Pink Floyd / Decline And Fall Of The British Empire /3CD

Pink Floyd / Decline And Fall Of The British Empire /3CD /Sigma

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Live At Empire Pool, Wembley, London, Uk 17th November 1974 & Disc 2 Dark Side Of The Moon.

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British tour day 8 1974, complete recording of the live of a final performance is on November 17 that are made Wembley Empire Pool in four consecutive days in the best audience recording. Has been recorded in a perfect master-quality, you can enjoy the live of this day, which is described as a great performance in the best possible sound past. It is a well-known sound source as TAKRL analog version than in the past, but since the beginning of the year 2000 already issued CDR “Amazing Wembley” has been the definitive treatment as an upgrade title to replace the analog board, this time, sound quality and freshness , it is the emergence of the final decision version superior to its outstanding in every sense. On this day than on the performance and the sound filled with tension of Raving And Drooling that has been upgraded to the opening, the listener will be knocked out definitely! Jump out from the speakers, the stereo sound that fly around with the left-to-right, with one of thousands of spectators were exhausted packed the venue, there is no doubt that would listened to Oshidama’. Strong performance of the day of the band from the sharp performance full of dash feeling of You Gotta Be Crazy ranging to 16 minutes will suggest. Tasteful guitar solo also must listen, best sound sense of separation is like a sound board sound source. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, which was arranged in the first part of the last of the day is also very great performance. Enough of this ultra-classic that has been showing off since the beginning of the band heat degree of perfection and brilliance of this day, here also definitely is all Floyd fans must listen. Please taste all means convincing of fierce just the sound of. The first vocal of Roger is regrettable that has been turned off for a moment, but that has been muffled spirit enough to somewhat feel the theatrical tone to the vocals, and the music that has been honed in the cool in what is more a sense of tension . Wonderfully stunning tempo keep in the first half of three songs, you can enjoy a performance full of seems Floyd of November 1974 thirst for blood in the highest sound quality. The first part is the audience was silent about it and cheered in the “madness” intro of the second part. You can see the various SE and listen with headphones are output while rotating to the left wide Wembley the space to the right of. In Breathe, vocal Gilmore was upset in the previous day will also showcase the wonderful singing voice with no turbidity. Superb also twin vocal in Time. 3-minute stand of words I say and greatness of the guitar solo does not have any. Anyway Gilmore is wonderfully Money, you can listen to the best of solo full of great groove even Any Colour You Like. Even the entire band to suit it is developing a supreme performance, anyway the first part and the workmanship of the second part of “madness” of the day is the splendor that is comparable to Liverpool performance of December 9. This decisive performance, including Echoes of Angkor, over 2 hours and 20 minutes, there is no any cut in the song, this board was captured by the stunning recording can assert that a piece of all of Floyd fan must-have undoubtedly you. 1974 Wembley 4 strongest appeared 3 Disc Press CD was recorded the strongest final performance should be called a perfect master-quality and Days of the bottom line of the legend.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.104 (Issue March 2009). In case you’re wondering.

From the popular name that took place in 1974 late “British Winter Tour”, recorded Wembley concert last day that have been made by the four days in a row. Since the 1970s played in the first part and the like of those performances TAKRL the new song group has been released, it has been established as one of the sound source to be representative of the 1974. Since I saw the sound source light of day, which is called a copy of the master tape to a few years ago, has been several times on CD using the sound source, this is a clear sound source than it is being used. 1973 album “Dark Side Of The Moon” was a great success they are, like it is not easy to maintain the motivation to music activities, in an interview after, there is a possibility of dissolution at this time suggesting that was. Gold is also their fame was also obtained, is released from working with fussily, in this tour, during the day to enjoy the golf and soccer, the night seems to have sent a day-to-day, such as performing a concert. Is was not directed to the creative activity them again, came in one day studio, was the presence of a middle-aged man Shaved Fat in bubbled. The man, in Syd Barrett became a legend in the while already living, it is not born of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” by this encounter.
However, these new song group that was played repeatedly on stage attempt to brush up, in a way that they’ve been practicing up to now, but he is played even in this “British Winter Tour”, does not leave the range of the rehearsal . It is, would be a major factor of the impression that the bleak emptiness in covering the tour. Then, the air is as it is brought into the studio, so that the still chilly impression strongly receive “Wish You Were Here” is born. All I want you to try to be tasted by all means atmosphere of the stadium that does not heat up. Factory press specification.

★ than this week, also this board, I will put up a brochure replica of valuable 1974 UK tour (all 16 pages). It is interesting contents of the comic tone, which is subtitled as “SUPER ALL-ACTION OFFICIAL MUSIC PROGRAMME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS!”.

