Rolling Stones / Washington 1999 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Washington 1999 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label
Live at MCI Center, Washington, D.C. USA 7th March 1999 Schoeps MK4 New DAT Master

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Twenty years have passed since the 1999 No Security Tour. It’s no strange to put it in the “vintage” category. The official release of San Jose at the end of the tour may be a proof that Stones has acknowledged its vintage position. The tour stumbled due to Mick’s throat sickness (which caused San Jose to move to the end of the tour), but after that the engine fully opened. This literally special tour was held only in the United States between the three years of Babylon tour.
It was such a unique tour, and at the same time it was a tour where the speed release was heated by the spread of CD-R. It was nostalgic that the release battle was heated up, and the press CD followed the release with a faster pace. It is also true that the quality of the audience recording used was secondary, as the atmosphere that prioritized such speed increased. Since it used a smaller venue than before and it became an expensive ticket, there should have been an adverse effect that the maniac who would dare to record could not participate. Thanks to that, it was also a fact that, despite the fact that it was 1999, no items with good sound quality appeared unexpectedly.
One of those was the Washington performance held twice in the beginning of March. In both shows, VCD label items were released from the press CD in real time, but the sound was particularly bad on the first day. Although the title “YOU GOT THE SILVER” was released at that time, the sound quality was not good enough. I had a big problem that the sound fluctuated in some places, not only in the recording state where the sound image was distant. Because of that, it was a sound source that VGP released without using the label name, but it is easy to imagine that it was released in the demand of the latest live.

Although it was a sound source that had a bad reputation from the beginning of the planned release, another sound source did not appear at all for the 1999 show, and the maniac was still listening. By the way, in May, when more than 20 years have passed since the show, a new sound source appeared a little bit. It is a new sound source that appeared on the net this time, but it is a wonderful audience recording that does not make the existing board a problem at all. Since the sound source of the previous sound source was distant and unstable, it was difficult to hear the details of the performance depending on the song. However, the sound source this time, as expected, is not as good as the recording state that it can be described as “a sound board”, but the sense of distance and clearness of the performance and the freshness are outstanding.
It is incredible that a sound source that is much easier to hear than “YOU GOT THE SILVER” has now been discovered. Also, regarding the B stage, which is the gateway of this period, I am glad that the recording state is surprisingly stable except at the place where the sound extremely shifted to the right at the beginning of “Route 66”. Furthermore, with this release, we have adjusted this localization bias as much as possible, so it becomes easier to hear the original sound source, and the version has been upgraded to a state suitable for release on the limited press CD. It was

Despite the outstanding presence, it is a big advantage that there are no crowds nearby. If you listen to the first day of Washington again with this first appearance sound source that you can hear the performance so much, this is again wonderful. In the first place, the leg of March, which is the final stage of the No Security Tour, has a high level of performance on every day, but as always, it is in excellent condition. The wild momentum that surpasses San Jose is the best in the opening of Stage B, such as “Route 66” that I mentioned earlier. The feeling of “Live With Me” and “Respectable” is also great. Compared to the current Stones, it has neither a look nor a lid, but no, but I think it was such a tight performance…
Surprisingly, Keith’s “You Got The Silver” was the live premiere on that day. His repertoire still played today debuted on this day. That’s why Keith is playing in an astonishingly surprised tone, and the awkwardness makes him smile. This is interesting because it looks fresh again now.
After all, the sound quality of the already released board had a very distant sound image, so it was even more difficult to hear the performance so much on the first day of Washington? There is no doubt that you will be informed. A new excavation audience recording for the first time in a while from a no-security tour that slept for 20 years. It is also a wonderful sound source that will satisfy enthusiasts from both nostalgia and freshness. Please enjoy it carefully. ‥

(Remastered memo)
★Adjustment to improve the sound without losing the atmosphere of the original sound and the balance of right → left → right across the stage change make it easier to listen.

3月初旬に都合二回行われたワシントン公演もそうした中の一つ。どちらのショーもリアルタイムではVGPレーベルからプレスCDによるアイテムがリリースされていましたが、特に音が悪かったのが初日。当時「YOU GOT THE SILVER」というタイトルがリリースされたものの、その音質が何ともイマイチだった。音像の遠い録音状態だけならまだしも、ところどころで音が揺れてしまうという大きな問題を抱えていたのです。そのせいでレーベル名を使わずにVGPが出したほどの音源でしたが、それでも最新ライブという需要の中で出されたであろうことが容易に想像できます。

「YOU GOT THE SILVER」と比べて格段に聞きやすい音源が今になって発掘されたことは驚きを禁じ得ません。またこの時期の関門であるBステージですが、「Route 66」の冒頭で極端に音が右に寄ってしまった箇所以外は驚くほど録音状態が安定してくれているのが嬉しい。さらに今回のリリースに当たっては、この定位の偏りを可能な限りアジャストしていますので、元々の素性に優れた音源がさらに聞きやすくなり、限定プレスCDでのリリースに相応しい状態へとバージョンアップを遂げました。

臨場感がまた抜群な割に、近くで騒ぐ観客がいないというのも大きなアドバンテージかと。こうして演奏が格段に聞き込めるようになった今回の初登場音源にて改めてワシントン初日を聞いてみれば、これがまた素晴らしい。そもそもノー・セキュリティ・ツアーの終盤である3月のレグはどの日も演奏の水準が高いのですが、その例に漏れずこの日も絶好調。先にも触れたBステージの幕開け「Route 66」などはサンノゼをも凌ぐワイルドな勢いが最高。「Live With Me」や「Respectable」の疾走感も素晴らしい。今のストーンズと比べては見も蓋もありませんが、いやしかしこんなにもタイトな演奏をビシビシ繰り広げていたのだな…と痛感させられる思いです。
意外なところでは、キースの「You Got The Silver」はこの日がライブ初演でした。今なお演奏される彼のレパートリーもこの日がデビュー。それ故に何ともおっかなびっくりな調子でキースが演奏しており、そのぎごちなさが何とも微笑ましい。これがまた今となっては新鮮に映るのだから面白いもの。



Disc 1 (62:10)
1. Intro
2. Jumping Jack Flash
3. Live with Me
4. Respectable
5. You Got Me Rocking
6. Honky Tonk Women
7. Memory Motel
8. Saint of Me
9. Some Girls
10. Paint It Black
11. Band Introductions
12. You Got the Silver
13. Before They Make Me Run
14. Out of Control

Disc 2 (49:22)
1. B-Stage S.E.
2. Route 66
3. When the Whip Comes Down
4. Midnight Rambler
5. Tumbling Dice
6. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
7. Start Me Up
8. Brown Sugar
9. Sympathy for the Devil

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