Rolling Stones / Paris 2017 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Paris 2017 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at U Arena, Nanterre, France 19th October 2017

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Three performances in Paris that called a big topic because of the “NO FILTER” tour’s thousand aku, but the excavation of the sound source has not proceeded again, and as a result “PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT” on the third day is now It is a situation called press CD item from the only Paris schedule. It was unexpected to think that this is also the latest tour, but this time the 2017 Paris · show of another day is finally released. That performance is the first stage in Paris on October 19th. Although it is still a memorable performance, I remember being indulged in the emotion that Oh “NO FILTER” tour ended with three more performances when it was reported that this day had begun.
Finally a sound source of another day appeared … Not only that, but the sound quality that should be noted. The “PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT” released just one month ago from now is a recording using an unusual MD in 2017 and the sound image was enveloped in echo, and additionally it was a sound source which can not deny the feeling of donness, A clear audience recording all the time on this first day. Slightly low bass lack, not to the level of Lucca or new Munich, but still clearness is stunning. The recording state spreading as refreshing enough is attractive enough. If you mention the difficulty, the audience is noisy throughout. Especially when becoming a famous piece of music, a man singing along with him was near the taper, but it would be unfortunate that he did not release the presence enough to become a barrier to playing. Rather, an enthusiastic conversation such as “I will do a new blues next time” is pleasant.
Anyway, this is the sound source that recorded the pattern of the tour in Europe. Such excitement is a matter of course. Rather the “Aurele, Richards” chorus at Keith Corner is a gentle excitement unique to Europe, and it is the goose skin thing that you can hear with its rich feeling of presence. Such excitement unique to Paris was a glimpse of “PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT”, but this time it is more clear sound quality, so this exceptional excitement can be enjoyed in real.
In the press release of this time, I equalize it so as to further complement the outstanding clearness. Compared to the original sound source, its clearness is clearly improved. The finish that the rich sense of realism is also transmitted. In this case it is a good condition that not only mania but also beginners can fully enjoy it. Was it just a matter of being at a certain level?

From the thing called “NO FILTER” tour’s Chiaki mode, the Stones performance is completely switched on. Like Copenhagen released at the same time this time, the curtain is starting from the performance full of momentum this evening. Surprisingly in such an engine full-open mode, Ronnie’s mistakes are scattered in the first half of the show. First of all, his guitar play became suspicious as I returned from the interlude of “Tumbling Dice”. A similar mistake was seen by Keith in Copenhagen, but it is unusual for Ronnie who let me hear a very enthralling play at the show of each day in October. However, the performance of the whole Stones is quite powerful, and the poorness of the sharpness that was in the beginning of the tour was completely eliminated.
The voting song / corner became “Let’s Spend The Night Together”, and before that it was a line called “Under My Thumb”, so it was expanded that stones classics in the mid-1960s can be heard and heard in a stunning manner. Certainly “Let’s Spend ~” is not an unusual repertoire, but it will be told that if you played in this song order you will have come back. Atmosphere that the performance is smooth and dignified.
However, it is not the case that the performance of the stone stone was heard over the full story as much as “PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT” It seems like the first day of the three Chiakakura performances, Keith Corner has been a long time. I remind you of the immediate after the beginning of the tour. It is interesting because it reflects freshly when it is told at the end of the tour. In “Happy” Ronnie’s slide guitar solo is a dangerous play, while in “Slipping Away” the song is suspicious as Keith loses track of its return from the interlude.
However, it is a good place in the end of the tour to return to Stones which is soon strong. That is “Midnight Rambler” of this day, from the early stage Ronnie and Charlie’s tension is high high. If this is the case, the expectation that there is no mistake in playing will be answered by the marching drum of Charlie who glows warmer than in Copenhagen. What is amazing, not only that Charlie began hitting the march in line with Mick ‘s movement again, it was because it was decided by the development that it fitted with Keith in keeping with it. What a thrilling scene? And it is also a big point that the sound image is more turned on from this song and becomes easier to hear. In this powerful performance, the pattern on the first day of Paris that decorated the beginning of “NO FILTER” tour Chiakiaku will finally be released on a limited press CD. The second day of Paris is the Chiakakura Show which leaves with this!

