Simon & Garfunkel / Granada Studios 1967 / 1DVD

Simon & Garfunkel / Granada Studios 1967 / 1DVD / Non Label
Live at Granada Studios, Manchester, UK March 1967 Broadcast Date: 2nd May 1967. PRO-SHOT

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For those who love the 1960s music, it is the appearance of the excavation video of shock. Released on a limited press DVD featuring the best image quality and sound quality of TV live performed by Simon & Garfunkel during his 1967 British Tour! It is truly amazing that unannounced live S & G videos will be unearthed over this period. The contents of the tour are extremely valuable, but at first the 1967 UK tour was conducted on the following dates.

・ March 18 Royal Albert Hall
March 19 Birmingham Theater
・ March 20 Manchester, Free Trade Hall

As you can see, three nights in a row, plus, before and after the tour schedule in the home country, it is carried out in a crowded schedule that seems to be very popular after the explosion. Not only is the tickets soaring to the UK but also the tour pamphlet with a yellow cover, and the existence of such goods is the basis for the three consecutive nights of performances. .
Under these circumstances, there were two types of sound sources that were recorded from the ’67 British Tour. Those are the contacts with Albert Hall and Manchester. Both of them originally sounded like soundboard recordings, but the sound quality exposed to hiss noise, which was clearly but air-checked at that time, was an inferior level. It seems that there are a lot of mania with memories that were heard in recent years that these sound sources were recorded on CD-R items, but in the end they have only the impression of “a valuable but poor sound source” That’s

However, it was recently discovered that all these sound sources recorded the same live. Especially if you listen to Albert Hall, which has a long recording time, and there was a maniac who felt a homely atmosphere like you would not think at the same venue. As a matter of fact, both of the sound source was a studio live on Granada TV in Manchester, which appeared to accompany the British tour. A television video that has been forgotten even for a long time is suddenly re-broadcasted in 2015, revealing the shame that the poor sound quality British Tour sound source of the past was the air check on it It has been done.
The fact that it has never been rebroadcasted can be proved by the fact that there were no CDs, videos or DVDs recorded online from this broadcast in the 1990s or 2000s. The existence of this video is alluded to when Bangles was included in the S & G version music video created with the revival hit of “A Hazy Shade of Winter”. It was not known that there was a video of the 60’s S & G playing the same song until then, so mania considered the source of this video.

Thus, despite the fact that it was broadcast four years ago, it is strange that it was not talked about until now, but in fact there is only recent broadcast and the picture quality is a clear word. Harem TV in the Netherlands in 1966 is one of the most organized live images of S & G in the 1960s. There was a feeling of embarrassment that they were forced to sing with a look at the camera every time the left and right cameras were switched, but this is much more natural, yet the duo is extremely relaxed and is on the stage . On the contrary, it is said that even a small audience was watching the performance of the two while smoking a cigarette. How big was it? And above all, it’s great that the recording time is much longer than the Harlem TV and even the (Monster time was a very short time) Montale Pop Festival.
As mania knows, at this time Lincoln Center in January is blessed with sound sources such as the official “LIVE FROM NEW YORK CITY” and the soundboard recording at Tufts University one week before the British tour in the underground However, while they have the same volume as them, it is also so vivid that the video captures live performances.

