UFO / Roundhouse 1975 & 1977 / 1DVDR

UFO / Roundhouse 1975 & 1977 /1 DVDR / Non Label

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Roundhouse, London, UK 18th December 1975 & 12th June 1977 PRO-SHOT

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Among the pro-shot video of UFO Michael Schenker enrolled at the time of leaving, live video in the “Round House” of London, is known as a classic of both 1977 and 1975. Even when it is the last gift release, this work was coupled to one of the two “ROUNDHOUSE 1975 & 1977”, was well received by fans and “enjoy the high quality of the classic”. The release decision as a new bonus disc masterpiece to the extent that represents the hard rock live album of all No bootlegs, of UFO of “LIVE FORCE”, the video title high quality this time! You will be able to know more deeply, the live of the UFO also to sound and video, celebrated its’ heyday.

Video of December 18th 1975 it has been recorded in the first half than those in the live of “FORCE IT” after the release, in addition to the folks Phil Mogg, Pete Way, and Andy Parker addition to Michael, the original HEAVY METAL those in the organization, which celebrated as keyboard-cum-side guitar Danny Peironeru of KIDS. I have recorded about 24 minutes to the main “FORCE IT” number of opening from “Out In The Streets”.
Contours of the person is also a sharp, image quality which is not worried even bleeding of color, will convince the master quality to the viewer. I feel the momentum and power of this unique era from the performance of Phil also looks youthful. There is a sharpness that leads to the currently already in the guitar of Michael, brilliant play is a must. Two track “All Or Nothing”, cover of the song that was hit SMALL FACES in 1966. In music UFO Danny enrolled at that time had been taken up as a classic, take to be a “studio track unpublished” also remastered was released in 2007 of the “NO HEAVY PETTING” had been recorded. And enjoy a pro shot excellent this song, which is also included in the “LIVE FORCE”, also is a place I’m glad the fans.
Powerful performance has attracted the eyes of the fans in the heavy, the third song that was supposed to highlight any “FORCE IT”, “This Kids” has become the number that can be said to be featured here. And in contrast to the Kyokuso catchy subsequent “Shoot Shoot”, and it constitutes a part that does not want to miss this two songs. Of rock ‘n’ roll standards that the band had been a staple from Michael join before “C’mon Everybody” will conclude in the last nimble. Appearance of Phil to enthusiastically shed shirt is a must.

After the announcement keyboard player was replaced Paul Raymond from Danny Peironeru of “LIGHTS OUT”, three songs followed, about 15 minutes is an image of 12 June 1977. It is not the sharpness such as digital material in recent years although, there is a freshness and lightness of the more than sufficient as a video of nearly 35 years ago. You will also be able to screen you have drifted the texture of the film is given to the viewer a unique impression in the retro and feel firsthand the atmosphere of the time. There are also respond listening line sources that mix has been performed properly, it will delight fans of both performance and screen.
From playing hot “Too Hot To Handle” and the new song “Lights Out”, I feel the energy of the unique lineup of golden UFO was colored the peak of the ’70 ‘s. An excellent take guitar Michael Saewataru to the backing solo both the “Lights Out” in particular! I will decorate the closing play that was unreleased to take the 1975 “Let It Roll” is rich punch last.

It is an image of less than 40 minutes of full-length eight songs, but the contents of this work recorded is a good quality to say the best past in both image quality and sound quality in addition to the original menu. Without duplication of music in both 1977 and 1975, fans will have enjoyed all the way to closing from opening. With that compare both, the effect of change of keyboard player gave the band and also suggests, you can understand intuitively change of the band!
This work are a fan must-have title that was coupled with the video of the best, the live of the same period the definitive representative of the boot leg sound source of UFO as “LIVE FORCE”. Please enjoy carefully from both audio and video, the UFO live passionate energetic!

