Slayer / Repentless In Osaka / 2CD

Slayer / Repentless In Osaka / 2CD / Zodiac

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Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan 6th October 2015


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“Excuse Nuqui, we’ll return hit by live”. Latest live album such words is likely to hear is the appearance in the press 2CD! If you felt “What excuse, hit return?”, “Latest SLAYER the press CD !?” If you think, ANATA also it’s “Sorya likely After listening to this sound once, and to do this with no press! “to is the guarantee super live album of that change and Koro~tsu!
SLAYER, which came to Japan as the first day bird “LOUD PARK 15”. In addition, only Tokyo and Osaka in the support GOJIRA alone performances also held, it became all three performances. Among them, of this work it has been recording “October 6, 2015 Namba Hatch performances”. Taper, this person how much Osaka metal, is Mr. “West strongest taper”. Recently, Jeff Beck of the latest performance “on-site sound and more!?” That had been recorded at abnormally high sound quality, skills of master craftsman even SLAYER is rolled dull. 100% metal sound, which also “Is not it sound better than the field!?” I’m fully captured by the best of audience recording that.
position that such a master craftsman chose this time the second floor seats. Well, tremendous Mosh and SLAYER circle pit of the storm swept So, for you but there is no reason that can be a decent record in the 1 floor seats, “the strongest taper” Mr. techniques that feel more alert, this earlier. “Today’s PA, the bass of separation is not good” in support of GOJIRA, who determined that, replace the microphone during a stage-setting. And it was recorded by raising the clearing of a microphone to Me suppress the bass. At the time of a spare equipment, we are telling how the master craftsman is knows the sound of each venue, but the surprised any more, prompt block field judgment. I do not know between there was the much from the show of GOJIRA to SLAYER, but because it is not nor silence calmly time to examine the recording in noisy venue, is perceive the recording state only the sound of the fly, to the appropriate equipment It is not switched. Not only are familiar with the equipment and venue sound, precisely because there is great “ear” also, it is the world of ……… Geni formidable top taper can be continued to the Ariston recorded in mono.
That such a technique is not a bluff, the sound of this work proves. The other in the same performance recording I have also reached, but “the strongest taper” Mr. literally, ensemble with bass that was Bowanbowan had blurred. However, the higher the sound jump out of this work, not speck also feel such a field sound Kirekkire! Sharp murder riff comfortably and spa spa, yet Tsubasu barrage of Paul Bosutafu also one stroke one stroke is roar in five viscera, a strong force to destroy dropped. Even if you are not seeing live but will be considered as “terrible tut! Nante !!’m metal”, it is actually if people who have experienced the scene “this, or live where I was watching!?” Surprised and I think in.
Such “terrible tut recording”, and further to the second floor audience’re pulling up to “God level”. Master craftsman says it had been said, “was strange only people who do not even preoccupied quiet applause”, certainly there is no …… applause. To be precise the “applause is long.” Of course, 1 floor seats pit & Mosh & cloud is Surf large rough such of the, but also while upsurge as the frenzy is rising, I is not at all direct audience noise. Like while stunning balance in the clear as official live album, vividness of the live recording unique is not the ratio of official, also there is no applause and yet the most recent cheers. Like, the entire venue is’s a miracle recording enough to think or not it is willing to do the care for this work. This recording, do you need Why Do not press!

Jeff Hanneman has passed away, Dave Lombardo has been expelled, “the other, that is not a SLAYER” Ie …… are many, even those that, and honestly confess. I think so, I did not go to the venue. Even as new “REPENTLESS” was a large reputation how, it could not really be swallowed and “this also a SLAYER”. However, to come hear from this work “SLAYER is SLAYER”. It was called “the most” HEAVY METAL “close music the word”, it is not felt only in that SLAYER. Original members halved, but they are not inevitable that it is believed that “that SLAYER not a”. Only less because they’re a member change in more than a normal band, you’ll Who are keenly aware than. The roar from this work, such a adversity I stage of spirit that cry in silence as “excuse opener, we’ll return hit by live”.
The HR / HM the recording technology of lover master craftsman, forget me raging 1 floor seats, “Now of SLAYER” the ascertain as staring have been the second floor of the audience and SLAYER itself of the spirit,. All of which has created a recording of this miracle. While being attacked by a ferocious regret that you did not go to live, one that is bitten and tightened the joy that could be opposed to the “in-situ or more of sound”. In 2015 it is “most HEAVY METAL” a live album. Intrusive and it does not say the “Is not this also SLAYER”. Not say. Only to block the ear just blindly is, please do not it just. It is either beaten, or still give up. In your mind in this work, to soul, please ask this HEAVY METAL.

