Paul Weller / Sydney 2018 / 1DVDR

Paul Weller / Sydney 2018 / 1DVDR /  Non Label

Opera House, Sydney, Australia January 28 2018

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This is a professional shot of the stage at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia, which was performed by Paul Weller, the head of the UK rock world, immediately after the 2018 Japan tour. It is a recording of the performance on January 17th, 28th, 29th and the middle day of the stage that was held for 3 days, and contains 32 songs including the song from “A Kind Revolution” announced in the previous year. ..

UKロック界の首領、ポール・ウェラーが2018年のジャパンツアーの直後に行ったオーストラリア・シドニーのオペラハウスでのステージをプロショットで収録した映像です。 1月17日・28日・29日と3日間行われたステージの中日28日のパフォーマンスを収録したもので前年に発表した”A Kind Revolution”からの曲を含む32曲が収録されています。

*Opera House, Sydney, Australia January 28 2018

01.White Sky
02.Long Time
03.The Eton Rifles
04.I’m Where I Should Be
05.From the Floorboards Up
06.Saturn’s Pattern
07.Going My Way
08.Have You Ever Had It Blue
09.My Ever Changing Moods
10.She Moves With The Fayre
11.Man In The Corner Shop
12.Into Tomorrow
13.Broken Stones
14.Hung Up
15.Shout To The Top!
16.The Weaver
17.You Do Something To Me
18.Woo Sé Mama
19.Long Long Road
20.Friday Street
21.Porcelain Gods
22.Peacock Suit
25.English Rose
26.That’s Entertainment
27.Wild Wood
29.Out Of The Sinking
Encore 2:
30.Come On/Let’s Go
31.The Changingman
32.Town Called Malice



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