Guns N’ Roses / Saitama Super Arena 2017 2nd Night / 3CD

Guns N’ Roses / Saitama Super Arena 2017 2nd Night / 3CD / Zodiac
Translated text:
Live at Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan 29th January 2017

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this is……. What, what kind of live album. It is no longer possible to call it “the best masterpiece of” NOT IN THIS LIFETIME … TOUR “, but a superb masterpiece is born … ….
It is contained in this work “January 29, 2017: Saitama Super Arena Show”. Just the other day, shaking the archipelago and then leaving is the final performance of the restructuring GUNS N ‘ROSES. Last week / this week, major masterpieces of the Japan Tour All Performances were released at once, so let’s organize them here.

· January 21: “OSAKA 2017”
· January 22: “KOBE 2017”
· January 25: “LIVE YOKOHAMA 2017” ※ CDR
· January 28: “LIVE SAITAMA 2017” ※ CDR
· January 29: Saitama Super Arena 【this work】

As you can see, the Japan tour with Acesel / Slash / Duff for the first time in 24 years was a total of 5 performances. Among them, the call of “best performances” is an audience album containing the high end date.
The main point of this work is in the contents of the show which is said to be “the best performance”, but it is more shocking sound than that. What do you say, it is a transcendental sound of an abnormal dimension. In our shop, although all the performances are carefully selected and delivered from the recordings arriving one by one, this work is intense among them. That super fast and crisp musical sound is “as if it is a sound board”, “as if it is an official”. As a matter of fact, “KOBE 2017 (ZODIAC 230)” released simultaneously this week is also a beautiful audience recording at the official level, but this work is also not losing … … Is it saying you are winning? Therefore, although it is the dimension of preference, this work is higher in “degree of surprise when listening”.
What is so surprising? First, heavy bass. Normally, audience recording is supposed to be a heavy bass weak point, but the heavy bass of this work gouges the fat, rocking the five organs while roaring on fat before the bibitime. Besides, although it is such a deep bass, the mid to high tone never loses and the balance is wonderful. What is this, this.
Of course, not only the power but also the details are super clear. Official-grade music / singing voice is hard to attach with “KOBE 2017”, but this work also has a sense of scale unique to the audience. Do not make a mistake here, there is no sense of distance in the musical sound. It is as close as it is being in the same room. Normally, the official board also echoes the performance sound to make it rich, but the sound of that level, that is, the resonance of unconscious dimensions. Besides, the official album is “echo made” to the last, “Ringing” of this work is extremely natural. As it were, it is “an audience that has surpassed the official sound”. Whatever the venue is, it is amazing just with this kind of sound, but that it will be realized at a huge venue like “Saitama Super Arena” ….
It is super sound that can not be thought of as “Saitama Super Arena”, but this work is unquestionably “Saitama Super Arena”. Huge cheers that prove that evidence are also contained. Of course, far beyond the transcendent performance sound, the ocean of vast cheers. Well … remember the last scene of the Tuesday suspense theater. While clamoring the criminal with cliffs, you can hear the sound of the waves far away at the timing you remembered. The great cheers of this work also boils at exquisite timing, and it does not suffer the sound on the stage with plenty of scale feeling of over 30,000 … …. Even with a small piano touch, it flows completely at the sound of the ear without being disturbed at all. Actually, I realized only this recording is a craftsman with a skill of preeminence even in the hands of Kanto. We are cooperating with countless recordingists, but he has a slightly different dimension. No, each recording person has left a wonderful work, and the artist is not necessarily No.1. However, this craftwriter continues to record the recording of the dimension which becomes “the best masterpiece” by other people, with an average. This work is such an abnormal masterpiece called “the highest peak among the craft collection” such.
The final performance renowned as “best” is painted with such sounds. Somewhat fewer in the early stage of the Japanese performance The number of songs increased as the set list also got live, this day is the largest set alongside Yokohama. Besides, “Yesterdays” is only on this day, only this song is the first time. In other words, this work is not only the longest live performance of the Japanese performance, it is absolutely inevitable to listen to all songs.
And the more sets and special songs that are included, the better this day it is. Although the Japanese show was vacant for a month and a half from the last “South America leg”, although it was not fatigued as much, it was still a puffing driving in the early stage schedule. However, by repeatedly performing 5 performances, the engine of the band steadily got better and the final performance has been spectacularly peaked. All the performances are packed with sounds that can only be three of Axel / Slash / Duff, but the ensemble of all three, including the three, are engaged with full power.

