Rush / Hawaiian Under Pressure / 2CD

Rush / Hawaiian Under Pressure / 2CD / Cygnus

Translated text:
Live at Neil Blaisdell Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 25th November 1984 STEREO SBD


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And beyond the time of the ’30, ridiculous high-quality sound board has emerged! RUSH specialty label also continued to release the top sound source at the center an excellent sound board sound source until now “Cygnus”, is the long time of (really long time of!) Latest work, it becomes “Grace Under Pressure Tour” last day “1984 Year November 25 Honolulu performance “is !!
Speaking of “Grace Under Pressure Tour”, we can not forget there was also the history of the only concert in Japan for the Japanese tour. However, the sound source is not blessed, although what the official video, other line products was about more than “September 27 Landau Vernon performances”. Moreover, when it comes to Hawaii concert audience recordings remains not without, and it was a mystery of performances that do not know even set list until now. Such unknown live has appeared on the net as a suddenly. In addition, but it is a sound board missing Zuba, is no wonder that mania around the world will change the color of your eyes.
The sound source is originally, record store in Oahu “Paradise City Music & Collectables” had run a “rally” made things a person owned. To listen the master Rashiki was handed from stakeholders to employees of RUSH fan is a so was proud as “this guy I do not copy anyone.” Then time passed, what has changed I feel the rally, and sold the tape to its employees, and became the advent of this time. In “What a really recording of Hawaii?” And it is now also a topic, to Geddy Lee has said “It’s an honor to be able to play in Hawaii” in front of “The Enemy Within”, “Red Lenses” also left the word “this is” Grace Under Pressure Tour “‘m the last day of”.
Thus is the master that fuss the net, but in fact there is also a big drawback. The first, including “Spirit Of Radio” in the opening, beginning and the second half of the show “Kid Gloves” of “Subdivisions”, “Vital Signs,” “Finding My Way,” “In The Mood” is unreleased. Secondly, I large amount of noise is in the show the first half. However, because only was there is a surprise of a master, but might obvious about that it is not a complete recording, noise is strictly, one thing is as has been also examined release in CDR.
However, I want to respond in that it only can be in the historic large excavation, I want to finish the live album that can somehow withstand the press. From the feelings, “Cygnus” and dared the noise removal mentioned the all-out in the label. Result, and I realized the sound that exceeds much the download source! “The Body Electric”, “The Enemy Within” by some, big noise that was originally in about musical tone is wearing a dustiness is almost disappeared. Really, have dramatic improvement is accomplished in much you want to it to hear your original sound source.
This work was played until the upgrade in the first appearance this way. Live, housed here is per word of “the best!”. Japan is the performance is so members were also upset to quiet reaction of the audience, but the situation is reversal in the immediately following Hawaii. It is the Alex Lifeson is a large enthusiastic enough says that “I thought whether riot” became a raging live. This work because of the console directly connected sound board, cheers but I have been housed quite small, enthusiastic to hear in the distance is certainly tremendous. And, playing bands, large enthusiastic performance of about Unadzukeru also the anecdote. This day is also a tour of the final day, which has also been continued for half a year from May, also enough band of spirit that will decide the last and Bishitsu. New song is also hyper-performance that was offered at about Shimitsuku on the body is I listen with plenty in the ear sound of Real sound board!

In recent years RUSH of excavations remarkably reduced, had drifted also feeling was Detsukushi. Really long time of discovery in Hawaii, yet quality goods Zhuo direct sound board. It is exactly once walk not one of the large excavation in ’10. Become a also 2014 was Oshitsuma~tsu now, it …… and will Hashiro is the largest impact this year. Knowing this excavation, and by this work to ear, I think there are RUSH fan not surprised? I’m do not have!? There is no should you are! Push up with a jerk the feat of excavation new classic live album that was remastered also decorated, is a large-appeared in course of course of the press 2CD !!

30年の刻を越え、とんでもない高音質サウンドボードが出現しました! 今までも優れたサウンドボード音源を中心にトップ音源をリリースし続けたRUSH専門レーベル「Cygnus」、その久々の(本当に久々の!)最新作は、“Grace Under Pressure Tour”最終日となる「1984年11月25日ホノルル公演」です!!
“Grace Under Pressure Tour”と言えば、我々日本人にとって史上唯一の来日公演もあった忘れられないツアー。しかし、その音源は恵まれておらず、オフィシャル・ビデオこそあるものの、その他のライン物はせいぜい「9月27日ランドーヴァー公演」くらいでした。しかも、ハワイ公演となるとオーディエンス録音も残っておらず、今までセットリストすら分からないという謎の公演だったのです。そんな知られざるライヴが、突如としてネット上に現れた。しかも、ズバ抜けたサウンドボードなのですから、世界中のマニアが目の色を変えるのも無理はありません。
この音源は元々、オアフ島でレコード店「Paradise City Music & Collectables」を経営していた“ラリー”なる人物が所有していたもの。関係者から譲り受けたらしきマスターをRUSHファンの従業員に聴かせては「コイツは誰にもコピーさせないんだ」と自慢していたそうです。それから時が経ち、ラリーの気も変わったのか、その従業員にテープを売却し、この度の登場となったのです。「本当にハワイの録音なのか?」と話題にもなりましたが、「The Enemy Within」の前にゲディ・リーが「ハワイで演奏できて光栄だ」と語っていますし、「Red Lenses」では「これが“Grace Under Pressure Tour”の最終日なんだ」という言葉も残っています。
こうしてネットを騒がせているマスターですが、実は大きな欠点もあります。第一に、オープニングの「Spirit Of Radio」をはじめ、「Subdivisions」の冒頭やショウの後半「Kid Gloves」「Vital Signs」「Finding My Way」「In The Mood」が未収録。第二に、ショウ前半に大きなノイズが入っているのです。もっとも、存在しただけで驚きのマスターですから、完全収録ではないことぐらい当たり前かも知れませんが、ノイズは厳しく、一事はCDRでのリリースも検討されたほどです。
しかし、歴史的な大発掘に出来るだけのことで応えたい、なんとかプレスに耐えうるライヴ・アルバムに仕上げたい。その想いから、「Cygnus」レーベルでは総力を挙げたノイズ除去を敢行。結果、ダウンロード音源を遙かに超えるサウンドを実現したのです! 「The Body Electric」「The Enemy Within」で若干、楽音が埃っぽさをまとうくらいで元々あったデカいノイズがほとんど消えている。本当に、元音源をお聴かせしたいくらいに劇的な向上が果たされています。

近年RUSHの発掘はめっきり減り、出尽くした感も漂っていました。本当に久しぶりの発見がハワイで、しかも上物の卓直サウンドボード。まさに10年に一度あるかないかの大発掘です。2014年も押し詰まった今になって、今年最大級の衝撃が走ろうとは……。この発掘を知って、そして本作を耳にして、驚かないRUSHファンがいるでしょうか? いませんよね!? いるはずがありません! 発掘の偉業をグッと押し上げるリマスタリングも施された新定番のライヴ・アルバム、勿論無論のプレス2CDで大登場です!!

Disc 1(45:20)
1. Subdivisions 2. The Body Electric 3. The Enemy Within 4. The Weapon 5. Witch Hunt
6. New World Man 7. Between The Wheels 8. Red Barchetta

Disc 2(39:19)
1. Distant Early Warning 2. Red Sector A 3. Closer To The Heart 4. YYZ 5. Drum Solo 6. YYZ (Cont.)
7. Temples Of Syrinx 8. Tom Sawyer 9. Red Lenses


Cygnus 016/017

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