「言い訳ヌキ、ライヴで叩き返してやる」。そんな言葉が聞こえてきそうな最新ライヴアルバムがプレス2CDで登場です! 「言い訳・叩き返すってナニ?」と感じた方、「最新SLAYERがプレスCD!?」と思われた方、そんなアナタもこのサウンドを一度聴いたら「そりゃそうだ、これをプレスしないでどうする!」にコロッと変わること請け合いのスーパー・ライヴアルバムです!
“LOUD PARK 15”の初日トリとして来日したSLAYER。さらに、GOJIRAをサポートにして東京・大阪だけで単独公演も開催、全3公演となりました。その中で、本作が録音されたのは「2015年10月6日なんばHatch公演」。テーパーは、大阪メタルと言ったらこの人、“西日本最強テーパー”氏です。先日は、ジェフ・ベックの最新公演を「現場サウンド以上!?」という異常な高音質で録音されていましたが、SLAYERでも名匠の腕前は冴えまくり。100%メタルなサウンドを、これまた「現場より良い音じゃないか!?」という極上のオーディエンス録音で捉えきっているのです。
そんなテクニックが虚仮威しではないことは、本作のサウンドが証明している。他に同公演の録音も届いてはいるのですが、“最強テーパー”氏の言葉通り、ボワンボワンした低音でアンサンブルがボケていました。ところが、本作から飛び出すサウンドは、そんな現場サウンドを微塵も感じさせないほどキレッキレ! シャープな殺人リフがスパスパと気持ちよく、それでいてポール・ボスタフのツーバス連打も1打1打が五臓に轟き、六腑を破壊するド迫力。ライヴをご覧になっていない方でも「凄ぇ!なんてメタルなんだ!!」と思われるでしょうが、実際に現場を体験された方なら「これ、俺が観たライヴか!?」と驚かれるのではないでしょうか。

ジェフ・ハンネマンが逝去し、デイヴ・ロンバードが追放され、「もう、あのSLAYERではない」という方も多くいる……いえ、正直に告白します。そう思い、会場へは行きませんでした。新作「REPENTLESS」がいかに大評判であったとしても、“これもSLAYERだ”と飲み込むことがどうしてもできなかった。しかし、本作から聞こえてくるのは“SLAYER is SLAYER”。「最も“HEAVY METAL”という言葉に近い音楽」と称された、あのSLAYERにしか感じられない。オリジナル・メンバーが半分になり、「あのSLAYERじゃない」と思われることは避けられません。普通のバンド以上にメンバーチェンジの少ない彼らだからこそ、誰よりも痛感しているのでしょう。本作から轟くのは、そんな逆境を「言い訳ヌキ、ライヴで叩き返してやる」と無言で叫ぶ気迫のステージなのです。
HR/HMをこよなく愛する名匠の録音技術に、我を忘れて荒れ狂う1階席、“今のSLAYER”を確かめるように見つめていた2階席の観客、そしてSLAYER自身の気迫。その総てが、この奇跡の録音を生み出しました。ライヴに行かなかった猛烈な後悔に襲われつつ、“現場以上のサウンド”に対面できた喜びを噛みしめる1枚。2015年で“最もHEAVY METAL”なライヴアルバムです。押しつけがましく「これもSLAYERじゃないですか」とは申しません。言えません。ただ闇雲に耳を塞ぐことだけは、それだけはしないでいただきたい。打ちのめされるか、やっぱりあきらめるか。本作であなたの心に、魂に、このHEAVY METALを問いかけてください。

Disc 1 (45:11)
1. Intro 2. Delusions Of Saviour 3. Repentless 4. Postmortem 5. Hate Worldwide
6. Mandatory Suicide 7. Chemical Warfare 8. War Ensemble 9. When the Stillness Comes
10. Implode 11. Disciple 12. God Send Death

Disc 2 (50:20)
1. MC 2. Die By The Sword 3. World Painted Blood 4. Necrophiliac 5. Seasons In the Abyss
6. Hell Awaits 7. Dead Skin Mask 8. Raining Blood 9. Black Magic 10. South Of Heaven
11. Angel Of Death

Tom Araya – bass, vocals Kerry King – guitar Gary Holt – guitar Paul Bostaph – drums


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