Anyway, anything is amazing. Unusual transcendental high quality sound that can only be thought of as official, the longest set list in Japan performance, the ensemble of the engine full open, Japan “1st round” Yesterdays “… …. There are all here.
I think that there are many people who are asked to record the performances that they actually watched only in Japan for the first time in 24 years, but this work is separate, no matter what live experience you are experiencing. No, it is not only in Japan. Mania of the whole world will overwhelm the appearance of this work and will lose the word “Tour No.1 … …”. So one absolute inevitable one. It is exactly the live album of “NOT IN THIS LIFETIME” dimension. This weekend, you will have this shock triplet at hand.
これは……。何という、何というライヴアルバム。もはや、「“NOT IN THIS LIFETIME…TOUR”の最高傑作」とでも呼ぶしかない超絶なる傑作が誕生してしまいました……。
本作に収められているのは「2017年1月29日:さいたまスーパーアリーナ公演」。つい先日、列島を揺るがしては去っていった再編GUNS N’ ROSESの最終公演です。先週・今週は、ジャパンツアー全公演の大傑作が一気にリリースされましたので、ここで整理しておきましょう。

・1月21日:『OSAKA 2017』
・1月22日:『KOBE 2017』
・1月25日:『LIVE YOKOHAMA 2017』※CDR
・1月28日:『LIVE SAITAMA 2017』※CDR
・1月29日:さいたまスーパーアリーナ 【本作】

本作最大のポイントは「ベスト公演」と言われるショウの中身そのものにあるわけですが、それ以上に衝撃的なのがサウンド。何と言いますか、異常な次元の超絶サウンドなのです。当店では、全公演とも次々と到着する録音の中から極上品を厳選してお届けしているわけですが、その中でも本作は激烈なのです。そのド直球で超・鮮明な楽音は「まるでサウンドボード」どころか、「まるでオフィシャル」。実のところ、今週同時リリースの『KOBE 2017(ZODIAC 230)』もオフィシャル級に美しいオーディエンス録音なのですが、本作も負けていない……と言いますか、勝っている!? いや、どちらも超絶故に、好みの次元ではあるのですが、「聴いてビックリ度」では本作の方が上なのです。
もちろん、迫力だけでなくディテールも超ド鮮明。オフィシャル級の楽音/歌声は『KOBE 2017』と甲乙付けがたいものの、本作にはオーディエンスならではのスケール感までもがある。ここでカン違いしないで頂きたいのは、楽音に距離感はないのです。ほぼ同じ部屋でされているかのように近い。通常、オフィシャル盤も演奏音にエコーをかけてリッチにしますが、そのレベルの音響、つまり意識しない次元の響きです。しかも、公式アルバムは、あくまでも「作られたエコー」なのに対し、本作の“鳴り”は極めて自然。言わば、“オフィシャル・サウンドを超えてしまったオーディエンス”なのです。どんな会場であれ、これだけのサウンドなだけで驚きですが、それが“さいたまスーパーアリーナ”のような巨大会場で実現するとは……。

24年ぶりの来日だけに、実際にご覧になった公演の録音を求められる方も多いとは思いますが、たとえどのライヴを体験していようと本作は別です。いえ、日本だけの話じゃない。全世界のマニアが本作の登場にド肝を抜き、「ツアーNo.1だ……」と言葉を失うことでしょう。それほどまでに絶対不可避な1本。まさに「NOT IN THIS LIFETIME(生きているうちはあり得ない)」次元のライヴアルバム。今週末、この衝撃の3枚組をあなたのお手元に。


Disc 1 (67:55)
1. Introduction 2. Looney Tunes 3. The Equalizer 4. It’s So Easy 5. Mr. Brownstone
6. Chinese Democracy 7. Welcome To The Jungle 8. Double Talkin’ Jive 9. Better
10. Estranged 11. Live And Let Die 12. Rocket Queen 13. You Could Be Mine 14. Attitude
15. This I Love

Disc 2 (75:06)
1. Civil War 2. Coma 3. Band Introductions 4. Speak Softly Love(Love Theme from The Godfather)
5. Sweet Child O’ Mine 6. Yesterday 7. My Michelle 8. Wish You Were Here 9. Layla piano exit
10. November Rain 11. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 12. Nightrain

Disc 3 (28:21)
1. Audience 2. Sorry 3. Patience 4. The Seeker 5. Paradise City 6. Outro : Far Away Eyes


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