「NO FILTER」ツアーの千秋楽ということから大きな話題を呼んだパリでの三公演ですが、これもまた音源の発掘が進んでおらず、結果として三日目の「PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT」が今のところ唯一のパリ日程からのプレスCDアイテムと言う状況になっています。これもまた最新ツアーであることを考えると予想外でしたが、今回ようやく別の日の2017年パリ・ショーがリリースされることになりました。その公演は10月19日、パリで最初のステージ。まだまだ記憶に新しい公演ですが、この日が始まったことが報じられると、ああ「NO FILTER」ツアーもあと三公演で終わってしまうのか…という感慨にふけったことを思い出します。
やっと別の日の音源が登場してくれたか…それだけでなく、特筆すべきはその音質。今からちょうど一か月前にリリースされた「PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT」は2017年に珍しいMDを使った録音ということもあり音像はエコーに包まれ、おまけにドンシャリ感が否めない音源でしたが、今回の初日はずっとクリアーなオーディエンス録音。やや低音不足で、さすがにルッカや新ミュンヘンのレベルには及びませんが、それでもクリアネスは見事なもの。スッキリとして広がりのある録音状態は十分に魅力的。難を挙げるとすれば、全体を通して観客が騒がしいこと。特に有名曲になると一緒に歌う男性がテーパー近くに居たのですが、それでも演奏の障壁となるほどの存在感を放っていなかったことが不幸中の幸いでしょう。むしろ「次は新しいブルースをやるぞ」といった熱心な会話が微笑ましい。
何しろこれはヨーロッパでのツアーの模様を記録した音源です。こうした盛り上がりが当たり前というもの。むしろキース・コーナーにおける「オーレオーレ、リチャーズ」の合唱などはヨーロッパならではの和やかな盛り上がりですし、その模様が豊かな臨場感で聞けるのは鳥肌モノ。そんなパリならではの盛り上がりは「PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT」でも垣間見られましたが、今回はさらにクリアーな音質ですので、この格別な盛り上がりもリアルに楽しめるのです。

「NO FILTER」ツアーの千秋楽モードということから、ストーンズの演奏は完全にスイッチがオン。今回同時リリースのコペンハーゲンがそうだったように、この日も勢いに溢れた演奏から幕を開けています。そんなエンジン全開モードの中で意外なことに、ショーの前半はロニーのミスが散見されます。まずは「Tumbling Dice」の間奏から戻るところ彼のギタープレイが怪しくなってしまいました。コペンハーゲンでは同様のミスがキースに見られた訳ですが、10月にもなると連日のショーで非常に気合の入ったプレイを聞かせてくれたロニーにしては珍しい。しかしストーンズ全体の演奏は実に力強く、ツアー開始当初にあったメリハリの乏しさがすっかり払拭されています。
投票ソング・コーナーは「Let’s Spend The Night Together」となり、その前が「Under My Thumb」という並びであったことから、見事なまでに60年代半ばのストーンズ・クラシックが続けて聞けるという展開。確かに「Let’s Spend~」は珍しいレパートリーではありませんが、この曲順で演奏されるとグッと来たであろうことが伝わってきます。演奏もなめらかで堂々たる雰囲気。
ただし「PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT」の時ほど盤石の演奏が全編に渡って聞かれたかと言えばそうでもないのが千秋楽三公演の初日らしいところで、キース・コーナーが久々にヨレヨレ。思わずツアー開始当初直後を思い起こさせてくれます。それをツアー終盤になって聞かされると逆に新鮮に映ってしまうから面白い。「Happy」ではロニーのスライドギター・ソロが危ういプレイで、逆に「Slipping Away」ではキースが間奏から戻るタイミングを見失いかけて歌が怪しくなってしまいます。
だがしかし、すぐさま好調なストーンズへと戻ってくれるのがツアー終盤のいいところ。それがこの日の「Midnight Rambler」で、序盤からしてロニーとチャーリーのテンションが高い高い。これならアツい演奏間違いなしという期待は、コペンハーゲンの時よりも白熱したチャーリーのマーチング・ドラムが応えてくれます。何が凄いって、またしてもミックの動きに合わせてチャーリーがマーチ調に叩き始めただけでなく、それがキースと申し合わせてピタリと収まってという展開が見事に決まったからです。何とスリリングな場面でしょうか。そしてこの曲から音像がよりオンになって聞きやすくなるというのも大きなポイント。このように力強い演奏で「NO FILTER」ツアー千秋楽の最初を飾ったパリ初日の模様が遂に限定のプレスCDにてリリースされます。これで残す千秋楽ショーはパリの二日目!


Disc 1 (67:57)
1. Intro. 2. Sympathy For The Devil 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice
5. Just Your Fool 6. Ride ‘Em On Down 7. Under My Thumb 8. Let’s Spend the Night Together
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10. Paint It Black 11. Honky Tonk Women
12. Band Introductions 13. Happy 14. Slipping Away

Disc 2 (63:30)
1. Miss You 2. Midnight Rambler 3. Street Fighting Man 4. Start Me Up 5. Brown Sugar
6. Jumping Jack Flash 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Satisfaction

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