1974年全英ツアー8日目、4日連続で行われたウェンブリー・エンパイア・プールの最終公演である11月17日のライブを極上オーディエンス録音で完全収録。完璧なマスター・クオリティで収録されており、名演と評されるこの日のライブを過去最良のサウンドで楽しむことができます。過去よりTAKRLアナログ版として有名な音源であり、2000年に入ってからは既発CDR「Amazing Wembley」がアナログ盤に代わるアップグレードタイトルとして決定版扱いとされてきましたが、このたび、音質・鮮度、あらゆる意味で既発を凌駕する最終決定版の登場です。この日よりオープニングに格上げされたRaving And Drooling の緊張感に満ちた演奏とサウンドに、リスナーは間違いなくノックアウトされることでしょう!スピーカーから飛び出す、右へ左と飛び回るステレオ・サウンドに、会場を詰めつくした一万人の観客と共に、押し黙って聴き入ってしまうこと間違いありません。16分に及ぶYou Gotta Be Crazy の疾走感に満ちたシャープな演奏からバンドのこの日の好調さが伺われます。味わい深いギターソロも必聴で、分離感最高のサウンドはまるでサウンドボード音源のようです。この日の第一部のラストに配されたShine On You Crazy Diamondもまさに名演です。十分にバンドに熱が入ってから披露されたこの超名曲のこの日の輝きと完成度は、こちらも間違いなく全フロイド・ファン必聴です。凄まじいばかりの音の説得力をぜひ味わってください。ロジャーの最初のボーカルが一瞬オフになっているのが残念ですが、そのボーカルにはややシアトリカル調と感じるほどに気迫が篭っており、クールで研ぎ澄まされた楽曲をより緊張感あるものにしています。前半3曲の見事なテンポキープは素晴らしく、1974年11月のフロイドらしい殺気に満ちた演奏を最高音質で堪能できます。第一部ではあれほど沈黙していた観客が第二部の「狂気」イントロで歓声をあげます。ヘッドフォンで聴くと様々なSEが広いウェンブリーの空間を右へ左へと回転しながら出力されているのが分かります。Breatheでは、前日では不調だったギルモアのボーカルも濁りの無い素晴らしい歌声を披露します。Timeでのツインボーカルも見事。3分台のギターソロの凄さと言ったら言葉もありません。とにかくギルモアが素晴らしくMoney、Any Colour You Likeでも素晴らしいグルーブに満ちた最良のソロを聴くことができます。バンド全体もそれに合わせて至高のパフォーマンスを展開しており、とにかくこの日の第一部と第二部「狂気」の出来栄えは12月9日のリバプール公演に匹敵する素晴らしさです。この決定的公演を、アンコールのEchoesも含め、2時間20分に渡って、曲中カットが一切無い、見事な録音で捉えた本盤は間違いなく全てのフロイド・ファン必携の一枚と断言できます。伝説の1974年ウェンブリー4デイズの総決算とも言うべき最強の最終公演を完璧なマスター・クオリティで収録した最強の3枚組プレスCDが登場です。

★beatleg誌 vol.104(2009年3月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1974年暮れに行われた通称「British Winter Tour」から、四日連続で行われたWembley公演最終日を収録。1970年代にTAKRLなどから当公演の第一部に演奏された新曲群がリリースされてきたので、1974年を代表する音源の一つとして定着している。数年前にマスターテープのコピーと呼ばれる音源が日の目を見て以来、その音源を使用して何度かCD化されているが、今回はそれよりもクリアな音源が使用されている。1973年のアルバム『Dark Side Of The Moon』が大成功を収めた彼らが、音楽活動に対するモチベーションを維持するのは容易ではなかったようで、後のインタビューにおいて、この時期に解散の可能性があったことを示唆している。金も名声も得た彼らは、齷齪と働くことから解放され、このツアーでは、日中はゴルフやサッカー観戦を楽しみ、夜はコンサートを行うといったような日々を送ったようだ。再び彼らを創作活動に向かわせたのは、ある日スタジオにやってきた、ぶくぶくに太った坊主頭の中年男の存在だった。その男は、すでに生きながらにして伝説となったSyd Barrettで、この邂逅によって「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」が生まれたわけである。
しかしながら、これらの新曲群はステージで繰り返し演奏してブラッシュアップを図るという、彼らがこれまで実践してきた方法で、この「British Winter Tour」でも演奏されるのだが、リハーサルの域を出るものではない。それが、このツアーを覆う空虚で荒涼とした印象の主な要因であろう。そして、この空気はそのままスタジオに持ち込まれ、やはりヒンヤリとした印象を強く受ける『Wish You Were Here』が誕生することになる。まったくヒートアップしない場内の雰囲気もぜひ味わってみてほしい。ファクトリープレス仕様。

★今週より、本盤にも、貴重な1974年イギリス・ツアーのパンフレット・レプリカ(全16ページ)をお付け致します。「SUPER ALL-ACTION OFFICIAL MUSIC PROGRAMME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS!」と副題されたコミック調の興味深い内容です。

Disc 1
1. Raving And Drooling 2. You Gotta Be Crazy 3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Disc 2
Dark Side Of The Moon
1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise) 6. The Great Gig In The Sky
7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like 10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

Disc 3
1. Audience 2. Echoes

Sigma 29

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