This broadcast is monaural soundboard recording that boasts not only picture quality but also sound quality with perfect balance, and the dimension is too different from the past “place mistake air check sound source”. It is a live video that all fans will enjoy by itself, but the content is too valuable. It seems natural that the two people who remain in a sense of innocence love to sing in harmony and that they are seen as an idol in the folk rock world.
It is broadcasted in two parts, and the stage that spans almost an hour is a masterpiece. If you think “Homeward Bound” is played with a higher key than usual, it is interesting from “I Am A Rock”. At the same time, all the guitar boys who got an acoustic guitar who fell in love with Paul Simon at the time will play the tongue-like play on “Anji” with a spectacular angle (“KRAFT MUSIC HALL in ’68. “TV was playing with my brother Ed, but here is Paul alone). Finally, “A Hazy Shade of Winter” is also seen in the form of two people playing live in the 60’s.
However, it is impossible to play on the live stage with the best, “7 O’Clock News / Silent Night” that was specially presented only because it is a television studio! In addition, the news streamed on the back where the two people sing is not the American version of the album version, but the elaborate production that someone from Granada TV reads the latest news from England. It is a super valuable picture that mania delight mistake is not only in the scene of this one song. By the way, in the past two types of air check sound source was out in a state of conviction that no two tracks of the essence of “7 O’Clock ~” were recorded on “A Hazy ~”.
In this way, the 1967 television broadcast has just appeared. As mentioned earlier, there has been no 60’s S & G live video that boasts so much volume. It’s a surprise to say that it will be a day when it can be enjoyed with so much quality and content. This is the best live video of the 60’s folk rock that I want to recommend to all music fans not just for S & G enthusiasts!

★ It’s really amazing that S & G’s unreleased live footage will be unearthed over this period. Moreover, both picture quality and sound quality are perfect. It is the appearance of the shock title of a must-see / must-have of the whole world music fan.


・3月18日 ロイヤル・アルバート・ホール
・3月19日 バーミンガム・シアター
・3月20日 マンチェスター、フリー・トレード・ホール


これまで再放送されなかったということは、1990年代や2000年代にかけて本放送からのオンラインで収録したCDやビデオ、さらにDVDなどが一切存在しなかったことで証明できます。この映像の存在がほのめかされたのはバングルスが「A Hazy Shade of Winter」をリバイバルヒットさせたことにあやかって作られたS&G版ミュージックビデオの中に盛り込まれた時でしょう。それまで同曲を60年代のS&Gが演奏する映像が存在するとは知られていなかったので、マニアはこの映像の出所を思い巡らせたものです。

マニアならご存知にように、この時期は1月のリンカーン・センターがオフィシャル「LIVE FROM NEW YORK CITY」、アンダーグラウンドではイギリス・ツアーの一週間前に行われたタフツ大学のサウンドボード録音といった音源に恵まれていますが、それらと同様のボリュームでありながら、なおかつライブ演奏を捉えた映像というのがあまりに鮮烈。

二部構成で放送され、ほぼ一時間近くに及ぶステージは名曲てんこ盛り。「Homeward Bound」が普段より高いキーで演奏されたかと思えば、反対に「I Am A Rock」から面白い。さらに当時ポール・サイモンに憧れてアコギを手にしたすべてのギター少年が弾いたであろう「Anji」での舌を巻くようなプレイも見事なアングルで捉えてくれる(68年の「KRAFT MUSIC HALL」TVは弟のエドとの演奏でしたが、ここではポール一人)。遂に「A Hazy Shade of Winter」も60年代の二人がライブ演奏する姿が見られてしまう。
しかし極め付きはライブ・ステージで演奏されることのありえない、テレビ・スタジオだからこそ特別に披露された「7 O’Clock News / Silent Night」!おまけに二人が歌うバックに流されるニュースがアルバムバージョンのアメリカ・ニュースではなく、グラナダTVの誰かがイギリスの最新ニュースを読み上げるという凝った演出。これ一曲の場面だけでもマニア歓喜間違いなしという超貴重映像です。ちなみに過去二種類のエアチェック音源は「A Hazy~」に「7 O’Clock~」という肝心の二曲が未収録という、何とも確信犯的な状態で出回っていたのでした。




Part One
1. Intro
2. He Was My Brother
3. Leaves That Are Green
4. A Most Peculiar Man
5. Homeward Bound
6. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
7. The Dangling Conversation
8. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)
9. Richard Cory
10. 7 O’Clock News / Silent Night

Part Two
11. Intro
12. A Hazy Shade Of Winter
13. At The Zoo
14. Cloudy
15. Benedictus
16. Blessed
17. A Poem On The Underground Wall
18. I Am A Rock
19. Anji
20. The Sounds Of Silence

PRO-SHOT B&W NTSC Approx.56min.

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