Never Be
6. Moby Dick

Stereo Matrix Version ★3種の音源を駆使したステレオ・マトリクス!
7. Celebration Day (2Aud Source Stereo Matrix #1)★Aud2種のバランス重視
8. Celebration Day (2Aud Source Stereo Matrix #2)★Aud2種で左右完全分離
9. Celebration Day (2Aud Source + SB Stereo Matrix)★3種の音源でSBセンターでAudを左右に配置

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-971]

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