マイケル・シェンカー在籍時のUFOが残したプロショット映像の中でも、イギリス・ロンドンの”ラウンドハウス”におけるライヴ映像は、’75年と’77年の双方が定番として知られています。この2本をひとつにカップリングした本作「ROUNDHOUSE 1975 & 1977」は、前回ギフト・リリースされた際にも、「定番を優れたクオリティで楽しめる」とファンに好評でした。今回はこの高品位な映像タイトルを、UFOのブートレッグ、いや全てのハードロックライヴ盤を代表する程の名作「LIVE FORCE」のボーナスディスクとして新たにリリース決定! 映像と音源を併せて、’絶頂期を迎えたUFOのライヴを、より深く知る事が出来るでしょう。

 前半に収録されている’75年12月18日の映像は「FORCE IT」リリース後のライヴにおけるもので、マイケルのほかフィル・モグ、ピート・ウェイ、アンディ・パーカーといった面々に加え、元HEAVY METAL KIDSのダニー・ペイロネルをキーボード兼サイドギターとして迎えた編成でのもの。オープニングの「Out In The Streets」から「FORCE IT」ナンバーをメインに約24分間収録しています。
 人物の輪郭もくっきりとし、色のにじみも気にならない画質は、見る者にマスター・クオリティを確信させるでしょう。ルックスも若々しいフィルのパフォーマンスからはこの時代ならではのパワーと勢いを感じます。マイケルのギターにはすでに現在へ通じる切れ味があり、才気あふれるプレイは必見です。2曲目の「All Or Nothing」は、’66年にSMALL FACESがヒットさせた楽曲のカバー。ダニー在籍当時のUFOが定番として取り上げていた楽曲で、2007年にリリースされた「NO HEAVY PETTING」のリマスター盤にも”未発表スタジオ・トラック”とされるテイクが収録されていました。「LIVE FORCE」にも収録されているこの曲を、優れたプロショットで楽しめるのもファンには嬉しいところです。
 「FORCE IT」でもハイライトになっていた3曲目の「This Kids」はヘヴィでパワフルな演奏がファンの目を惹き付け、ここでも目玉と言えるナンバーになっています。続く「Shoot Shoot」のキャッチーな曲想とは対照的で、この二曲は見逃せないパートを構成しています。ラストはマイケル加入前からバンドが定番としていたロックンロール・スタンダードの「C’mon Everybody」が軽快に締めくくります。シャツを脱ぎ捨て熱演するフィルの姿も必見です。

 続いての3曲・約15分間はキーボード奏者がダニー・ペイロネルからポール・レイモンドに交代した「LIGHTS OUT」の発表後、’77年6月12日の映像です。近年のデジタル素材のような鮮明さではないものの、35年近く前の映像としては充分以上の明度と鮮度があります。またフィルムの質感を漂わせた画面はレトロで独特な印象を観る者に与え、当時の雰囲気を肌で感じる事が出来るでしょう。きちんとミックスが施されたライン音源も聴き応えがあり、画面と演奏の双方でファンを楽しませてくれます。
 新曲の「Lights Out」そして「Too Hot To Handle」の熱い演奏からは、UFOが’70年代のピークを彩った黄金のラインナップならではのエネルギーを感じます。特に「Lights Out」はバッキング・ソロ共にマイケルのギターが冴え渡る秀逸なテイク! 最後は’75年のテイクに未収録だった「Let It Roll」がパンチに富んだプレイでクロージングを飾ります。

 本作はUFOのブートレッグ音源を代表する決定版「LIVE FORCE」と同時期のライヴを、極上の映像でカップリングしたファン必携タイトルです。エネルギッシュで情熱的なUFOライヴを、音と映像の両方からじっくりとお楽しみください!

Live at Roundhouse, London, UK 18th December 1975

1. Out In The Street 2. All Or Nothing 3. The Kids 4. Shoot Shoot 5. C’mon Everybody

Phil Mogg – Vocals Michael Schenker – Guitar Pete Way – Bass
Andy Parker – Drums Danny Peyronel – Keyboards

Live at Roundhouse, London, UK 12th June 1977

6. Lights Out 7. Too Hot To Handle 8. Let It Roll

Phil Mogg – Vocals Michael Schenker – Guitar Pete Way – Bass Andy Parker – Drums
Paul Raymond – Keyboards

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