Rolling Stones / The Cocaine And Tequila Sunrise / 1CD Slipcase

Rolling Stones / The Cocaine And Tequila Sunrise / 1CD Slipcase / Empress Valley

The Rolling Stones Studio Sessions 1970-1974

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1970年から1974年までの珠玉のレア音源集!この名曲群が全てレア・バージョンで構成されており、非常に満足な1枚に仕上がっています。モノ・ミックス、別ミックス、未発表曲、別テイクなどなど、特に”FINGER PRINT FILE”のオリジナル・ピッチ別ミックスバージョンはめちゃくちゃクールです!この最高の裏ベスト・アルバムをお楽しみ下さい!ジャケットも超クールなキース・カバーとなってます。

A rare collection of gems from 1970 to 1974! This group of masterpieces is composed of rare versions, and is finished in a very satisfying piece. The mix version of “FINGER PRINT FILE” by original pitch, such as mono mix, another mix, unreleased song, another take, etc. is insanely cool! Enjoy this best back album! The jacket is also a super cool Keith cover.

tk01 ….. Brown Sugar (Mono Mix)
tk02 ….. Bitch (Mono Mix)
tk03 ….. Dead Flowers (Alternate Mix)
tk04 ….. Criss Cross Man (Unreleased Song)
tk05. …. Plundered My Soul (Radio Mix)
tk06 ….. Loving Cup (Alternate Take)
tk07 ….. Silver Train (Alternate Take)
tk08 ….. 100 Years Ago (Alternate Take)
tk08. …. Winter (Alternate Mix)
tk10 ….. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (Alternate Mix)
tk11 ….. If You Can’t Rock Me (Alternate Mix)
tk12 ….. Till The Next Goodbye (Alternate Mix)
tk13 ….. Drift Away (Unreleased Song)
tk14 ….. Dance Little Sister (Alternate Mix & Long Version)
tk15 ….. Finger Print File (Alternate Mix & Original Pitch)
tk16 ….. Time Waits For No One (12inch Long Version)


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