Santana Carlos & John McLaughlin / Live Supreme Chicago 1973 / 2CDR

Santana Carlos & John McLaughlin / Live Supreme Chicago 1973 / 2CDR /Vintage Masters

Translated text:

Live At Chicago Ampitheater, Chicago, Illinois, USA September 1st 1973 SBD

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Carlos Santana and from John McLaughlin 73 years of co-star tour that played was with the album “soul brothers” of, “vintage September 1 Chicago Amphitheater performances are in high-quality sound board sound source · Masters “appeared! !

In live in the organization Santana is applied to the Mahavishnu Orchestra and took up the Konrutoren number more than the album, it followed from the “love of supremacy,” including “My Fevaritto Things,” “Afro Blu


組織の中で、SantanaはMahavishnu Orchestraに応募され、アルバムよりもKonrutorenナンバーを取り上げ、「My Fevaritto Things」、「Afro Blu」

01. Meditation
02. The Life Divine
03. A Love Supreme
04. Afro Blue (My Favorite Things – excerpt)
05. Band Introductions

01. Naima
02. Flame Sky
03. Taurian Matador
04. Armando Peraza Percussion Solo
05. Billy Cobham Drum Solo
06. Taurian Matador (Reprise)
07. Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord

Vintage Masters. VMCDR – 518 A / B

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